Thousands Of Golden Dome Structures On Mars, Near Lonar Crater, Video

Scott C. Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily, says “I love using Google Mars to find evidence of ancient aliens and as always, it never lets me down. Although Google is working with the US government to hide alien evidence, thus seen through only 25% of Mars being is a focused quality, most of Mars…nearly 75% is deliberately blurred so that we cannot even view the shapes of mountains.”

6 thoughts on “Thousands Of Golden Dome Structures On Mars, Near Lonar Crater, Video

  1. maybe those are gold, volcanic vents from billions of years ago, worn and polished by mars dust storms over eons. mars and earth have similar compositions albeit smaller, and cooled off long ago, geoactivly dead. and that is what happened to the atmosphere, without a paramagnetic feild to repel the solar wind. if you want to find life, look where there are small pockets of magnetic feild, otherwise life would just be cooked by radiation.
    nasa does not have that fact straight.

  2. i’m sure they already have the technology, but is being hidden, not supressed. i’m sure the elite have it as an exit strategy when they destroy earth, all this missing money may have built bases anywhere. ever heard of a monolith on phobos? so say the astronuaghts, but they have’nt been to mars so what are they saying?

  3. Off the shelf conventional technology is available for safe round trip travel to the moon if you have the money and industrial expertise, and I’m sure that there’s a lot of truth, and a wealth of experience to gain from doing that. Which is why is on my to do list. The science and industrial capability exists for the same type of travel to Mars, but not the off the shelf technology, because it’s been suppressed and sequestered in the U.S. and elsewhere by national security orders, or their foreign equivalent. And where it’s still technically legal, covert methods of suppression are utilized. These are the issues that need to be addressed and resolved to get these capabilities into the private sector where they can be utilized for the benefit of humanity.

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