Canadian Man dives through a chemtrail, and lives to tell his story, but still in shock

Canadian Man dives through a chemtrail, and lives to tell his story, but still in shock  


So why is it if a person poisons you on the ground, they can be charged with a crime… but if they spray the same poison in the air, as chemtrails… they get raises, bonuses, promotions, and other perks of the job…. oh yeah and of course freedom from trial, no arrests… no ongoing public investigation… how far does the chemtrail rabbit hole go?  Are politicians getting special perks “to look the other way”… while forests die, oceans are radiated, weather patterns and storms are altered, and babies burn?  They probably get paid $100’s thousands a year, paid for by your taxes, to watch you slowly die, while pretending to be “agents of change that you can believe in”… most but not all, lap it up… it’s enough… they’ve found leadership who will look away too, and it feels right.

Still the awakening continues… and at some point one may ask. “where is the public outrage, as chemtrails alter everything on earth and destroy all live as we know it?”

The lack of public reaction makes Red Deer skydiver Jason Murphy all the more of a hero… not only is he educating the fluoridated masses towards chemtrails… he actually has skydived through a chemtrail, and has lived to tell his story.

I’m still shocked that I was actually in a chemical-trail cloud….it burned to breathe in, I had a headache and felt a notch dumber for the rest of the day. The RCMP won’t investigate a crime that I tasted in the sky, they’ve been given orders to not do their jobs, the RCMP is a criminal organization.

 it’s pretty hard to describe with words….I’ve been in natural clouds before, they didn’t burn to breathe….It was like something out of the movies, we exited the plane and stabilized then I saw we were going straigh towards a chemical-cloud and it must have been around 11,000 feet or so the burning started and was worst while I was in the chemical-cloud, as soon as we got through it the burning started to go away….I had a pretty good headache for the rest of the day and felt a little dumber then usual.

RED DEER SKYDIVER FLIES THROUGH A CHEMTRAIL: “my nose and throat started burning like breathing in sulfur…”

Indian in the machine: I’m posting this because I to have come up with chemtrail sickness in the past and I can see the regular spraying of toxins, altering all life on earth as we know it.  I too am still shocked that chemtrails continue…  I am shocked that so few people can attempt a take over of the planet, literally poisoning everything in sight… I suppose they believe they are “special”…. perhaps they feel they are the “chosen ones”…  hang tight… as no evil, no matter how special you think your brand of evil is,  will not be allowed on this planet after 2012… we’re entering the golden age… we’re actually leaving a evil age… still some folks can’t get over themselves…. yes the meek are inheriting the earth and yes “jesus” has returned… it’s been 2000 years and that’s when he said he would return. You may wish to meet him. the man history has called “jesus”….. 

when it comes to chemtrails…. ignorance is not an excuse… especially when you’ve been on this webpage…

Chemtrails are now in literally EVERYTHING… have you noticed yet? – Indian in the machine

Is their entire political system infected with people who secretly agree to take over the world, and to cover each other’s asses, and has it been that way over the last 12000 years?

28 thoughts on “Canadian Man dives through a chemtrail, and lives to tell his story, but still in shock

  1. If it’s a government program as many assume, then the planning for the cover up was already built into it before they rolled it out.

    It shouldn’t be cost prohibitive in time or money for citizenry advocacy groups to run the tests needed for prosecution and litigation. The spraying is occurring in non restricted airspace. Light planes and sky divers can obtain air samples in chem trail plumes for laboratory analysis. Once they determine what they consist of, they can set up the quality control provisions for a credible study. These procedures can then be rolled out globally for others to use on an as needed basis until the problem is corrected.

    1. Video Caption:

      “The SPIN AIR air sampler family is comprised by handy, compact, user-friendly microbiological air samplers. These devices enable air sampling by pushing accurate volumes of air against a Petri Dish. Unlike other air sampling devices, SPIN AIR and Spin AIR BASIC instruments work with a unique spinning system that enables usage of the entire agar surface of the loaded Petri dishes. Small, light, and even suited for outdoor sampling (using a battery) these instruments provide the ultimate microbiological air sampling tool.”

      Video Caption:

      “Tutorial on history of rocketry from Greeks through end of 19th century. Roughly parallels the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Aerospace Education Module 4.”

      1. “In law, a class action, a class suit, or a representative action is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court and/or in which a class of defendants is being sued. Class actions are commonly referred to as class action suits; however, this phrase is redundant as the historical distinction between “actions” at law and “suits” in equity is no longer recognized. This form of collective lawsuit originated in the United States and is still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon. However, in several European countries with civil law, as opposed to the Anglo-American common law system, changes have been made in recent years that allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of large groups of consumers. …”

        Source –

  2. The photos are interesting as I was not sure what to look for. I did not think SAskatoon would be a target or Red Deer either! This is very hard to believe this can be happening, but in the last few months I have been alerted to this many times…..

    1. Douglas Taylor from Regina, most trolls are lacking something that the people they bother, have… courage… readers… an open heart… people who listen to them, a sharing spirit etc.

      Must suck to be so attracted to people, you can’t show any support, or love for…. weird.

      Be well, and good luck with that, Dieter

      1. I have looked at your site many times and I like all the information you have and give… It is a real shame that this is being done…Both of my dog’s are sick and I think it is the Ethylene Di Bromide that I have read about…I used to use weed killer, but after investigating numerous sites I found out about this… It was one of the Ingredients of the weed and grass killer I purchased in the U.S. No more weed spray for me…I really hope my Dog’s get better…A lot of people I see are also sick…A real Shame it is… Thanks for the Information you give…

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