Intergalactic Commander Hatonn says Earth Leaders Separate Themselves From Rest of Humanity

Intergalactic Commander Hatonn says Earth Leaders Separate Themselves From Rest of Humanity

Dear world, the point of us being here is to offer an alternative reality…. so while many of us are becoming better at watching the what the illuminati are up to, you will remain part of the problem, unless you can offer an alternative… as Hatonn says, our leaders further separate from us… this is a big elephant in the room… we know they have underground cities they plan on escaping to… thank you for saying ‘no’ to planetary enslavement, by opening up your heart. –IITM

Wake up Call: Hatonn, March 22, 13



Good day dear ones! I am Hatonn, and I am here to tell you that so much is happening within the framework of what will be in place when the mess is cleaning up. There is so much that has been readied and will be set into place when all of the rubble is cleared away and the ones who created it have either seen their folly, or have been taken to their own holographic planet. They don’t even recognize their power of creativity to the utmost, for this holographic planet is of their creation. They are so dependent on keeping their power that they have secured their desire to reign and have separated themselves even further from the rest of humanity.



Yes, that is the power you all have. You are in your knowingness about the love, which has no measure, or limitations. They are in their power of sameness and deeper into it, which is away from the flowing, growing love energy, which knows no boundaries. As they sink deeper into their holes of self-endurance in the duality, they emit their power to keep it the way they have designed. As you flow forward and outward more and more you create in the moment the newness of what you are capable of and what is the forever expression of love of the Oneness of all of Creation.



We see you all in this love energy flowing into a wonderful glowing transformative energy that encompasses more than just being in the now as you have comprehended it till now. We are seeing that you are uniting all of time that you have experienced, and are bringing it all together in the power of being able to access any of it in any moment. This is what you are doing now dear ones, and after last night’s tele-conference you who were involved are even more aware of what can take place.



I add one more thing to this message and it is this. Before any of you stand completely in your power you will know who you are. That is what will be the vital trigger for you all to release the last hold on the duality experience that you have had. Yes, you are released cosmicly from the duality because it is no more, but the chosen memories you each have of it linger on. When you take that final step and release all of those memories, then you will experience completeand total freedom in the newness of your Oneness forevermore.



I welcome you to your new way of being, for with some of you it is a matter of not being quite sure that this is the way it is. I assure you that it is, and at some point you will know it yourselves completely. That is when all of the encumbrances will fall away and be no more. You will be able to explore the wonders of the universe and beyond and choose which place, and how many of them, to call home, for it is all Home.



I leave this one now to her breakfast with her dear one. They are ready for the coming times with their returned dear dog, Casper, and you will all know about the reunion when it happens. Till then, life is wonderful, and a pleasure to express. I love you all and shall return to these messages once more, again and again.



Thank you Dear, Wonderful Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate



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5 thoughts on “Intergalactic Commander Hatonn says Earth Leaders Separate Themselves From Rest of Humanity

  1. Thank you Jancerinn and Igman. It helps so much to hear words of wisdom that we can learn from, and it is also such a nice reassurance of how many there are all working for the same beautiful purpose. I am so looking forward to being able to speak directly to our beautiful Angels and be able to remember it in our conscious life. Thanks for introducing yourself Jancerinn.

  2. Yes, that is the power you all have. You are in your knowingness about the love, which has no measure, or limitations. They are in their power of sameness and deeper into it, which is away from the flowing, growing love energy, which knows no boundaries. As they sink deeper into their holes of self-endurance in the duality, they emit their power to keep it the way they have designed. As you flow forward and outward more and more you create in the moment the newness of what you are capable of and what is the forever expression of love of the Oneness of all of Creation.

    Thanks for sharing Hatonn. ONE HEART.

    Love I AM NaGee arit NZinga


    Hello, how are you all?

    I am very well thankyou, and I must say not well in the body, for this body is within the field of energy constrained upon the planet vibrationally.

    you know my dearest friend Celestial, and you know she is one of the guardians, but briefly you were introduced to me, If through a very funny way of story telling. sadly others thought it was rude to tell stories in such form upon the controlled populace, and from the room they sat and enjoyed the story, their deciding was to collapse the data base that held the story thussley. they know that only one form of medium ship was granted dispensation to make information to the populace of humanity, and it was gathered that only a small personage would understand the greater applications to the story parameter to the understanding.

    our craft in your sky, of many colours, you see as stars that twinkle the rainbow, read all of you on the planet surface.

    So, before your minds are totally befuddled, and if it pleases you, I would like to introduce myself, as you know that upon guessing, and that is not really guessing, more like inertly knowing but having a delighted expectation of not wanting to put ones mind too forward to usurp the surprise. you may call me Jancerinn, I am Celestials friend from childmind, we have grown together to the tasks we found most fascinating and satisfying to study. and studies have taken us from one end of the seen star system to the other. for the past year of your counting, I have worked upon the level you may imagine as 4rth to 6th. our base star has orbited your solar supreme. their are many solar isnesses, but to your level only one supreme. and we have been adjusting such, as the directive changed all of a sudden from a collective of the expentational life existence streams, to a gathering of the streams. yes we edged the continuance. now upon further meaning to my announcement, you may wonder who I am, and delightedly I must say, I am one who works for you, thoe I do not hold the high standards to become a guardian upon the planet, I hold as you would describe as office high enough to be in support of our base deployments.

    do you follow? is their need of explanations?

    we feed the systems of order into chaos, for unpredicted outcomes arise and fall from our feedings. the sparks of intellect are given by conducive resonance and we feed the energy to that which is, we in turn support the ways that become, and we do so from our resonance.

    Celeste did inform me that the plane of existence is unconducive to fluidity, so I do say clarified, we give the go for you to flow, and you chose either service to self or service to others. does that help.

    We also hold a station of extinction, we cleanse, we destroy. we transmute. it is finalised via we. does this come to you surprisingly?

    this world you infest is not your world, your world has just been formed. a splendid thing to behold, for their are quite a few and in no small measure. you may not be surprised to hear that our branch of cessation is totally female, no males are of our linage, for we are the mother creation. we love totally, our modality is non destructive for unlike the fathers dispensation we do not destroy, it can be seen that we do, thoe we bilocation mostly. our ways are not your ways, but you have heard of our ways in your telling’s. our light disintegrates, but in no way are the patterns disloconseminated. we hold them for remodulocative resonance, and match them to vibratory locals to further the existences. never does the father spirit enjoy total renunciation, never. all is given many chances and we are kept very busy as such.

    Can I as you to look into yourself in a question, for we view all who read these wordings, it is not the simple act of reading, it is a resonance pattern you absorb and it relays to our systems exactly in a melody of tune. we know exactly who is in tune and who is of practise. we do not need to look, it is as such. for to have one of us come down to view means we see a certain need to touch who this wondrous instrument is. and that is most spectacular, you could not imagine what it is like to filter same after same after same after same after same after same after same. then a sparkle.

    we are here for the sparkle.

    and very often the sparkle is the one who has mastered the totality of living, they have become unconditional. yes that word again. what does it mean? well they are not constrained to the paradigm.

    Ok, so I feel you asking, all of you, you ask always, in wake in sleep. just who are we, what is the energetic solstice, what may happen to the ones in fluidic body?

    not a answer I alone can give you, for my ranking is of grounded structure, I only command a few of 3 million, give or take some. but I do lead from the front. you may see me in the coming moments, we are armoured in golden white, we are totally covered you will not see our beings. though the wonderful painting shows a similarity with green eyes, the majority have violet eyes, our eyes do change with our purpose. red blazing if you strike to wee.

    you called us angels, and archangels, we are shy to these things, for we are members of 6th level, who need the protective membrane to come into the lower levels. and by no means do we come to bring harm. thoe if combat is wanted , we delight in the removal of such. I wish to say, if the moment arises and the children are suddenly missing. fear not, fear not in any measure, seek not any form of malice or the earth schooling of demons or devils, for we have collected them, instantly. but you must prepare, for we land in form then after. the ones with fear will attack us, you who have a new form of knowing can stand with no weapon and see us walk past you in our 9 foot armour suits of white and gold, pearl and gold. make aggressive move to wee and that’s it for you. energy alignment to form is what will come to they. we are here to remove all hostility, all greed, all hatred, all avarice, all position.

    be unconditional, even parading us will garner a response not wished, for my girls are just here to cleans. not stop for tea.

    So, as from a simple staff sergeants descriptive rant, as you could say. what should you do?

    just be who you are, no more no less. as adults in this paradigm, you control to yourself the ways to act. it is your choosing, no one else’s, the children were not of age to make their own living deciding’s. the establishment has always willed a way for your actions and choosing as adults. but is it really you? you may stand on the street, and see us in position walk past you, you may see some direct fear to us, and fire thusly. but recognise the projectiles will return to they that sent it. do remain in your homes, you of love and grace unconditional. we do not kick doors in, we do not hold and question, we already know who you are, the ones who will fight, the ones who will rape. if your home wall is ripped open and one is taken, is not an assault, for maybe you knew not the crime they do.

    the planet is not yours, you were allowed to grow upon the surface. now the ways of the universe are here, their is no seconding to the progressive judgements.

    Oh, Celeste has sort of reprimanded me for being so brusk with my talking via her conduit.

    but we have been in this work from when we were little girls, she became a guardian and I a cleanser, but we are best friends. best friends. she has had a difficult time living the many life moments of earth reincarnation, and I have had to train to a new level my teams, for who would of guessed the great one would make such a choosing.

    the earth will continue, as your level of knowing is a continuance, and many areas of the planet surface will have this continuance change in differing levels, not all will come as was once spoken, some will see us as we parade the surface of death, some already know us as we walked past they, yes in the fights they partook. they may read these words and cry. to you I say NAMASTEYAREAL, to all who know and travel. all who die on the battle fronts come before us, women who rule. shocks to many from earth, but if you understand all is of love, the ones who think we are all virgins to do as they beckon are most shocked I can tell you. for men on our level are as the women on your level. we seek of them, we task of them, we expect they to be of our needs. you better get ready for this.

    my Arabic charges, you have been duped, not a palace of virgins, more likely a contingency of directives.

    as for the solstice, another energetic overlay, to bring the frequency to the next octave, you are coming up in levels and adjusting, if it were not so then the experiment would become a 4rth trial, and it is decreed that no such shall be supported. so we must work together, you must find unconditional understandings in actions and reactions with each other, if you can not then just walk away from reactive prose’s, even if your thoughts pull you to hate or action, be unconditional. work it out in your minds, don’t take reactive posturing. don’t get drunk and fight because of drunken moments, they will not be seen as excuses. what your body does you are responsible for, that was the experiment, still is. war is the body chance given control, peace is the energetic chance given control.

    you can not fight against us and win, never ever. we are the angels who can not be overcome.

    and you are the new grown, to be harvested for the regions of new worlds.

    and I wish you all to know, no higher one of guardian you have is better than my friend, if she has taken to speak to you, through this simple woman, then you too have a friend in me.

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