Pulsing UFO Near The International Space Station 2012 HD

Indian in the machine: Keep in mind, we’re not under attack… by our loving et family… it’s our earth family that has been attacking us, some of them using grey and reptilian secret technology.


2 thoughts on “Pulsing UFO Near The International Space Station 2012 HD

  1. Well, deep research indicates that is one of our space ships. We have a fleet of them, and they will be used in the bogus alien invasion or “disclosure”, depending on which seems to be accepted by the globe that will be used to get us to globalize under these insane inbred creatures we call leaders. They have even done genetic engineering using clones in order to create these aliens we will be seeing. The episode of “Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura” was well done and much exposed by those he interviewed and they cut the program from the schedule, so you know its true.

  2. I agree that they have our best interest at Heart. As stated in several posts, if they wanted to so call conquer us, they could of BEEN done that. And, yes, we are our own enemies most of the time. It’s time for a new reality. I would hang out with e.t’s anyday. Im sure i’d learn alot. I can see me with a e.t. going to the mall to walk. hehehe That would be lots of fun.

    Love Nageeta

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