History of Reptilians Inhabiting Human Bodies

History of Reptilians Inhabiting Human Bodies

IITM:  Well have you noticed anything different since August 22, 2013 since Sananda has declared that reptilians have been removed from the planet?  

The idea is to love everyone who has worked or conspired against us, rather than to judge them and hate them, so yes “love the reptilians!”

The light is making it’s move in September…. the dark plans for october will fizzle out… but so many are stuck in disbelief… they think the devil owns everything, and God is completely absent. None of us can ever be separated from our Creations, and so neither can our Creator ever be separated from us.

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***** SANANDA/JESUS ON THE HISTORIC DAY OF AUGUST 22, 2013 ***** Now let us turn our attention to the monumental events of today, Thursday, August 22, 2013 by your Earth Calendar. This evening, at 8 pm Eastern Time, (New York time), there will be an event which will be recorded in the history of the planet as a turning point, the beginning of a new era. We will conduct a healing session of monumental proportions, in which all the Dark Entities still hiding on Planet Earth will be called to come forward to be taken to the Light. The one we are calling Prince Reginald will cooperate with Gabrielle, who will sound her trumpet. This sound will reverberate into every part of the planet, to those who are being harbored by human hosts and to those who are hiding inside the Earth’s crust, and those who have been flushed out of their base on the far side of the Moon.

A Quick Guide To Energy-Sucking Vampirism, and Lost Souls


Part 188, Mother God Tells of the Reptilians who Lived Among and Within Us

 29 August 2013 – 6:17pm |  Pegalys

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/28/13

It is very difficult for us to speak of the dissolution of the Reptilians who did not agree to come to the Light, to come back Home to us.

They were our children, all, and we loved them with all our hearts. It is a very sad time for us. We are in deep mourning as a result of their decision to be returned to Source rather than being restored to the loving, creative beings they were born to be.

The Reptilian race was an ancient creation, born in the Orion star system long ago. They are powerful beings in their ability to feel deeply, as we do. Their qualities are indeed an important part of your human make-up; there has been some combining of your genetic qualities.

Many of those who refused to be restored to wholeness, to have their DNA reactivated and restored to the state they were intended to be when they were first created, were the original children of Orion. They were ancient souls, by your standards, the children of our hearts.

I am Mother God, and I gave birth to these Ones, just as I gave birth to all of you, my precious children. It was our greatest hope that you, our powerful Creator Race, would be able to not only defeat the Reptilians in your midst, but to also show them the way to the Light. You did succeed in preserving many of those who tried to take you over, to inhabit your bodies.

Many of you who came to this life with the burden of carrying a Reptilian entity within your bodies did so as a great sacrifice. It was you who were able to provide the atmosphere of Love and Light which worked on them, little by little. As you were able to sustain yourselves in spite of their dark and destructive actions, your influence on them was felt. Gradually, as the energies rose on the planet and you became stronger and more able to withstand their interference in your thinking and actions, they began to change. Your strength literally flowed through their beings, because they were attached to you in a symbiotic way that caused them to feel what you felt, and it worked to begin the process of reactivating their original DNA.

And so, many of the Reptilian children who had been lost to us were returned in the historic ceremony in which 999,000 passed through the gateway which Gabriella and Lucifer created to receive them. It was a moment of great joy and great pain for us. Of course we had hoped to save them all. Your great work during this lifetime made this possible. We will explain to you what your part was, and how you became the rescuers for these ones, your brothers and sisters who had gone to the Dark.

This last effort to rescue as many as possible was agreed to in our Councils with you and with Prime Creator long ago. It was a complex plan, because it involved a two-fold effort. The Reptilians had to be convinced that their most powerful intervention would be to directly inhabit the bodies of humankind, rather than use their influence to bribe, threaten, manipulate and generally gain influence over you by violent means, externally applied. You are familiar with their assassinations and torture skills. They had been able to infiltrate governments around the world with their mind-control techniques and what you call black-ops systems to an enormous degree.

As you know, the systems of banking and finance had been completely corrupted by their philosophy of greed and self-interest, which was promoted as “freedom of the individual” and defined as honorable self-reliance and independence. It was in fact, the evil agenda in fancy dress. Their power had spread through secret societies and closely-controlled interbreeding within the powerful families who maintained their hold on their power by any means available to them; their preferred methods were torture and assassination.

Our dear St. Germain incarnated over a long period to try to dilute their influence and to lay the groundwork for the events which are evolving now. He established the society which began as the Freemasons. It was a powerful force for good in its early years, including many of the Founding Fathers who worked to establish democracy in America. Unfortunately, it was eventually co-opted by the ones you call Illuminati. We do not use this term because it implies Light; we prefer to refer to them as the Dark Hats. You are also familiar with another of their Dark organizations called the Mafia, or Cosa Nostra, which infiltrated businesses and political organizations across the globe from the ground up.

Their power had spread to such a degree that it looked as if the entire political system in the U.S. and across the Western World was at the point of entirely succumbing to their influence, and the East was falling into their grasp through financial maneuvering and the influence of multinational corporations. Something had to be done to not only rescue the planet from their grip, but to also make one last attempt to rescue those of the Reptilians who would agree to leave the evil power structure and come to the Light. And so our plan was agreed to, to make one last effort as Mother Earth fulfilled her own destiny to ascend to higher dimensions.

It was then determined that the only way to stop the march of the Reptilians to take over the world would be to convince them that there was a brilliant means of conquering those Lightworkers who had directly opposed them for generations. That would be to infiltrate their ranks by inhabiting their bodies in large numbers and thereby weaken the ones who were their greatest threat. It was a technique they had used in the past, but never enmass. It remained to convince the Reptilian leaders that this was the reason they had not yet completely succeeded.

And so it was decided that the idea would be implanted in the minds of the most powerful Reptilians, and representatives of the Light would be sent in disguise to promote the plan. This was a complex operation in itself, which will all be revealed to you when you raise your consciousness to higher dimensions where you can study the historical records of all the history of your planet and the Cosmos as well. For now, you can compare it to the cloak and dagger action movies you are so fond of, and know it was even more complex and intricate than The Matrix.

Eventually it was successful, and the Reptilian leaders began assigning their minions to inhabit the bodies of incarnating humans. The great wave of Reptilian inhabitation began after the turn of the 20th Century, and steadily increased until August 22, 2013, at which time every last one of the Reptilians were removed from the planet.

The Reptilian invasion of human bodies was a success, but not for the Reptilians. It caused an awakening in those who were experiencing the emotions and thought processes of the human they inhabited. You see, it did have the effect we predicted. Our Earth Children were far stronger, far more resolute and solid than the ones who had redesigned their genetic program. They thought that by removing their capacity to love and to care, they would be stronger. They were completely wrong. It is the wondrous ability to love which is the great strength of humankind.

It was astonishing to the Reptilians who were trying to “possess” their human hosts that they could not defeat you. They certainly tried. It was a battle for the souls, the hearts and minds of both the host and the invader. The wondrous thing was that neither was aware of this. From the human point of view, it was a struggle to maintain balance, to keep going in spite of illness, fatigue, deep feelings of malaise, anxiety, and even despair. For the Reptilian, it was a battle they had never expected – the gradual awakening of feelings they had great disdain for.

The great irony of this process was that the Reptilians found themselves in a place in their own culture which is similar to the discomfort many of you feel because of your greater sensitivity, your greater awareness of the feelings of those around you and your dedication to doing good work in service to others. You are exceptional in your hard-nosed, competitive and extremely superficial culture – that culture which has been founded predominantly on Reptilian attitudes and beliefs. And so, like you, they found themselves unable to tell their friends and family about the stirrings of their hearts.

Now it is time for the unfolding of a new way of thinking, a new way of organizing your lives. Those among you who are the planners, the organizers and the designers will flourish. Your skills will be needed in so many ways, as you work together to establish your new structures to care and guide your more evolved ways of living. Teachers will be able to teach what they love, and testing and grading will be a thing of the past. Children will learn the Socratic method from birth on, and the free exchange of information will excite and elevate all curious minds.

The gardeners and farmers will find new ways to enjoy the creation of glorious landscapes, without the arduous toil you are used to. Inventors and scientists will have a field day working on new technologies to make life gloriously comfortable and fulfilling. Mathematicians, physicists and astronomers will find their minds expanding to take in astonishing new concepts, where even the sky is not the limit.

It is possible, Beloved Ones, to live at peace with each other and with your dear Mother Earth. You will return to the Eden of old, and you will find yourselves wiser, more loving and stronger than ever before. Most of the troublesome feelings and conflicts you experienced in the past will fade, as greater and greater numbers of you begin to discover your true nature as the Creator Race. It will be a great relief and pleasure to you to learn how easy it is to be light-hearted, once the grinding Darkness is removed from your daily lives.

You are approaching your Graduation Day. We have called it Ascension, but it is truly a graduation from the old 3-dimensional life you have known to a wondrously Light and Loving experience unlike anything you have known in this incarnation. There is a lovely September Song with the words, “Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few, September, November…And these few precious days I’ll spend with you, these precious days I’ll spend with you…”

Enjoy your days, Dear Ones. It is your preparation for what is ahead,
Your Mother God

Via Kathryn E. May, August 29, 2013, 12 PM. EDT


8 thoughts on “History of Reptilians Inhabiting Human Bodies

  1. Hi, I started meditation months ago and it was pleasent at the beginning. Without any knowledge I signed up on Illuminati site, as I found a Kundallini mantra related to that. I assumed it is good but something in my heart told me to let it go. I did. It took me 9 months to actually put my finger on what it is, as I lived a torture. I felt encapsulated, strong bad smell. It was a torture. In all this time I used to loose awareness. Mantras have helped me a lot, even though at basis I am a Christian. Prayers and a lot of devotion somehow put me on the track. I’ve been seen by two shamans and it is getting better, but does any of you know an experienced healer that can help me with this?

  2. Great video, thanks. I finally had a chance to watch it. Thanks for the positivity. I agree; we are all responsible for holding and anchoring our light……in our hearts.

    I do like the shadow of your prehensiled (dog) friend who was assisting 😉

    1. I meant UP UNTIL August 22nd (not as of and going forward 🙂

      The energies are definitely different. There was a big build up, then it went POP.

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