If You Eat Meat, Look At This Picture


If You Eat Meat, Look At This Picture…. nuff said.



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No this is no trick photography my friends. Tumors are very common in our farm animals flesh, but the flesh is cleaned out on the outside and the meat is still salable. Ask any butcher.
There is nothing unusual with purulent tumors in the animal flesh you buy. They cut the tumor off and wash the pus away with a lot of bleach, then after it is cleaned out they sell it to you and you have steak or roast for dinner. And the meat in your burgers or hotdogs is not any better and probably not cleaned out as “good” I know a guy who worked at a sausage / wiener factory, the things he saw. DISGUSTING is all I can say Bon appétit folks!!!
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The “Blood, Pus And Starch”-Free Diet

4 thoughts on “If You Eat Meat, Look At This Picture

  1. I am not a vegetarian, but I do believe in a 85/15 diet where in 85% of what I eat is good wholesome organic Veggies, Sea-Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, & Seeds and 15% is Fish, Chicken, Turkey & (occasionally) Red Meat (Bison or Cow) [only if I’ve researched that the farm does not use BGH, antibiotics, or any other crap!]…. “What I would give to go back in time hundreds of years ago and tear-up a good piece of REAL meat…. with a huge bowl of greens of-course.

  2. PUS ewwwwwww…….I pulled up a flower from the backyard and it had some stuff coming out that was like, cloudy liquid coming out. I surely throught that too was ewwwwww……..seemed so unnatural.

    Yes, we are all connected to the Earth and what we do DOES effect HER. Maybe even the flowers are effected by the……(dont make me say it…) PUS. ewwwwww………..

    Thanks for letting me share.

    Love I AM swirling flower sniffin GeeTah

  3. Dry heaving right now looking at this……yecccchhhhh. I just checked again to make sure…..yep, that’s some serious pus.

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