Does Facebook Censor Truthers and Lightworkers?

Does Facebook Censor Truthers and Lightworkers?

4 thoughts on “Does Facebook Censor Truthers and Lightworkers?

  1. hello dieter, im gonna reply here, not on fb. yes it does, and a lot. since early 2012 it has deleted several times my timeline, especific posts ( “they” took off pics and shares about disclosure – michio kaku, dr steven greer, crop circle images, and so on) but politics or flufly animals stays. so, i think “they” are very “cirurgical”. Everything on the net is watched and recorded. i also was mentally “induced” in some way for a wile in the beginnig of last year. one day, i felt that i almout gone mad, with extreme fear and confusion. (no smoking or drinking) found a site ( mind control. se ) that talks about mind control by satellite to induce a especific individual and some more crappy things) since then, i’ve been working on my aura and releasing the smoking. thanks for listening, i’ve never talked about this before.

    1. Wow, I have been having some problems with Facebook myself lately. I get messages and cant open them to read them, and other types of what should be abnormal behavior. Um um Diet, um um……..

      Love I AM swirling and ovahstellee GeeTa

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