HATONN: Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement? Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.

HATONN: Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement?  Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.


Jan. 14, 2013


6/8/92 #1   HATONN

I do not speak of you ones as anything other than “little brothers” for “ignorance” is not the same as stupidity–but primitive?  Perhaps!  You have learned enough to destroy and not enough to restore.  Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement?  Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.


1) Primary development of intellect and spirit.

2) Primary thinking of intellect and spirit.

3) Primary thinking of reason.

4) Primary exercise of intellect and spirit force.

5) Primary reasonable actions.

6) Primary will-thinking and will-activity.

7) Reason-conditioned guiding of the life.

Creatures of these levels are considered insane, idiots, etc., by already thinking, reasoning beings.  But in truth their spirit and intellect are not yet spiritually developed.  (They are new spirits who have to first form themselves by learning and experience.) [Nervous yet???]


1) Primary development of reason.

2) Effective realization of reason and its use.

3) Primary acknowledgement and cognition of higher influences.

4) Belief in higher influences without having the knowledge.

5) Belief in higher forces, superstition, fear of evil, veneration of God, etc. (Germinating time for religions, etc.)

6) [Here is where the elder brothers place the average Earth human being on the scale.]  Primary cognition of the true reality.  Research,             knowledgeable development.  First spiritual cognitions and their exercise.  Spiritual healing, telepathy, etc.

7) Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.


[This is where you will find the present Earth beings who are “educated” as scientists, etc.  There are a few borderline and spiritual scholars in the section about level 2 and 3.  Except for the “wisdom”, as expressed. Knowledge without wisdom is the remarkable status of your society.]

1) Advanced development of the intellect.  High technology.  Second utilization of spiritual forces.  Primary creation of living form.

2) Realization and exercise of knowledge, truth and wisdom.  Slow breakdown of accepted beliefs.

3) First utilization of knowledge and wisdom.

4) Acknowledgement and utilization of nature’s laws.  Generation of super-technologies.  Second creation of living forms.  [Your government Elite         are at this level through technological superiority and control of the masses of you-the-people.]

5) Natural exercise of wisdom and knowledge in the cognition of spiritual forces.  Further breakdown of accepted beliefs.  [Certainly aren’t “here”         yet, are you?]

6) Life in knowing, about wisdom, truth and logic.

7) Primary cognition of the reality as absolutely real.


1) Clear knowledge about reality as absolutely real.

2) Cognition of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

3) Utilization of spirit knowledge and wisdom.

4) Cognition of the reality of the CREATION and its laws.

5) Living according to the CREATION law. Purification of Spirit and intellect. Cognition of the obligation and force of Spirit. Breakdown of blind                 acceptances in belief.

6) Guided and controlled utilization of spiritual forces.

7) Creation of first living creatives.  [Your Elite made it to this point half a century ago and now you have ability to “create” (manufacture             from DNA) replication of life-forms, including human–however, you have no ability to introduce or “create” soul energy in ANY form.]


1) Creating and controlling of living forms.

2) Construction of mechanical/organic living things.

3) Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life.

4) Will-conditioned mastery of life in all its forms and sorts.

5) Position of recognitions. Reminiscences of earlier lifetimes, etc.

6) Kings of Wisdom. (Accepts “wisdom” before their higher power “knowledge”.)

7) Cognition of Spiritual Peace, of universal love and creational harmony.


1) Acknowledgement and realization of Spiritual Peace, universal love and creational harmony.

2) Living according to pure Spiritual knowledge.

3) Spiritual creating and creations.

4) Disembodying of Spirit from organic matter.

5) First pure Spiritual existence.

6) Final Spiritual existence.

7) Passing-over into the CREATION consciousness.


1) Twilight sleeping during seven periods of rest.

2) Awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation as CREATION, during seven periods.

3) Creating of living forms.

4) Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION.

5) Creating the great Spirit in the CREATION.

6) Recreating CREATION.

7) Last reach of highest improvement during the 7th period.


This is a period of “sleep” of the CREATION and lasts seven periods/great-times.  One period/great-time lasts some 311, 040, 000, 000,000 years as calculated in your counting systems.  We have to offer you that to which YOU can relate for we utilize only “sequence” of growth and experience.  In the twilight state of the CREATION all life and the whole universe ceases in consciousness.  Just after its awakening it begins to create all things anew.  During the twilight sleeping neither time nor space exist.  There is only the “nothing” or voidance.  While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space.  There is only duration in a nameless nothing.

Do not confuse this with the “null”-time on either rim of the Photon Belt of Light.  The “Photon” null-time simply expresses as neutralization of all electric particles as they become “lighted” and frequencies pick up to match the evolution of such change.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, June 9, 1992, Volume 19, Number 8, Pages 14-15.


THANK YOU Rocky Montana


2 thoughts on “HATONN: Where ARE you on the scale of human evolvement? Let me remind you through teachings of your Pleiadian elders and YOU see where you might be on the scale of 1-7 in the seven segments of realization.

  1. The Great Spirit knows his flock …. he also knew there would be a time that the creation would try to re-create itself outside of itself…. we are a creation reflected by our ~CREATOR~ or ~CREATORS~ what ever the facts!! Any intelligent evolving creation will just keep trying to evolve and survive!! All the way down to the Cellular level!! But the by products of this race, and the lower ways of thinking, could kill all creation itself, all of it!! If the Great Spirit created and ~LOVED~ its creation. Would his creation create another being, and would that creation being created by the created being, also be instilled with ~LOVE~ in what it has created. This is the ~SPIRIT~ that it is missing, ~LOVE~ does make the only difference. So believe your are a creation formed not by the hands of the ~CREATION~ but of by the ~CREATOR~ or ~CREATORS~ what ever the facts!! Be the ~ONE~ Instilled with ~LOVE~ and ~LIGHT~ beyond all edges of Universes of Universes!! Created in the ~DARKNESS~ of the womb!! Creation without ~LOVE~ is empty, and void of it, not knowing of it, or showing it!! .. .. Boo!! Boom!! .. .. ~LOVE~ cannot stay quiet for much longer!! .. .. Thank you ~ANGELS~ for guiding us and teaching us more!! .. .. .. ~:)s’

  2. Thanks for sharing Dieter. Lots of new information to enrich ones field of understanding and the ability to gain wisdom. King Solomon expressed this over and over again in Proverbs; with all thy getting, get WISDOM.

    Love Nageeta

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