NASA JUST KEEPS LYING AND LYING: A mysterious blotch that appeared along the horizon in a photo from the surface of Mars stirred speculation about what it might be, as two hours later it was gone.

A mysterious blotch that appeared along the horizon in a photo from the surface of Mars stirred speculation about what it might be, as two hours later it was gone.

One image from the Curiosity rover as it landed on the fourth planet from the sun showed a “faint but distinctive” image on the horizon, the Los Angeles Times reported. However, a subsequent batch of images sent from the unmanned rover two hours later showed no trace of the blotch.

8 thoughts on “NASA JUST KEEPS LYING AND LYING: A mysterious blotch that appeared along the horizon in a photo from the surface of Mars stirred speculation about what it might be, as two hours later it was gone.

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  4. Its is a good argument, the dust from the impact of the crain part of the decent. I could go with that, It would be one of them tricky things if it lined up clicking away and caught thusly dust. then latter of course its gone, it settled.

    Think of the future, you go to your RV shop and buy a mars rover, launch it with the family and 6 months later have years of fun driving and discovering mars, ….. by Mattel. 🙂

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