Affirmation for the Illuminati to repeat


Affirmation for the Illuminati to repeat


Affirmation for the Illuminati to repeat: “God…it’s us….the Illuminati….listen we’ve decided this whole Illuminati thing is not working out very well…soon the public may turn against us, and we will have no place to hide. God we realize that those dank underground bases that we evil doers were going to hide in, don’t even have any spare parts…..yikes God….satan punked us big time! God we’re scared….we evil doers are so used to denying truth….God…we’re tired of being evil and soon we won’t be getting away with anything any longer, the public IS WISER BY THE MOMENT TO ALL OF OUR NASTY EVIL TRICKS. God…we may be scared but you know that we’re not stupid…we’ve come into true wisdom, we realize that being evil, doesn’t pay in the long term plus it comes with serious karma consequences…. God, we want to be basked in bright bright Light, right now….right this very moment, pour the Light over all Illuminati activity for the world wide general public…the time is now…we’re ready too as is humanity, for a whole new way of living…..God…it’s stressful being evil….and we’re ready from a permanent holiday of evilness especially the mind control and all that satan worshipping nonsense…no siree….no more false idols for us…no more Molech…no more Basphemet, no more capstone and pyramid stuff….no more fake money supply….no more war…no more orgies doing our relatives……no more blood drinking…. God….help us to find our way back home and thank you for instantly transmute all the evil we’ve created on this planet…we welcome the Violet Flame of Transmutation to flood this planet and all dark energies with the instant regeneration possible through the sacred Gold Violet Flame….so be it. Amen.”

Indian in the machine

5 thoughts on “Affirmation for the Illuminati to repeat

  1. Thank-you for this powerful prayer, dear Indian, for these sad but powerful lost ones. I will send it to the Source as well, and maybe with one or two more ……….. the tipping point!! Yay!!! blessings and much love, e.

  2. Please…….don’t waste time coming up with an affirmation for these criminals. If they are truly sorry let them come forward with disclosure and NESARA!

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