Hello Son,
The Way Forward

I am Jesus and greet again and all you readers.

There is impatience in some of you as you all expect so much in such a small space of time. But we remind you that until you all reach a collective consciousness that is positive, the stages of Ascension can only take place then.

But many are going through this phase yet some are still accepting the coming of the event. No matter not, we do accept it is an incredible year with so much happening from all fronts.

We do not discriminate between those who are on the spiritual path or further down the same path. The important thing is you all believe and belief is the force that will get you where you are going. This is the way forward for all of you.

We continue to inspire you and guide you subconsciously, without you knowing. Your higher consciousness knows what messages to send the body and where to look for knowledge or news.

The next energy day will be on sixth of June, but this does not mean you wait until then for something to happen. You are the key to all actions of the world and some things can be accelerated by being positive and making good decisions. When you feel good about something inside, then it certainly is.

We have advised you yesterday to record your experiences, small or large; it does matter in your meditations. The biggest leap along the path is being successful in your meditations and witness things that the Creator wants everybody to see.

We remind you when you meditate, sit in silence and reach the point when thoughts become less and less. Have a focus, it could be a garden or even sitting in the presence of the Divine Creator; keep this focus for as long as you can. Let thoughts come and go but do not feed on these thoughts by analysing them. This is natural and there will be some thoughts going through your mind, but let them pass by.

Now keep focusing as long as you can; images will flash for a split second or scenes. When you have finished write them down and analyse a week later.

Try to meditate when you will not be disturbed, for instance early hours of the morning and late at night. But do not give up, as in a meditative state the body rejuvenates and there are plenty of bonuses for meditating.

Try to stay away from events/things/people that make you too emotional, as this will drain your mind and energy. Then you will not be able to meditate.

Let this be a guide for you and others alike and may the Creator grant you the patience to be successful in everything that you do.

I am Jesus and am praying that your path is easier and that you all find the happiness and love. I bid you farewell.
Message from Jesus
Channelled by Shazi
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