1. The more I read the more I change my mind! It sure gets confusing which I am sure someone out there would prefer that we are all confused. Could anyone tell me where to find the truth? If it’s within me I must still be sleeping though I try to keep open and up with things! Will visit the other site I like as well! Thank you so much for your thoughts!

  2. abraham…..helped me to raise my frequency, raise my vibration, and have clearer communications with Universal Energies. Love Yourself, Love Others, Love the Now, Love. Highest vibration. Love and Peace janine leverxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Abraham: Deliberate Manifestations–Thank you for sharing!! What a joy to listen to this!!! I will listen again and again. Thank you so much!!

    1. Anybody see the article debunking Icke? I don’t want to go there but it raised an eyebrow as to all of us believers being duped and led to follow the alternative news sources and scenarios expounding our ET and Galactic friends being available to assist us. While I am able to accept that God is all powerful and can direct our helpers, I can also see where “the otherside” could be like the wizard behind the curtain and literally give us exactly what we are wishing for. Then when the new system is in place and we have been told of our galactic friends…….the carpet is pulled from beneath our feet to reveal NWO in disguise. Please don’t take this wrong……I want nothing but love and light to abound, but I do not to stand back and wonder why I didn’t see it coming. Please send some positive feedback! I love you all for it!

      1. Hi April, You make a lot of salient observations, here’s something to consider: “We in the Galactic Federation have guided humanity’s rebellion to its present level. Your Inner Earth family has likewise provided the expertise to get many governments to the point of surrender.” Source – http://www.paoweb.com/sn091112.htm This sounds like blood, violence and coercion from off worlders encroaching on our civilization to stir up trouble. If it’s true, it needs to be addressed and resolved so that we can get the wars stopped and integrate into extraterrestrial civilization safely and peacefully.

      2. Thank you so very much for your comment. It is purely time for peace, love and light. It is painful to see our earth and it’s inhabitants in such agony. It has been dark for way too long. I wish you many blessings and thank you for taking time to address my concerns! I honor your dedication!

      3. I’m preparing to travel to the middle east into areas were there’s currently a lot of rioting, shooting, heavy weapons usage. Where people that look like I do with blue eyes, fair skin and hair are viewed with suspicion or worse. To do some spiritual, scientific, peace process and political and security development work. To try to get some of the problems there sorted out, and the violence reduced. As someone with decades of peace process experience around the world. I’ve long suspected that there’s ET involvement exacerbating existing conflicts, and starting new ones where none exist. Using and hiding behind their advanced technology to intervene in our affairs unseen. The more that I’ve gotten into transitioning our civilization from a terrestrial to an extraterrestrial one. It has provided verification that this is probably a correct view, as you pointed out in your post.

      4. Once again I thank you for responding! I wish you safe passage and success while you do your work in the middle east. Like I said before I honor your dedication. Please note that while I remain a small cog in this vast universe, that small cog is sending you tons of love, light and all the pure energy you need to prevail! All the best to you terranstarcaptain!

      5. Thank you very much, that’s very kind, considerate, and insightful of you. I know what I’m going into on my upcoming trip, because I’ve been through it before overseas more than once. Being prepared and careful are very important. To get past the negativity here that you write about. We need to get the wars stopped so that we can normalize relations with positive ETs, both of which I’m working on. Who don’t have our types of negativity problems, and close the technology gap with them, and use it responsibly. At that point we’re an ET civilization ourselves and we can pick and choose what direction we want to go. And things like ascension, dimensional shifts, end times, doomsday, nesara, prosperity funds, interim governments, earth changes, mass arrests, 2012, the photon belt, mass landings, and all of the other pseudo new age fantasy and fiction non happenings will be immaterial. And the real new age that the overwhelming majority of people want of extended lifespans with young healthy bodies on a war, poverty, and pollution free planet with the freedom to safely travel the universe on starships is what we’ll have.

      6. Hi Tarranstarcaptain. I am on board 100% with what you wrote. We need to know who our friends are and who can be trusted. No more war, no more garbage. Only positive attitudes and growth. I revel in the thought of how wonderful that could be. Healing needs to happen soon! What a mess we have made! Thank you my friend (I would be honored to call you that,be it ok with you) All the best, April

      7. Hi Dieter, Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see any mention of the photon belt in the link that you provided, so I’m not sure what that information has to do with the topic. Here’s a link that looks at the subject in some depth from a scientific perspective that you may find interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon_belt I remember when x ray vision and lasers were more science fiction than fact in main stream society. Though I’m sure that there were people working in sequestered projects who knew that the science was sound before it was released for public use with varying degrees of safety regulations. Spiritual philosophy and metaphysics can in some cases be researched and developed so that it can be understood, proven and utilized for beneficial purposes. So it’s worth looking at that type of information in cases where it hasn’t been disproven, and is simply unproven because we don’t have the science and technology yet to understand it to see if it has value. The ETs are ahead of us in these areas and already know what they’ve proven and understand that we haven’t yet. So it’s in our interests to develop working relationships with those ETs who can help us in these areas in a positive manner.

      8. Hi April, I think that your views are probably shared by most people, and that the number of people who embrace the ascension/end times material is very limited due to a lack of supporting proof and science for ufo related spiritual philosophy, metaphysics and conspiracy theories involving mass arrests, interim governments, etc.. It looks like there’s a lot of myth building going on using the genuine available evidence and science from ufos to try to lend credibility to ancillary topics that lack supporting proof or science. By people running government disinfo psyops to obfuscate the ufo topic as part of the ongoing cover up, and by people in the private sector who are interested in fabricating fantasy. There may also be some ET disinfo mixed in trying to create support for an alternative future that is different from the real new age of our becoming an ET civilization ourselves with our space program. In a manner that is in our best interests by preserving and improving our rights and freedoms, without turning control of our planet and civilization over to off worlders.

      9. Hi Terranstarcaptain! Sometimes it feels like things are already being run by off world sources! I am not sure if it is best to watch from afar and see what direction things are going to go or just jump in with both feet and hope for the best! I was shown a “scene” the other morning in a dream-state. I looked out an upper window and saw a very colorful (polka dotted)UFO flying above the trees. I then looked down from the window and saw a “Disneylike” scene amusement park. Lots of rides and activities. The two things I remember most were the UFO and the gigantic long legged Uncle Sam air balloon complete with the red/white striped pants and the huge Uncle Sam top hat. Wonder if I was showing myself that when the US gov’t tries it’s hand at disclosure it will all be a fairy tale!!!! Can’t someone just tell the truth? Take good care! Know that I appreciate and respect your comments!

      10. Hi April, I don’t think that I dream much, I remember almost nothing if I do. Some people think that ETs have the ability to enter and manage our dreams, maybe I told them to take a hike. There may be an altered state of consciousness in the morning between dreaming and awake consciousness where you have the ability to perceive things that are different than dreams because you have the ability to experience or not depending on what you want to do. Where as with dreams it’s more of an involuntary experience and opening your eyes and being awake isn’t much of an option, but with the altered perception between sleeping and being awake it is. So maybe it’s related to telepathy and minds eye visualization. My interest in these topics is geared towards research and development to see if I can develop skills to establish communications with ETs as part of developing working relationships with them. I think that control of our lives and civilization is fractional, we have some, and the ETs with their superior technology and more advanced intellectual skills have some. I’m currently limiting my comments at this site to one paragraph or video a day at the moderator’s request. I have a membership here if you’d like to join and communicate more extensively: http://ashtargalacticcommanders.ning.com/

      11. Hi Again Terranstarcaptain! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Full schedule and lots of stuff going on. Last couple of days spent trying to re home an abandoned German Shephard……..not an easy task! She is safe for now but still not in a solid home. I did jump out to the site you recommended. Very nice and also interesting. Not sure how that site works as far as communicating with you. I would guess becoming a member would be the first step? The name “Ashtar” has been in my vocabulary for quite a few years. Must say not used much but I am aware! Many books and sites ago! Maybe then we’ll connect out there. Not to congest this site! Thank you for the invite! Blessings. April

      12. Hi April, Yes, you have to be a member to participate at AGC. I don’t think that congestion is the issue here, I think that it’s the end times ascension material. And it isn’t just this site, a lot of people’s experience, including mine, is that almost without exception, any site running this type of material is going to have restrictive moderation limiting or eliminating critical or alternative views based in reality, science and evidence, to the end times ascension material. A lot of people are attracted to these types of sites by the ufo and real new age material hoping for a better future. And when they run into the end times ascension material that’s also on these sites, and start questioning it, they start having trouble with the moderators.

      13. Understood. Now I just have to learn to navigate the AGC site. Not sure yet how to initiate conversation but I’ll figure it out! I know people are flocking to find answers. I wish I had them too but, I am thinking that “panic” is not the answer! These are very interesting times. Starseed. What is the possibility of being one? Yes I am fishing. Guidance might be in order if I might ask. Have to go for now. Many thanks!

      14. Hi April, Starseed is an end times ascension movement reincarnation based concept where people say that they’re reincarnated from another planet to this one. Alice Baily is one of the founders of the end times ascension movement, she attempted suicide 3 times. Suicide, genocide and omnicide are common themes in the end times ascension movement. There are quite a few people in the end times ascension movement with suicidal tendencies and attempts in their medical history who are attracted to this type of material. The heavens gate cult is one example. Maybe they’re talking to demons in their meditation. I’d approach it with caution.

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