~ T(iP)s To Guard Oneself Against Chemtrails ~

~ T(iP)s To Guard Oneself Against Chemtrails ~

This blog entry is dedicated to anyone who has taken the time to look up into the sky. If you are among this lucky group of people you may have noticed from time to time LINES(LIONS/LEO energy) scattered about resembling Spiderman’s web or a tic-tac-toe board. My purpose for writing today’s entry is not to argue whether these particular lines are contrails or chemtrails. I am here to help assist others who are waking up to whatever is going on in the skies and are affected by the chemicals that are being sprayed.


more…  see if you can spot “the hand” hehe….


3 thoughts on “~ T(iP)s To Guard Oneself Against Chemtrails ~

  1. They are letting them loose like crazy down here in Miami, Florida. Its insane because I used to love the sunsets that showed the pink/orange distinctions but now you can see pink in the clouds all the way to the east even during the sunset and even in dark clouds…. This is because of the high amounts of Aluminum and Strontium (god knows what else) that give off that reflective look. It looks unnatural, people are sick everyday, and every time I see one of those planes in the sky letting off the never-ending trail… Its like, the rage inside me wants to burst into the air and send it into the heavens in flames!… but then I count to ten, say a prayer and hope that… one day… we as humans… will make… sense

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