CONNECT WITH ANOTHER ONE OF OUR FELLOW INTERNET WARRIORS: 8-18-12 Bill Ballard ~ Donations ~ My Personal PayPal Account ~

Hear hear Bill…

As one we walk this world together…

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3 thoughts on “CONNECT WITH ANOTHER ONE OF OUR FELLOW INTERNET WARRIORS: 8-18-12 Bill Ballard ~ Donations ~ My Personal PayPal Account ~

  1. Isn’t that a coincidence ? nothing happened at the Olympics , no disclosure & all of a sudden you guys are desperate for money … I guess that a member of the GF has channeled on purpose the false messages about an attack on London , the disclosure of GF friends , etc to test you …You are not ‘ lightworkers ‘ , you are a bunch of lazy guys or with a narcistic behavior … Awareness is what a lot of us are experiencing , a kind of ‘ this lifestyle ‘ makes no sense … If one is a true ‘ lightworker ‘ than you share this awareness with others for free , true love is un-conditional … No one has asked you to make blogs or whatever & what kind of messages ? That you guys can change the grids , the crystal energies on this planet , that the queen is a reptilian ? She’s just a psychopath as there are many on this planet … and they were here first as like the 3 God’s , the families of ‘ gold ‘ , ‘ oil ‘ & ‘ diamants ‘ … Selfishness is what we all possess , if i can choose between a tent or a mansion at a lake filled with the finest goods , i will choose this one although i am a ‘ lightworker ‘ … The difference is that i would share respect with others , the labor with respect towards Gaia , the joy of the ‘now’ in simplicity ( a swim in the lake or ocean , a walk in the forest & some food and drinks with grace ),…Nowadays those kings& queens , ceo’s , etc are blinded by Almighty Money , a bodemless pit that can never be filled to satisfy their needs … But in the meanwhile each of us needs food , cloths , vessels and much more … A lot probably go to their jobs with an unhappy heart feeling , what they do is not realy healthy but at the present time there is no other solution … O ya , quite your job & then what ? Whistle some music in the hope that angel Michael will apeare with the key of a castle as your gift ? That a portal will be opened to the Kingdom of Heaven while you are spreading news about attacks , a kind of your personal desperate hope that it would happen … An event that would shake the whole world & a lot suddenly without jobs , money , whatever … An event that would make you less lonely or more equal with the present kings & queens , the rich & fameous … Admit guys , somebody has fooled you on purpose to bring you down to Earth again … The energy changes on Gaia are universal , it happens without our aid , the pollution is our responsablity … Some already do like the volunteers of Greenpeace , the Shepard team who are willing to risk their life to make us aware or to stop the madness , the volunteers who chain themselves at the gate of weapon industries , etc … The ingenieurs of the Keshe foundation who worked for decades in secrecy & devotion to unveil this year mindblowing technology that can change the world as we still know into an abandunce way of life for everyone … A lot are already living respectfull , only eat organic , use organic cosmetica and much more since decades and that’s the only thing that’s important on one’s walk here on Gaia … The rest the contrast to lighten you up , to recognize your true soul based on love & respect … The contrast to make you see where greed & selfishness can lead a person … Life goes on , the energy is changing & at the end still a mystery , at the end of this year like-wise … Will Gaia shift an ‘ 180° ‘ or will a lot fall in a kind of sleep again or pulled in a vortex ? Nobody knows , the importance is that one can see/feel the Kingdom of heaven inside of yourself , the Garden of Eden at first , to let go of frustations if at the present time you ain’t no millionair yourself living in a mansion or villa with big splender , drinking champagne whole day long or the boss of a big compagnie … They were the first here to arrive after their own recarnation & dreams during eons … Each of us will get the opportunity to be what he/she wanna be in the next phase or if blindness is a fact , then the next phase could be the life of a begger or poor child in Africa … Donations ? it’s still 3D money of another who still takes care of the community by doing a labor work , how can this so-called lower level suit your higher level of energy ? If you were truly on that level , you would be living in solitude somewhere in the mountains , forest , whatever , no need for money nor fame … Just to be … But we’re humans , no animals … And in this realm we chelas still need money to have a respectfull way of walking whether we like or not , even when you walk on the path of light & respect towards Gaia , yourself and the others …. Maybe you could ask your brothers of the GF for some tips , they’re afteral the ones who wanna spread endless info , isn’t it ? Some call them truly cowards because they are more false than the present elite , the face of Obama or David Rockerfeller ain’t no secret neither … Freedom of speech & thoughts , wish you the best of luck to find your own bliss … !

    1. Try this…


      First of all God asked me to be here, and so have many many souls… listen on… your words remind me of the crowds that would jeer at jesus…

      Reread the title… because of a general lack of awareness of this fundamental truth that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, which you expressed rather well, assuming that physical work is somehow superior or can even do without the spiritual … it can’t…. this is why earth is on the edge of an extinction-level event.

      Many of us are doing more than our share of spiritual work to counterbalance and hold Light energy imbalance, of a collective humanity focused on material as if it’s the end all… just like you expressed…

      People cannot determine what is awake, and what is not being awake…. and when many hear from someone who is awake, you do not realize it, and are even threatened by it.

      A big issue for planet earth… too much physical focus, and not enough spiritual…. add to the mix that we only less than 7.5% of our brains and probably even less of our hearts… so really even the overfocus on the physical will come from a place of inherent disempowerment… if your heart is not open, then you really don’t know yourself, and thus you cannot know anyone else either…

      This one link alone I have gifted here, yes even for you and yes even freely…. will alter this and many lifetimes to come, for the positive for you… I know in my heart what a big giant gift this is… in the physical world when you receive a gift you often send a gift in return… even a simple thank you is a gift in return… so is obviously a financial gift… to not even be thankful shows you do not perceive the gift, or perhaps you are the type that receives gifts all the time, and never thanks… not even God’s messenger will trigger a simple thank you… image that crowd again jeering at jesus, pleased he’s about to be nailed to the cross… oh how smug and superior they must have felt… in spite of being completely IGNORANT of what was transpiring… the gifts of jesus’ right down to his PRESENCE could not be PERCEIVED.

      Ponder this… if you cannot perceive any of this, then you haven’t perceived the gift… This is why you choose to not be supportive… This one paragraph I have gifted those who read these AA Michael’s and Sananda’s words, represents one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime for all of us… a rather large door has been cracked open… the sun is shining… when the Light streams in, some will avert their eyes, and some will adjust their eyes. Blessings or not right? It’s all in PERCEPTION and RESPONSE that REFLECTS what is inside, those with spiritual eyes will see things for as they truly are, those with solely physical eyes, will see things as they are not…

      Much love…

      1. At present, much of humanity is still broken up into separated factions but as you are seeing, the actions of those who have helped to set up and feed the lower dimensional barriers that are still keeping many from perceiving of the higher realms are being exposed and while this has been gradual up until this point, what you have seen has been setting the stage for exposures of a grand magnitude in which the truths being told now are a very small part of.

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