Indian in the machine

Dear world…  thank you those who are working diligently to bring chemtrail awareness to those who want to know, and to those who are willing to take action.  One seldom aspect of chemtrails are the fluffy sky spirits who are neutralizing the chemtrails… please laugh with me, it’s funny as heck I know… i’m still laughing even after sharing this story for many years…  that’s why I have fun with it… it’s also true… many people when shown what to look for… begin to see the sky spirits known as the sylphs, do a chemtrail cleanup… it happens again and again… so what do you have to lose to ask them for a sky demonstration except your own apathy and ignorance????… and be willing to work with them…., bring/make  “orgonite”… and all forms of ‘lifeforce’ into your collaborative spaces… sylphs will respond with their presence when you are doing something good for humanity, such as working with crystals… prayers…affirmations… etc.  Remember no one has to prove anything to you… it’s you who needs to prove you are worthy to yourself and God.   If you see a sylph munching on a chemtrail, why not take a picture and show the world that you are willing to collaborate with the sky spirits who are defeating the chemtrails… haha… gotta love it… no military effort in the entire world can defeat the giant friendly fluff balls full of love…. tell the world… Much love, Dieter (Indian in the machine)   SYLPH/CHEMTRAIL VIDS AT YOUTUBE  CHEMTRAILS AND SYLPHS ON FACEBOOK



  1. Hello Indian in the machine Dieter – I have been viewing your website for over a year and am learning much about myself and this world…and continue to learn, evolve and think more freely. I thank you for your love and return it to you now and often ! =) I also am becoming healthier due to this new mindset. I have viewed ET this year and will tell that story later. Now I am Sylph watching – here is the Sylph I saw today…one that didnt disappear shyly as I have seen others do.

  2. Hi Dieter – Here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we see a chemtrail or two on random days. I had hoped they were done spraying, but apparently they keep on spraying on a much more limited basis. However, the good news is that each time I spot a chemtrail, the sylph spirits immediately begin work. It’s been amazing to watch. Yours in Light, Astarte

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  4. Agree that sylph help us get rid of chemtrails bad effect.

    But I believe that healthy sky is not violet but vibrant light blue.

    And you should only use orgonite that shield you from the bad effect of chemtrails, the one that reduce headache, hard to breath, ringing ears, depression or any other illness usually occur during chemtrailing. And the orgonite must be able to work without programming because programming can wear off. Unless you are willing to revisit your gifted place to reprogram them every 3-6 month or so.

  5. I have been taking pictures of chemtrails since 1992 and I can say that it is much more fun working with Lord Tabor and the elementals. Thank you.

  6. Until you educated me thru your site, I always thought that these were just a part of the chemtrail that the wind had caught and blown askew. Now I smile whenever I see them. Thank you for that.

    1. You are Welcome!!! Everything in life you perceive beautiful one…. Can be twisted. It’s like making a choice between a donut or oatmeal and blueberries. It’s all in your MIND….. Pick your own REALITY and who cares what anyone else thinks. It’s your World you Create…. NAMASTE



      1. Yeah, but oatmeal and blue berries won’t make you a fat ass as quick as donuts. No matter what reality you live in.

  7. I have been getting the current events of things to come from The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond. Today they have mention of soon to be possible events to come but I’m not yet prepared for the worst if it should happen or come my way. But this is a wake up call to start Right Now.

  8. Their isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t look up in the sky. I look up to see what next are they doing. I come to this conclusion that they are for sure doing the spraying of Chemtrails late at night so no one will see. More people are aware now. When you get up in the morning, go outside look up you will see this to be the case. Right here in Duchess County Upstate NY.. Here there, don’t matter, they will proceed with the plan… To kill us all..SLOWLY …….

  9. So glad you brought this up, this morning on my way to work, i took a picture of this very strange cloud. It resembled a UFO type cloud. Every morning I go outside at 5am, I look up in the sky and see something strange.. Something is surely going on up in our sky. I take pictures all the time.

  10. And the loving Arcturians are working on mitigating the Earth changes and are helping combat the biowarfare…
    They also have cloudships…
    Amazing discoveries…amazing, wonderful times!!!
    Love to you, Dieter!

    1. I live in New York and I have been aware of this for at least five months now. When a chemtrail has been sprayed I watch the clouds move and start to surround it. I call them Angel Clouds.
      We need to thank our creator for this. He truly does amazing things for his children. He loves us so much. Thank You Mother/Father God for these blessings. I Love You:)

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