Major sulfur smell in California, Texas and beyond?… can anyone confirm this?

Major sulfur smell in California, Texas and beyond?… can anyone confirm this?

It would seem rather notable, considering this would be associated with earthquakes, and a big one is due…

I noticed this sulfur smell also reported on other foru… (un)godlikeproductions… but no link for them because they banned me. 😉  Indian in the machine


16 thoughts on “Major sulfur smell in California, Texas and beyond?… can anyone confirm this?

  1. We have been experiencing MAJOR suplhur smells in Cerritos, Chino, Pomona and Riverside. The air has been extremely thick and heavy. Never been this heavy since I can recall.

  2. Yes, there is a strong sulfur smell here in Southern California. I am merely a few miles from the San Andreas fault. It smelled all across the southland today. I’m stocking up on supplies just in case.

  3. My daughter and I went to the Mum farm this weekend and decided that the sulfur smell was the cellophane plant across the river but who knows? This is in NE Kansas.

  4. In Christchurch, New Zealand, you can literally see the sulphur on the streets. I will post a pic for you all to see when my camera decides to work again. It happens everywhere through out the city but generally people are so used to the smell that it doesn’t matter now. This began about 3 months before our first big earthquake two years ago so if you start to notice sulphur smell AND you see yellow powder everywhere that floats on top of water rather than dissolving into it, you might be in for some big seismic activity. (note, I think that it doesn’t dissolve because the water molcule is already saturated).

  5. Moreno Valley, CA. Noticed the sulfur smell last night and very heavy this morning. Others at work said they smelled it in Yucaipa and Perris as well. Noticed there was a lot of chemtrails spraying over the weekend as well as very weird lightning storm last night. It didn’t look normal.

  6. Had a 2nd earthquake intuitive message a few days ago, and a friend of mine felt one just 20 minutes from where I am in North Carolina, about a week ago. We are over a long dormant fault. We’ll see! I was just thinking about my business matters a few days ago and said to myself, “oh, thats ok, my bus. cards will be here before the earthquake.” uhhh! The last time I had one of those “out of the blue” knowings about a friend dying, they passed on in a week from a freak accident. I do not feel death for my earthquake feelings for my area, just time needed for dust to settle after, and a sense of something good after. You know, big earthquakes cause so much hurt, but they also release a TON of neg. energy from the planet.

  7. Godlike Productions has a crazy ban you any time thing to get you to pay money, its a waist of time to post their as who see’s what is posted ? so many get banned. a place that bans its customers. Lunatic outpost is much better, has the same style so its easy to get around, its easy to upload photos and youtubes to and you have to be a pain to get banned. here and there is where I travel most days 🙂

  8. Ha, I’ve been banned from Godlike Productions as well. I practically live in San Antonio, Texas and have not noticed any sulfur type smell. There are areas of TX in which this scent is prevalent but it’s nothing unusual and is attributed to drilling and the high sulfur content of the oil and gas. If I do notice something unusual like this, I will let you all know.

  9. Haven’t smelled sulfur here yet, but at times, ,we get smells from the Delta, with the pluff mud and marsh gases giving off odious smells…not very often, but sometimes with the Delta Breezes in the midday and early evenings…

    1. My neighbor called me an hour ago about sewer smell around our nieghborhood. I live in Montclair Ca. My son just got home and called me saying horrible sulfer smell in neighborhood. He went on line and friends in Ontario Ca and at least 25 miles away from us have odor as well. I work in Redlands Ca. and walked outside, it is horrible. I thought our sewer system over the past 2 weeks has been burping. I guess I’m wrong. What is causing this horrible smell.??

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