A sauerkraut recipe that has amazing health benefits

A sauerkraut recipe that has amazing health benefits

Sauerkraut recipeOur weekly box of vegetables from the farm is quite well stocked this time of year, and one common item right now is cabbage. Last week I got a beautiful head of white cabbage, and decided to make some Sauerkraut. I headed to my recipe box for my favorite sauerkraut recipe.

That is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. Not only do I enjoy the taste of the finished product, I love the health benefits of eating such a delicious fermented food and I truly enjoy the process of making the sauerkraut.

In his book, Wild Fermentation, Sandor Ellix Katz highlights the following as some of the benefits of eating fermented foods in addition to having great recipes such as a great sauerkraut recipe:

  • Nutrient Preservation – (cabbage can be stored much longer as sauerkraut)
  • Makes foods more easily digested by breaking down complex proteins or components like lactose that can be difficult to digest
  • Creates new nutrients, especially B vitamins
  • Some fermented foods function as antioxidants
  • Some toxins are removed from foods through the fermentation process

And, finally, the benefit that I think of the most is that eating live, fermented foods supplies our digestive tracts with “living cultures essential to breaking down food and assimilating nutrients.”

In a lecture called Optimum Nutrition, Susun Weed speaks of how each nutrient needs a specific micro-organism to transport it to the cells in the body where it will be used, so it is vitally important to our health that we maintain a healthy population of these micro-organisms.

So, how can you make this delicious, nutritious sauerkraut at home? What’s our favorite sauerkraut recipe?

Well, you will need for this sauerkraut recipe is a large bowl or plastic bucket, a glass jar or crock, some kind of pounder, a wood or plastic follower (a plastic lid that fits inside your crock or jar), a weight (could simply be a jar of water or rocks), cabbage, and kosher salt.

Sauerkraut recipe

source with step-by-step pictures on how to make your own



5 thoughts on “A sauerkraut recipe that has amazing health benefits

  1. I like saurkraut, but, I have never had it without the weenies. Muh Grandmah used to make it quite frequently. Its been a while since I have enjoyed it. I just like cabbages. I also like cole slaw sandwiches, tasty. hehehee I wonder what that lil ole khat (body) ate, hehehee. Maybe we should ask it. hehehee

    Thanks for letting me share.

    Love I AM swiring GeeTa

    1. Lovely article on sauerkraut and I would like to add my, as well as the Tokyo University in Japans , findings about sauerkraut. It is a great Vitamin B product that will last in your refrigerator for at least a month(most usually don’t because it gets eaten up quickly),as well as a great fighter for the candida in ones system. Everyone has candida and it is difficult if not near impossible to get rid of. Well sauerkraut is your answer for this. So here are some of my and Japans takes on sauerkraut:

      *great candida fighter
      *great good bacteria for the bowel and digestive system
      *great enzyme additive to the digestive system
      *overall great food for the body ,it is choked full 0f vitamins & minerals
      *assists in rebuilding the digestive tract fluids

      When I make my kraut, it only takes 4-5 days until it is eatable and actively assisting the body. I will not use and metals or plastics around any foods that are raw because they inhibit the enzymes & nutrition too quickly. The metals are making the foods lose not only their nutrition but they are oxidizing way to quickly for my liking. I want my foods to have as many enzymes & nutrients that are possible when eating them fresh.
      The plastics are being leeched into these raw foods as they are very strong in nature & they attack the weak plastics & make them break down and into the foods they go. If one is going to use these foods in this manner do take care in how they are prepared as well as what they are prepared in because it all makes a great difference in their nutrient quality. One certainly wants to get all the nutrients we can that is why we are eating these foods the way we are.
      Kraut is one of the major foods that will break down & oxidize quickly because cabbage culturing is a very strong product. That is discerned once one starts to eat it. It is one of the tastiest advantage foods on the market today. Everyone should be eating it for all different kinds of health reasons. Here is my recipe for Sauerkraut

      Take a head of cabbage and clean the outer leaves off . Now save 2 leaves that are removed from the head and put aside.
      Cut the cabbage in 4 quarters & remove the core from each one.
      Cut, or slice thinly or grate each quarter into a crock type bowl.
      Now add 1 Tsp. of Sea Salt & squeeze the cabbage in the bowl until it is very wet. (Breaking the membranes which help it to culture faster.)
      Now do this to each quarter (1 Tsp, Sea Salt & Squeeze)

      When you are finished you may want to add 1/2 cup of fresh water. Some cabbages are fairly dry.
      Now place the 2 leaves you put aside over the top of the shredded cabbage and cover with a plate that fits inside the bowl. I use a large jar filled with water as a weight to sit on the plate. I tried a rock but it leeches minerals into the cabbage culturing and changes the flavor of the Kraut. Didn’t care for the taint.

      Cover & let sit in room temperature for 4-5 days. Voila your Kraut is ready to jar & put in the refrigerator after this time. Use glass jars for storage. You can enjoy it by itself for add it to many foods you are eating. you can also make a Kraut salad. The simplest Kraut in the world to make.

      1. Sauerkraut cultures it does not ferment. There is a difference. Fermenting is a food rots because it has nowhere else to go.
        Culturing is like Kraut- the lactic acids in the cabbage turn the sugars into 100% pure acidophilis. The best acidophilis in the world. That is why it is so good for ridding the body of candida. One of my favorite foods. There are no other veggies that will do this. Only cabbage
        Thank you for this chance to talk about kraut.

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