JESUS; You may wish to adopt this affirmation as a clearing for yourself and your reality at this time, ‘I dissolve all my complex creations that are no longer needed; I choose to experience the loving and truthful simplicity of the Creator within my reality. I honour the knowingness and truth of my heart chakra. I am the Creator.’


 28 August 2012 – 7:29pm |  eva sophia

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – August 26, 2012

There is a great wonderment within the minds of many at this stage of ascension, a feeling of infinite possibilities coupled with the process of change and development. This is a most beautiful existence that breeds experiences that are free from limitations.

For many the mind is wondering in a positive and also negative frame of thoughts about the possibilities of humanity’s future, but it doesn’t matter whether these thoughts are negative or positive because they are assisting the mind in opening to a new reality and perspective.

If you believe in the existence of change, equality among all and the manifestation of love then you are already creating it. If you doubt the existence of such energies then your doubts are creating a process of positive creation and understanding to co-exist within your being. The wisdom that I wish to share with you today is focused upon your thoughts and perspectives.

I wish for you to accept that there is no right or wrong thoughts. Breathe this perspective into your being; let it flow through your mind like a wave of light.

If there are no right or wrong thoughts, how does this affect your reality, existence and understanding of yourself? If there are no right or wrong thoughts then judgment of yourself and others automatically dissolves. Fear is also cast aside with the perspective that cause limitations upon your mind. It is interesting to observe that in the eyes and energy of the Creator, you are never wrong, but you are also never right, how does this make you feel?

Maybe you would feel that reality no longer has a purpose, there is no need for you to prove yourself, to put pressure upon yourself or even to challenge yourself. Does this change your reality and your understanding of yourself? In truth by observing this perspective for even a moment you are allowing your personality and ego to drift away in order for you to connect with your truth, the essence of energy that is the Creator within you.

I wish for you to observe this perspective beyond the personality and ego, for the personality and ego may believe that if you are never wrong and never right then you can do as you please, causing pain and sorrow to those around you, including yourself. This perspective comes from the idea of challenging yourself and your surroundings, proving yourself and trying to better yourself in any way that seems possible.

If in the eyes and energy of the Creator you are never wrong and never right this offers you immense freedom to simply be your truth, a truth that comes from a very sacred essence within you. The Creator is not judging you, nor putting pressure, expectations or even challenges upon you but is simply allowing you to be as you are. In many ways the Creator has always seen humanity in this way, offering humanity tremendous freedom to experience a reality that has abundant potentials.

Humanity has manifested from freedom complexity in both mind and reality in order to create what seem like more enjoyable and fruitful experiences. In many ways humanity is creating a bubble of reality around themselves which is multi-layered and focused predominantly upon the physical material and reality. Living and projecting oneself into this multi-layered physical matter and reality causes more complex creations and experiences to manifest thus thickening the layers of complexity around a person.

A challenge develops, whether the person is spiritually awake or not, to act and think in an appropriate way with a positive and correct perspective, this is born from the complexity of the limitations created from an energy which was once freedom. Thus restrictions are being created constantly to limit and suppress your own energies. From freedom humanity has created limitations, restrictions, complexity and challenges.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and observe your own reality and life time, have you come across or created limitations, restrictions, complexity and challenges in your reality, manifesting a multi-layered reality based on a physical perspective around you. If so begin by realising that you created this from the thoughts that you can be wrong and you can be right in your reality.

If we draw on the Creator’s perspective that we are neither wrong nor right in our realities and thought process we see we simply exist. We exist in freedom, expansive energy, creation and unity whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes. This means we have infinite possibilities in our power to create and experience. Most importantly we are able to create and experience from the truth and all knowingness within our beings.

If the mind and our thoughts are neither wrong nor right then we must look to other areas for support, guidance and security, after all when we think that our thought processes are right or wrong we can gain a great sense of security from the experience. By placing our attention and observation into our heart chakra we allow ourselves to exist from a place and well of truth. Your heart chakra is like a gateway to the Creator.

All your chakras are gateways to the Creator’s immense source of light but your heart chakra holds an innocence allowing only truth to unfold, making it a safe ground for exploration. There is an immense knowingness that evolves from the heart chakra which is different from the minds perception of right and wrong. The knowingness of the heart chakra, soul and other gateways that lead to the Creator through the heart chakra is born from simple limitless existence.

It is a feeling that everything is the perfection of the Creator, everything is as it should be and a faith in the ever flowing presence of the Creator within your being. The knowingness of the heart chakra allows from deeply guided thoughts free from judgment to arise thus creating actions and experiences that develop the experience of expansion and freedom.

When we allow ourselves to discard the thoughts of the mind focusing upon the knowingness of the heart chakra we see that complexity is replaced by simplicity, allowing your sight, awareness, understanding, perception and insights expand to reveal a meaningful reality born from the divine plan and creation of the Creator.

When we allow ourselves to be as our truth, existing and creating simplicity rather than complexity we are able to accept and experience our infinite possibilities upon the Earth at this most sacred time. It is my wish for you to understand that whether you hold a positive or negative frame of mind you are allowing yourself to open up to the immeasurable possibilities of the Earth at this time.

If a person is worrying about the end of the Earth or a catastrophe occurring, then on some level they are manifesting this but on another level they are thinking about ascension which is allowing them to be connected into the divine plan of the Creator so they receive the wisdom and insights that are needed to further their ascension. With this in mind we can understand that everyone, whether spiritual awaken and aware or not, are connecting into the energy of ascension at this time to allow the necessary experiences the soul desires and wishes to inspire.

There are many levels of wisdom and awareness to my communication which you may explore at length with me by calling upon my energy as you reread my words. I wish for you to grasp that the wonderment whether positive or negative about December 2012 is all in divine order and perfection as it is connecting each soul together as a united source of a variety of energy vibrations thus collecting together all manifestations of the Creator.

A greater unity will be experienced as well as a deeper connection with the Creator within and around, assisting in a raise in the vibration of all. The knowingness of the heart and soul we spoke of will also be magnified holding a greater role and place within the realities of all.

You may wish to adopt this affirmation as a clearing for yourself and your reality at this time,

‘I dissolve all my complex creations that are no longer needed; I choose to experience the loving and truthful simplicity of the Creator within my reality. I honour the knowingness and truth of my heart chakra. I am the Creator.’

My love is yours as always, I am here to be of service to you, to love and cherish you, to share the Creator’s bright light and divine all knowingness with you. We are infinitely one and always have been.

In truth and divine love,
Master Jesus

6 thoughts on “JESUS; You may wish to adopt this affirmation as a clearing for yourself and your reality at this time, ‘I dissolve all my complex creations that are no longer needed; I choose to experience the loving and truthful simplicity of the Creator within my reality. I honour the knowingness and truth of my heart chakra. I am the Creator.’

  1. Dear Jesus,

    Forgive me for what I am about to say, and maybe it is just that it is late and my brain is already tired, but after reading the message from AA Michael, and then Yours, about “being more simple and less complex”, I find myself feeling more stupid dense dumb illiterate and out of it than ever.
    Usually I do not have such problems understanding the deep messages from the Heavenly Hosts,
    the Arch Angels, and Ascended Masters. But now, it seems like all the information coming through is just too intensely intelligent for my pea brain.
    It makes me feel bad. I feel less now, and I know this is NOT how my Divine teachers want me to feel. Is it part of the ascension process that our brains start to turn to pudding?

    I will re-read your message until I GROK it, as I cannot allow myself to have such vital messages fly over my head at this point, not after working so hard to stay at as high a vibration as possible.

    Also, side word ti the Indian in the Machine….there is a very disturbing image of a city on the right hand side of this page, that pulsates and moves and beckons one to click on it. Each time I do, it goes to a screen that says…”cheatin huh? and that makes me nuts. Why do you have that there and why can I not get anywhere when I click on it. Any advise? Can you remove that irritating image as it makes it hard to focus on any message you post here, when this “EXPECT MAJOR EARTH CHANGES” constantly vibrates in the periphery of my eye…..
    Thanks for considering my request.

      1. Sell her a foot bath!!! And all the Games you think I played…. You played them right back . He he


      2. Kara you’re going to need to be more “oneness” to stick around here… trying different personas, personalities, all of which poke and prod, is not my idea of fun… or making jokes about the foot bath, which has assisted many to detox from the toxic world YOU CO-CREATED….. I’d rather have you to be useful and synergistic, we’re not playing games here, is that clear? Your constant cheap shots are but a mask of your own envy and insecurities… please go release somewhere before you honour us with your energy, if you are harbouring ill will.. why bite the hand that feeds you, why not choose love in return? I’m done engaging on this level with you. Love from the heart… Dieter

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