the public is always the last to know decades later…



Please add your ongoing research to the comments section below….

Possible clone characteristics:

– Emptiness in the eyes (like no one is home… this can also be seen in those who are simply highly mind-controlled among other reasons).

-Robotic… very plastically…  https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/shocking-ed-miliband-video-is-this-man-highly-programmed-or-what/

-Programmed speech (like politicians who do not talk to the public, or those who allowed to speak freely)… *When is the last time your politician in high office is allowed candid non-censored moments with the public?

-Anyone who has a handler… that person could either be mind-controlled, or a clone.

-Changes in facial features that cannot be explained by the usual plastic surgery excuse.

-Rapid aging.  *Keep in mind with the radiation from Japan spreading around the world, many are rapidly ageing…. but i mean.. extreme rapid ageing.

-Unable to be left alone (Many clones are not usually allowed to be alone with anyone from the public, or those not in the knowing).

The most common place to see the clones. (and let’s not forget those who are also bred from special dna hybrid programs)?  Hollywood…movies, cnn… fox…. world leaders… modelling…. actors… entertainers,  sports, popular and/or highly influential luciferian cults… anywhere where there is a person of influence… keep in mind these programs have already existed for half a century at least, in highly funded projects, and much longer in quieter circles.

Recommended research: Stepford Wives David Icke Forum… over 700 pages of “stepford wives” for you to learn discernment.

JOIN Donald Marshall ON FACEBOOK:  the clones are erratic,… easily confused… eyes sensitive to light, startled easy and extremely jumpy around loud sudden noises…

What to do when you suddenly find out you are controlled by an army of clones?

Creator Source has allowed the clones to continue, so that humans can learn from the experience… and now the situation is drastically changing for the better.   Basically it’s time to welcome our extraterrestrial star family to our surface, to assist us to bring balance back into the surface of our planet.  We can do so with peace in our heart… and love for all… even those who trespass against us… there’s no payoff to fear, but more fear… so let’s continue to know, because we are coming into God knowing… with love for all… even clones… we thank all for the lessons… as we create an alternative reality… a reality where each human and all beings are each in control of our individual and collective destinies.  Specifically clarify with Source on this matter… what improvements to the situation would you want to share.

If you feel there is no way out… God/Light/Source is ALWAYS a way out…. in troubled times, always imagine yourself and the planet surrounded in Golden White Restorative and Protective Light…. join your being with the Golden White Light grid of the planet.  😉 …take action and keep rising in your power. 😉

As we further cleanse ourselves of all harmful energies that are not serving us, I invite you to read the inspiring Sananda messages…  Sananda is the Supreme Commander of  Project Transition Earth.

In spirit…in transition…in service…   Dieter (Indian in the machine)


  1. I have been experimenting on how to tell who is a clone. My methodology involves the use of a Pendulum. Get or make one and once you know how to use ask a Yes or No question like :”is XXX a clone?” or : “is the original of XXX still alive?” You might be really surprised. I want to get good enough to be able to look at some one and tell. It involves more intensive training. I sell pendulums on my etsy store of you don’t know where to get one. I’ve asked of some major leaders and entertainers and ever big corporate types. I’m shocked!



  2. So I’m curious. You posted this:
    “Donald Marshall ON FACEBOOK: the clones are erratic,… easily confused… eyes sensitive to light, startled easy and extremely jumpy around loud sudden noises…”

    Yet Donald claims that musical performances such as Beyonce at the Super Bowl was her clone performing. So if the clone is all those things, why would they put it in a situation where it could malfunction and expose everything? And don’t give me that “The Illuminati wants people to know what they’re doing so they can be overthrown” BS, cause that’s just stupid.

    Also Donald said on Facebook about Paul Walker “Donald Marshall: met him at the cloning center many times, he was going to talk, the Illuminati killed him.”

    Now why did Donald not mention that BEFORE Paul Walker died? Much like the “time traveler” Tila Tequila all his predictions are POST, never before. He could’ve said “someone is getting ready to talk fast and quite furious about the cloning centers” as a hint as to what happened, but no, it’s “oh yeah, he was totally going to confirm what I have been saying” after the guy was dead. Do you seriously believe that?

    So 2 simple questions for you to answer (or delete and ban me like Donny and Tila have done).
    1. Why do they put erratic behaving clones out in public (where they surprisingly don’t break down)
    2. Why doesn’t Donny tell about something BEFORE it happens. (and not like Tila’s predictions of “omg something major is going to happen in 2014” No shit. Or Donny’s favorite prediction “The Queen is going to die” No kidding, the 87 year old woman might die, does that mean I can predict my 92 year old Grandfather doesn’t have much time either? SMH

    1. 1, The technology isn’t perfect…. like a photocopy of a photocopy.

      2. He banned me too when I mentioned the Phoenix Journals…. nuff said…. they allow him to live for a reason… he confuses the matter.

      1. I understand the technology isn’t perfect, still doesn’t explain why they would risk exposing themselves for no reason but I’m guessing you’re one of the people who believe that they’re trying to leave clues to expose themselves because they want to get caught cause ruling the world in secret for thousands of years just isn’t enough, they want to be “torn limb from limb” as Donny claims will happen.

        So you’re quoting someone who happily bans people that question him as gospel truth. Just an FYI, people who ban others for questioning them (like Tila Fake Tequila) are usually the liars and the banning is because they don’t want you waking people up to their con.

        Donny got mad at me cause I asked once why he didn’t make a backup when Tila supposedly e-mailed him and in those e-mails he said she confirmed everything he’s said. He didn’t take screenshots, pictures, save, anything. Here’s a guy who’s supposedly been tortured daily and punished for trying to expose them and he gets proof and he just leaves it sitting online so the people that project his consciousness thousands of miles away can access it and delete it. Does that make sense? Of course not. Just like his “they torture me until I write them songs, then I write them songs” No one would do that. After the first time, he would just write the songs because no one would allow themselves to be tortured each time when they know they’re going to cave and do what their torturer demands. They would figure out that they’re weak willed and cave each time, so why on earth would they resist at the start EVERY TIME and then cave after they’ve been tortured. That makes 0 sense. But then again this is a man who every day for the last 3 years has said “omg my heart has taken so much pain that I could die any minute and I probably won’t last long anymore” Yet year by year goes by and no medication is needed to aid with any problems despite his self diagnosed weak heart.

        But yeah, this is the guy you quote as gospel because he’s provided 0 proof. I understand hoping to find someone who believes what you do, but seriously, lol, look for some sort of proof first.

  3. Well one thing is for sure.I know one human faction who won’t have a problem with human clones intermingling with so-called,”real human beings!”I’am of course speaking of the international Raelian movement based in France.They may also have a problem with all the negative things your saying about human cloning.Always assuming the worst of any human cloning situation or nothing ever good could come of human cloning by non-Raelians reading these words.I remeber once the grays were portrayed as a dying advanced ET race.That furthered their development through cloning technology and essentially took ascension out as a option for them.Which lead to their extinction in the Stargate-SG-1 TV series.

  4. Hey Indian In The Machine! I like you brother. Namaste. Thanks for being on the planet at this time! 🙂

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