Antarctica Pyramids… leaked photographs, nazi plans, role in planetary ascension, Atlantis…


9 thoughts on “Antarctica Pyramids… leaked photographs, nazi plans, role in planetary ascension, Atlantis…

  1. No one has seen them before because they are about 2 miles under the ice. I was invited to go as an assistant for a solar panel tech who was contracted with NASA to supply electricity from the sun down into the angular shafts… Yeah. And, uh… I didn’t go.

  2. My first husband who died at the age of 22 had been stationed in Antartica while a memeber of the United States Seebees, under the auspices of the United States Navy. He was at McMurdo. He came home from there a very different individual. All the things we are hearing about now, the big hole in the earth, pyramids, ect. could be what he was afraid of. This was back in 1966 and he told me that there were terrible things going on there but he couldn’t tell me or anyone about them. Over the years I had completely forgotten our conversations but lately the memories have resurfaced. I wish now that I had pushed him to talk about it more. I had a roll of film developed that came home in his camera and found strange things on it. One was of him tied to a table with a huge saw blade near his head. When I asked him about it he said that he was drunk and they were just screwing around. He died about a year later of a brain tumor. I won’t know any more about it than I did then in this life time but the day is at hand where all will be revealed. He was a big strong guy who was not afraid of much but he was afraid of what he had seen there.

  3. Thank You.SaLuSa.for telling us this information.i really appriecate off world beings such as you to give us the truth and i also want to thank the scientist for their findings of these pyramids.hellen

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