INVISIBLE soldier caught on video


6 thoughts on “INVISIBLE soldier caught on video

  1. Quite interesting, knowlege of climbing on that type of tank, getting in the pron position on the tank and not climbing in it. would the questions be…. it is not us military as they are hidding from their own troops aswell. the tank is their for the best place to hide from investigateing guns searching the area. I would hazzard a guess that what we are seeing is not us military. it is something else. maybe spy from other country causeing disent. I see no firearm, if a us military officer was patrolling in PREDA|TOR cam, they would carry a death device like a mac10 in a same Pcamo case.

    If I was a spy and needed to gain access to the green base to disrobe then maybe this is a way they mossad has taken to get inside.

    Again I don’t think it is US as would not the person have entered the Humvee when it arrived? you got to see beyond the image and into the opperation of the backing to such a japanese made cloth for an insergent tasked with playing both sides. keeping the need fed for staying in a false senario.

    the black black opp stuff.

    Just thinking out loud…………..

    1. Maybe he or she wanted to talk with the people in the tank. Jumping up on a tank in a war zone when mines are going off and sticking you face in the hatch isn’t the safest thing to do, unless you know the people inside.

      When I had the close encounter with the 3 foot diameter GFL probe at the school play ground on the south edge of Indian Wells, NV when I was doing a sky watch there after midnight during a contact initiative with the Tall Whites. I had trouble getting a good look at it. It looked like the middle section of video above when the person was half visible.

      If I go ahead with this security training with super soldiers that I’ve located, some of whom may have already been off planet, I might be able to find out more information about these types of technology.

      1. The burns that I sustained in the fire that I was in when I was working in the mountains between my February and April trips up to the natural spaceport formation, were worse than I originally thought. There’s going to be some permanent scarring on one hand, though fortunately no impairment.

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