Indian in the machine – Remember That Oprah Video? ¨Is Jesus The Only Way?¨

There is a controversial video of a woman debating with Oprah about whether or not,Jesus is the only way… Indian´s answer may surprise you…

Indian in the machine main website… listen to Indian´s new music….

Jesus is back… with a new name… Sananda


One thought on “Indian in the machine – Remember That Oprah Video? ¨Is Jesus The Only Way?¨

  1. oprah on one hand has done many great things and spread the wealth made by her supporters. on the other hand she is a shameless race-baiter comparing travon martin to emit till to support her latest movie. shame shame. emit till was a horrible crime of racial hatred, (although in this day and age you could say the emit till sexually assualted that woman when he grabbed her waist against her will and had said he had been with a white woman). travon martin was a punk who was shot for assaulting zimmerman. there was absolutely no racism from george zimmerman, he was just the neighbourhood watch in a gated community that had had several robberies. he was not profiling anyone, just trying to identify a stranger to his community. he mentored black kids and confronted the local police over the beating of a black homeless man. he was of mixed racial background, self proclaimed hispanic, and the only white in that man was jewish – zimmerman.

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