HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIDEO; I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)


7 thoughts on “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIDEO; I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)

  1. To Gayla I say that the Greys are not operational on the planet anymore due to the benevolent star civilizations intervention back into our affairs quite some time ago. As the Grey civilization is 4th dimensional we were hard pressed to go against it as any dimension you find yourself in can be controled from the ones higher. So 4th dimensional beings have the drop on us that can only be dealt with by ones higher than them. This is where prayer and visualiztion comes in handy. The host of god is 5th dimensional and higher and has defeated the Greys and their agenda. There are others out in the cosmos who would interfere if they could but this solar system is locked down by benevolent beings who are in fact our forefathers and mothers and have mounted a rescue mission for planet earth which has been ongoing for 2 generations at least. The depths of control the dark forces have had on the world is so all pervasive that it is taking some time to defeat its agenda but the end is in sight and soon we will be dancing for joy at the fact of our release from evil. Dont fear the controlers but petition the light forces for protection and you will get it. Arch Angel Michael is pleased to be called upon for help in any good fashion. Namaste.

  2. Morning! I opened my email to find this post…actually just before I woke up, right on the edge of my other dream, I was “interrupted” by another. I was shown a huge black/brown/goldish ship moving near the sun. Then I was back on the ground, and I saw people pointing up up. Some were panicked, but everything seemed to stand still, at attention. Up in the sky were ships of all shapes and sizes. Someone asked me, “do you see it?!” I said, “Yes, but it’s no big deal.” I woke up.

  3. Do not assume that all the visitors are benighn. I had an incident with them, along with my mother, when I was 14 or 15 years old. We never spoke of it again, almost like we had been programmed not to. However, as an adult, the first time I saw a picture of what people now call the Grays, I had the most awful panic attack and still have that reaction to a lesser degree. I have learned how to control the panic to a degree but it still pops up now and then. I recently saw a video of small Grays sneaking around a home and it’s garden and again that agonizing terror showed it’s self. I can’t imagine that any beings that are benevelent could cause such feelings after more than 50 years. I have still not recovered my memories of what happened to my mother and I that cold winter night and I really don’t think I want to but I feel that I must warn you that all are not loving and kind. Yes, they are here but from my own research I believe that they always have been and have always been the source of many stories showing us that they have not been kind to us in the past or the present. Just do not be deceived is my heartfelt message to you.

  4. Feeling a sense of reassurance around this…Somehow, I too have known all along from early childhood, I have had visions of other worlds, and knowledge that we are not alone. I am grateful, especially for the gentle soul of Alaje, from the Pleiades, who works with people from the northern part of Europe energetically…his videos always give me a sense of peace. There are others, but I especially resonate with him. My ancestral home as an earthly human is Eastern Europe-Poland, Belarus, Romania primarily. In my visions and dreams, I am always returned to this place and the mystery of my origins, which are not of this earth. I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and they are starting to fit together. It is very exciting for me to come to the realization that I have origins out there in the universe, that are still influencing me through my dreams and visions. How I wish for disclosure-it is an elusive event-somehow close, but still years away.

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