1 Billion FB Users and Still Delusional About Fukushima??!! Amazing!

yes… this is striking a nerve for me… of course when one of us brings this up we get attacked… do you feel the public does an adequate job to educate itself even with social media?

1 Billion FB Users and Still Delusional About Fukushima??!! Amazing!

We interrupt this FB moment for a NUCLEAR UPDATE:  

Dateline:  FUKUSHIMA     Multiple Reactor Meltdowns in Progress since 3.11.11   

No Actions Taken.  

Contamination and Killing of Entire Planet

Still in Progress.  

Nothing further to see here. 

Move along.




3 thoughts on “1 Billion FB Users and Still Delusional About Fukushima??!! Amazing!

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  2. all types of poisonous pollution had been sprayed throughout Earth killing gradually its inhabitants. its only God who could cleanse our planet and this is to be completely done during the 3 Days Darkness.

  3. I thought the Galactic Federation would stifle any nuclear harm to us. That’s what has been reported to us through chanels. Don’t we have enough to do right now just to contain ourselves and feel loving thoughts instead of fear? I am concerned more about Disclosure right now. When is Disclosure going to happen? I don’t see our dear President being forthcoming with the news of disclosure. Everything hinges on Disclosure. Maybe the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, will come forward like he does for everything else concerning conspiracy and ask why the government is suppressing the vital fact that we have been lied to a long time concerning our families in space.

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