March 22 2013…. Something Big Coming?

March 22 2013…. Something Big Coming?

*Please cut and paste and share everywhere… please learn how to use affirmations like the one below to create our reality…. we can also use ‘predictive programming’ to get the world we desire…. believe it… know it… Indian in the machine

3/22 is an ominous day. Prepare accordingly.

Predictive programming all around us now… but we also have a say….


“Dear God, thanks for the wake up calls around us… thanks for clearing our earth consciousness grid of all harmfilled energies associated with March 22 2013 or any other date… I ask for my heart to be opened with peace…. and on this moment foward, I will be a beacon of peace and will serve you, and not any dark agenda… kindly wake me up fully of how I and the public are being used via predictive programming, to fullfill satanic prophecies…. thank you…. with love….”

More affirmations


Planetary Meditation



March 22 2013  “Olympus Has Fallen” movie about a chinese attack on Whitehouse.

Olympus Has Fallen

Flash Animation



….. internet researchers are abuzz with this date…. obamacare date for computer chip march 23?


ObamaCARE [obamaTAX] makes RFID chip implants mandatory…/obamacareobamatax-makes-rfid-chip-implan…

Jul 21, 2012 – ObamaCare makes RFID chips mandatory March 23, 2013.. So, when On Sunday March 21, 2010 the Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed and signed into law the following Tuesday. …. Lilly said on July 22, 2012 



Relationship Between December 21st, 2012, and March 22, 2013

So, I’ve been playing with my calculator and discovered something that I found rather interesting. It may not mean anything, but then again, it may.

December 21, 2012 – predicted doom date

March 22, or 3/22 – The famous date that graces the doors of Masonic temples, and seems to hold a very deep signifigance with Skull and Bones

Now, this is an ASSUMPTION and nothing more. Let’s ASSUME that the famous 3/22 is referring to March 22, 2013.

Why would I assume 2013?? I do because the Obamacare bill secretly states that Verichip will be mandated by March 23, 2013, which is obviously the following date after March 22, 2013.

Now, let’s find out the relationship between December 21, 2012, and March 22, 2013.

Days apart : 91 (The illuminati LOVE their nines and ones.)
91 days/ 7 days a week = 13 weeks apart exactly…what are the odds
Here is a website discussing the significance of the number 13 with the illuminati:
[link to]

So December 21st,2012 is 91 days, or EXACTLY 13 weeks from March 22, 2013, the day before Verichip will be mandated, and the official number of Skull and Bones. Hmmm…..


From Reddit: What do you guys think? The georgia guidestones were erected on march 22 1980 i believe. Obama is going to israel on that day. 322 is skull and bones infamous number. I have also seen two movie trailers that have strange plots. The Croods and olympus has fallen. Both coming out on march 22. Tell me what you think, maybe you know more than what I do.


322 featured in batman movie that also has many codes for false flags



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    The georgia guidestones were erected on march 22 1980 i believe. Obama is going to israel  this post was submitted on 02 Mar 2013. 16 points (76% like it) 


9 thoughts on “March 22 2013…. Something Big Coming?

  1. that is my birthdate, what I would like to see is all the ones through my life time that put great effort to harm me via lies and their workings to be gone, I would like to sit upon a jury to see them explain why they did these things that stopped me from having the life that was suposed to be for me, but they took great pleasure to knock me down, I would get up just to be knocked down, again and again. endless they were, I never met many of them but they spoke like they knew me. they joined together and put my name to the most horrid things they could say, many listened to them and believed them. but I knew not they or not the person they spoke about, but my name was placed in the area they spoke. and for that I lost a home farm family carrer finances and nearly my life. taken by the greys all my life, I have seen many things. but humanity disgusts me, very much. worse than animals, humanity blindly follows the loudest in the room, the qietest is beaten upon, spat upon and defiled in ways that boggle the mind. and I was the quite one in the room.

  2. I watched the trailers of the 2 movies that the article commented on (The Croods and Olympus Has Fallen) – but there was a 3rd coming out on the 22nd of March that hit me as well – called ‘Come Out And Play’. The immediate thing that kicked my mind with that show was how probable it could be for a group (especially children) to be brain-washed (think MKUltra) into doing something just like that, eh? …shrug… Just thought I’d share that.

    A question for you as well, Dieter (if I may), is that you share forward all these things that could honestly freak out folks – and yet in the next breath you say *not* to freak out. Is that because you’re comfortable in knowing that we really are in control? As well as ‘others’ watching out for us as well? It’s hard to not worry, at times, but the more I’ve listened to things you’ve posted and channeling, etc, the less I worry and the more I just look forward to whatever happens. I wish I could say the same for my partner who is going to die of stress and fear. He ‘lives’ for these things you post – just for the negativity in them. …cry… Great, sunny energies sent to him and if you and others would do the same, it’d be greatly appreciated. I love this person and don’t want to see him wasting away because of all this.

    Thank you SO much for sharing all of this, Dieter. I’ve enjoyed, am enjoying, going through all of your postings and audio/videos.

    Blessings, Light & Love,


    1. Tuhua, how sweet to hear from you and to spend this now together. Basically we are in a cleansing phase…and an assisting each other phase or not, some are not in the assisting each other phase, some are in greed at any expense phase…. this lifetimes means more soul progress than any other lifetime… with that stated… i’ll also say that knowing what I’ve come to know, that I’ve probably been very freaked out by what i’m seeing, more than someone living in illusion as real… the action…. but also the inaction…. to the point where the masses are eating horsemeat and babies in their food, drinking abortions… heck I’ve eaten lots of fast food… I’m simply sharing my ride in spirit and living my journey in spirit… people can resonate or not, I’m ultmately accepting of that of course… ultimately the truth doesn’t freak people out, its people’s response. I assist to diffuse emotional bombs… i’m a courier of heaven.

      1. Aye, I understand what you mean about some living in a ‘greed at any expense’ stage. I was listening to some of your audios, pardon for not instantly knowing which one – as I loaded them on to my MP3 to listen whilst heading to work….and this being, speaking through a person, was commenting that during this awakening time we are in, one thing that would grow was negativity. Boy howdy! If that doesn’t hit the nail on the head! And not just in our world and every which was we turn, but within my partner and everything he is choosing to read and fill his mind with. I’m a ‘fixer’ by nature (good ole’ Pisces) and it kills me that I can’t ‘fix’ his way of thinking and bring him towards positive things. . . . sigh…. But I know I can’t fix it all, so I’m concentrating more on my own awakening. I hope that’s not selfish – but I’m at a loss as to how to continue trying to help him. And in many ways I feel I’m being drug down into his negative world – so I am choosing to step away so as to not be dragged there!

        As for resonating – yes – very much so, so again great thanks for sharing what you do! It was a shared something-or-other than led me from one thread to another and on to *you*….lol….love it how that works the way of the web. Anyhow – thanks again – and keep sharing! …big grin…

        Blessings, Love & Light


  3. I ment to post this comment on this thread:
    It would be interesting to know what motivates the people who produce a movie about China attacking the U.S. capitol. It seems pretty divisive to me, and would be completely out of character for the Chinese. I suspect that there’s a political motivation to support the military industrial complex, and misrepresent an alternative political system as being militarily aggressive, in addition to a profit motive.

  4. 2012 Galactic Alignment Part Two

    Dr. Sebi – ACID 2 ALKALINE

    Dr. Sebi – Your Leaders Have Betrayed You

    Dr. Sebi Joins United Nuwaubian Nation

    Dr. Sebi speaks at U.N.I.A Convention,


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