Illuminati Pentagrams Hidden in Plain Sight


1: Illuminati Pentagram overtly displayed on building in Hannover, Germany.

Illuminati Pentagram Symbols


IITM:  Isn’t this nice… a church in Germany…  I guess one Hitler wasn’t enough for the Germans, they now groom more in church…

3 thoughts on “Illuminati Pentagrams Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. I lived in Bavaria for two years as a kid -there is WAY more “illuminati” energy than a simple 5-point star on a church!!! Try going inside a church, with six glass coffins on each side, plus one in front, each with a SKELETON dressed in silk robes embroidered with jewels……..ah, what does this tell you????? My Daddy, who was Cherokee (thank God!) told us -“This is how the catholic church spent the money they took from the peasants.” We understood that the poor catholics were not to blame……………… always, eli

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