PETER BALLARD GUIDANCE ON CANCER, FOOD, aaaaand, and this is a big and… the sacred electrum waters of the vedics, lemurians and ancients.

PETER BALLARD: The remedies for cancer and other physical ailments and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, together with our self-empowerment all appear to be connected to both diet and lifestyle.

Having been through immense shock, emotional and mental trauma and torture over these last two years I decided to change my whole life from the ground up and diet was part of that change. Many non-pharma remedies had one thing in common, that of pH. A diet of high pH (highly alkaline) food and water was the start.

The higher the pH the greater the number of electrons in the water, conversely the water around cancer cells contains little or no electrons.

Drinking bottled water with a higher pH (albeit only 7.9) proved very expensive at the detox level of 5 liters per day, plus getting water in glass bottles instead of plastic proved difficult and expensive.

I started with the obvious, water, which here contains flouride and runs at around 7.0, then put the water through a five stage reverse osmosis filter. OK thats taken most of the rubbish out of the water but, in the process of forcing the water through microscopic holes in the filtering process it gets stripped of yet more electrons and ends up with an even lower pH (more acidic).

Next, to put the pH (electrons) back into the water you can go get a water ioniser, the cheapest i could find was around $450 which is manually filled and gives a pH of around 12 – ideal as the water has already been filtered.

You could try building one yourself, there are plenty of diy-clips on utube, but in the end its much cheaper to buy one, the platinum coated titanium anodes cost a fortune, as does a decent pH meter, so even if you are handy with the electrics and DIY it still costs more to buy the parts. (assuming you would like it “on tap” and not to have to leave it over-night)

Next I run the water over spheres to re-align the water molecule structure then “inject” solfeggio frequencies into the water together with powerful mantras from the Nath Yogis of the Himalayas, add pink Himalayan salt, coloured light from special bulbs, add various healing crystals and Flower of Life images, and colloids of home-made silver and gold, thus re-creating the sacred electrum waters of the vedics, lemurians and ancients. This whole process takes around an hour for 10 liters (1 day for two people).

A very good (and quick) way to instantly increase the pH of your water is to add a teaspoon of pure Bicarbonate of soda to your glass (not the baking soda – that contains wheat flour and chemicals). This increased my water from pH7 to around 9 and is used as an effective treatment for cancer although it doesnt come close to filtered & ionised water and is more a “medicine” than a food, it is at least a readily available inexpensive method.

Turmuric is another huge cancer fighting power ingredient, try to source good quality organic turmeric and use it by the spoonful in your food.

Iodine is another wonder-non-drug found in abundance in seaweed (nori). If you are going through chemo-”therapy” this will prove a Godsend. Make shushi-Nori, you can sprinkle dried nori on salads or use instead of salt as a seasoning, or re-hydrate and use in salads or cooking.

Going RAW is by far the most benificial thing I have found. At first I tried a 50/50 balance between raw and cooked but the cooked food very quickly (5 days) lost its appeal both in taste and in the very obvious energy difference. Its much easier than you think. All you need to do is go sprout your own seeds and make a decent salad dressing. One multi-tier sprouter can support two adults round the clock every day (we have 2 salads per day, 7days). Also a tip is not to buy the small packets of so-called “sprouting seeds”, you can sprout many seeds by the sack full just make sure they are organic.

The sprouted seeds can then be mixed with carrot, broccoll, cauliflower, nuts, seeds (make sure you soak the nuts and seeds first to activate the germination process and turbo-boost the energy kick), beans, cale, seaweed etc etc etc

The important thing about going raw is the flavourings, I make my own flavor oil by very gentle warming a panful of organic pressed olive oil with plenty of herbs, then leaving it to go cool before sieving and re-bottling. The woody herbs such as thyme or rosemary seem to work well for this, as does whole smashed garlic cloves. Once you have the different oils you can then quickly make a dressing by adding rice-wine vinegar (or lemon/lime) mustard and raw honey.

Pasta and rice can be replaced by using courgette strips or blitzed cauliflower. You can make cold stir fries by adding sesame oil, ginger, garlic and chilli as a dressing. Bread can be replaced using sprouted seed bread.

Then the real miracle… you automatically hate the taste of butter, cheese, eggs etc they actually begin to taste rancid. The salt intake goes down dramatically because you are not seasoning hot food. Wheat bread and pasta just dissappears, you cant take coffee or tea anymore, as does sugar and chocolate. Eating anything animal or diary based simply vanishes without even trying.

If you want to grow your own food to get the maximum life-force “hit” nothing can really beat raw sprouted seeds, but another good way is “micro-salad”, especially if you dont have the land to be self-sustaining. Go get a heap of roof guttering or trays, sprinkle a little compost in them 1/2 inch, then heavily sprinkle the seeds in and wait until they are 2 to 3 inches high (around 1-2 weeks depending on the seed) then trim them off with scissors as and when you need them. Rotate the crop so you always have a fresh batch. All the seeds you use for sprouting can be used for microsalad, and some others like corriander taste really great. A 6 feet piece of land / greenhouse / windowsill or balcony with these stacked could go a long way to self-sustaining food production.

All these methods are very good for cancer and many other physical ailments in combination with lifestyle – spending time in nature under sun-light, dumping the old ways of always chasing the illusion of money, cutting their cunningly placed cords and being free. You feel AMAZING and ENERGIZED after eating this food and drinking the electrum water. Emotionally the fears and worry simply evaporate, you become more focused with a greater clarity of vision, feeling fitter and healthier than you can remember (I lost 2 jeans sizes and two top sizes, from an extra-large to large to medium, and 38″ to 32″ in just 5 weeks, perminant). Meditation is much easier and the battle between mind chatter and meditation much less.

Go give it a try yourself, the time is most definately now, don’t cling to their old sinking boat, let go and swim yourselves. Its 90% mind power and 10% positive action so empower yourself with your own health and well-being, dont give it all away to a doctor, a hosptial, a therapist, a healer or a guru. By all means take their advice but try not to Depend on them, your best healer is You, and remember, all physical ailments and injuries are manifestations of previous emotional injury, so the first part of the healing process is to forget chasing the blame-tail, the anger-tail, the regret-tail in your head, and to realize this is all an illusion projected by your ego-self, and move on to forgiveness, then to a Love like you never knew existed.

Love & Light
Peter Ballard


(Thanks Peter… feel free to add ongoing commentary here…. we’re learning from you. 😉

3 thoughts on “PETER BALLARD GUIDANCE ON CANCER, FOOD, aaaaand, and this is a big and… the sacred electrum waters of the vedics, lemurians and ancients.


    I Choose Love ~ Shawn Gallaway



    Click here for the global heart focus on Olympic symbols at 9pm UK time each day this week

    I am always being asked the question: ‘What can we do?’ Well, this weekend I am launching something with fantastic potential that we can do together without even necessarily moving from your chair. It is easy, simple, has endless personal benefits for those who take part, and will literally change the world if enough people get involved and dedicate just 20 minutes a day. The more that we do this the better, but I am asking for at least 20 minutes a day for Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference.

    We have the power, more than the power, to bring down the vibrational prison walls if we understand even the basics of how it all works. The Control System is not structured by accident to generate incoherent heart energy and low vibrational thought and emotion such as fear, stress, anger, frustration and depression. This is done to maintain humanity in a low-vibrational, incoherent state, that generates the energy they want, enslaves people in close-minded ignorance and … here’s the big one … projects a constant supply of imbalanced and chaotic low-vibrational electromagnetic energy into the Earth’s atmosphere.

    HAARP and connecting radiation technologies are also being used to further suppress and imbalance the resonance of that energy ‘sea’ and therefore manipulate the fish – humans – into those same low-vibrational states. This creates a feedback loop as people are influenced by the energy ‘sea’ into incoherent states and then feed these patterns back into the ‘sea’ to further empower its negative influence. We have to break that circuit and transform the individual and collective energy field from the incoherence that the Control System depends upon to the coherence and harmony that will set us individually and collectively free. We can manifest energetic harmony from the manipulated chaos. We will do this if enough people get involved with Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference.

    We want millions, tens of millions and more.

    People would be amazed if they knew the impact that humans are having on the Earth energy field minute by minute. Technology can now measure this and great spikes occur in the Earth’s energetic state when there is a global reaction to something such as 9/11. Obviously, the fear and emotion generated by the 9/11 attacks would have suited the goals of the conspirators, but we can have an incredible impact on opening the Earth’s energy field to the love, peace and harmony that will bring down the house of cards that depends on imbalance and incoherence for its very survival.

    This is a new section of the website, Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference, which offers the opportunity at 9.30pm UK time every day for a global connection of hearts and minds to send love, peace and harmony (coherent energy) into the collective field. Every day we will post a picture to aid that focus. It might be an image of the Earth, the ocean, Tripoli, or an individual that requires healing and harmony in the face of the onslaught of evil and chaos.

    I am also encouraging people all over the world in every town, city, village and community to step forward as organisers of groups and gatherings of people willing to come together regularly to connect their energy fields and project love, peace and harmony into the atmosphere. The more that come together the better. We also need massive gatherings organised at known ‘sacred sites’ which are perceived as ‘sacred’ because they are located at major vortex points where the planetary impact is much greater. We now have a section of the forum specifically for people to communicate and organise these groups and gatherings which really only need a place and a time.

    I also make an appeal to those that are increasingly going out on the streets to protest at what is happening. It is good that people are demanding that their voice be heard, but we have to be streetwise here. If the protests are angry, aggressive and hostile they are doing exactly what the manipulators want – producing still more of the energy on which they depend. Imagine the power of replacing stand up angry protests with sit-down silent focus where thousands join their hearts together and send out the energy of love and peace which has been measured to be five thousand times more powerful than anger and resentment. Instead of shouting slogans or abuse at the authorities and police, we just sit down in great numbers and silently focus on the heart to send out love, peace and harmony. The impact would be amazing.

    The heart is the centre of everything – consciousness, health, emotional balance and so much more. This is why the heart is the constant target of the Control System.

    We are the power in everyone,

    We are the dance of the Moon and the Sun.

    We are the hope that will never hide.

    We are the turning of the tide.

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