Map of Concentration Camps in the USA: are you going to pick out your new home, or free yourself?: “Folks we are in a full-blown police state complete with Gulags and non-stop construction of yet more places to detain yet more Americans. If you think this is somehow necessary you’ve either been brainwashed or you are incredibly stupid.”

Map of Concentration Camps in the USA… are you going to pick out your new home, or free yourself?

AMERICA HAS TURNED INTO ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE: Folks we are in a full-blown police state complete with Gulags and non-stop construction of yet more places to detain yet more Americans. If you think this is somehow necessary you’ve either been brainwashed or you are incredibly stupid.

need pics to convince you that you’ve been sleeping?


20 thoughts on “Map of Concentration Camps in the USA: are you going to pick out your new home, or free yourself?: “Folks we are in a full-blown police state complete with Gulags and non-stop construction of yet more places to detain yet more Americans. If you think this is somehow necessary you’ve either been brainwashed or you are incredibly stupid.”

  1. Why aren’t Indian reservations through out this country considered Concentration Camps and Gulag’s?When is their day of liberation from euroamerica?The same for Tibet and its unwanted presence of China.There are still Gulags and concentration camps out their full of people.Who are tortured and beaten for expressing themselves that is contrary to the state.Why has big money and the mainstream media blocking that out?

  2. I personally sent love and light and healing to Obama in hope he could feel and sense his own brainwashing !!! Was this HIS plan? Is this not what Hitler did? This is disgusting….and what is it all for? Destruction????????? I was informed by a shaman that an anti-Christ would appear…… I would like to believe that if this ruler believes he can repeat history in HiS “plan”… That he will be laughed at, and outcasted!! Ha— if he attempts to do this, the only place he will be sitting in is his gated pedestal in his OWN camp. Nonsense and shame on him!!! He needs his own personal Shaman or personal Jesus… He needs help.

  3. Why print this garbage of fear? I don’t like it! Don’t we believe what the Ascended Masters have been telling us? That the Illuminati have had their day? That the camps will be used for them? (which I don’t think is a real positive thought, in itself) That slyphs are eating the chemtrails? That there is no Armageddon, only positive events? That earth changes will be continually happening but no pole shift? Please, please help us to keep positive!

  4. “Hey, you are stupid and brainwashed and, oh by the way.. I really do love you.” ? Really? No. Not really. Fear is within me? How can you be so sure? Because, I had the audacity to point out that telling someone they are stupid and brainwashed can generate a painful and fearful response in them? Or are we dealing with egoism?

  5. Out of curiousity who were the good folk who went door to door In new orleans at the time of katrina confiscating firearms from the homeowners were left defensless against the thugs.

    1. You can take down a bear with a single bolt from a quality compound cross bow. And hold a 3 or 4 inch pattern at 100 yards with one that’s scoped. I don’t agree with taking away peoples guns temporarily, but it doesn’t hurt to have plan B.

      I’ve got two pistols and a shotgun with me in my truck at this time, and around 400 rounds of ammo.

      Just because that story was on Alex Jones doesn’t mean that it was what he made it out to be. He has been known to get more than a little carried away at times.

    2. “Controversy arose over a September 8 city-wide order by New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass to local police, National Guard troops, and US Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. “No one will be able to be armed,” Compass said. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.” Seizures were carried out without warrant, …

      a lawsuit was filed September 22 by the NRA and SAF on behalf of two firearm owners whose firearms were seized. On September 23, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana issued a restraining order to bar further firearms confiscations.[77]

      After refusing to admit that it had any seized firearms, the city revealed in mid-March that it did have a cache of some 1000 firearms seized after the hurricane; this disclosure came after the NRA filed a motion in court to hold the city in contempt for failure to comply with the U.S. District Court’s earlier order to return all seized firearms. On April 14, 2006, it was announced that the city will begin to return seized firearms, however as of early 2008, many firearms were still in police possession, and the matter was still in court.[77] The matter was finally settled in favor of the NRA in October 2008. Per the agreement, the city was required to relax the strict proof of ownership requirements previously used, and was to release firearms to their owners with an affidavit claiming ownership and a background check to verify that the owner is legally able to possess a firearm.[80]

      Louisiana legislator Steve Scalise introduced Louisiana House Bill 760, which would prohibit confiscation of firearms in a state of emergency, unless the seizure is pursuant to the investigation of a crime, or if the seizure is necessary to prevent immediate harm to the officer or another individual. On June 8, 2006, HB 760 was signed into law.[81] 21 other states joined Louisiana in enacting similar laws. A federal law prohibiting seizure of lawfully held firearms during an emergency, the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006, passed in the House with a vote of 322 to 99, and in the Senate by 84-16. The bill was signed into law by President Bush on October 9, 2006.”

      Source –

      “He resigned as Chief of Police on September 27, 2005.[1] Compass, who earlier said he was organizing a tribunal to handle the cases of 249 officers who left their posts without permission during Hurricane Katrina[2], did not give any reason for his resignation. Compass’s resignation followed a few days after an emergency injunction was handed down, prohibiting him “from confiscating lawfully-possessed firearms from citizens … “[3] His actions subsequently led to the passage of the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act. …

      Compass has declared that he was actually forced to resign his post.”

      Source –

      It looks like it will never happen again, and was an illegal abuse of authority, without justification, by an irresponsible city employee from a very criticised police department. 1,000 guns sound likes a lot, but in a city the size of New Orleans, it was only a small percentage, and was discontinued quickly.

  6. Whatever the U.S govt brings upon the peoples Terranstarcaptain their betting against the odds if and when they decide to go all the way into the one world govt several countries are all ready In it’s now a matter of time as we know it.Last minute attempts they are known for, I hear a staged fake alien Invasion is also near.Sometimes things have to be dealt with when they arise to the occasion.The consciousness is changing all over the globe something the ILLUMINATI no longer has control over as In we are taking the universe back within ourselves

    1. I’m all for expanding our consciousness of the galaxy and universe by everyone having an opportunity to travel on ships freely and seeing what it’s really like.

      Anythings possible as far as this nwo stuff goes. I don’t think that it’s probable though, and I don’t live in fear of it or build my life around it.

  7. How anyone can read that small print and I couldn’t figure out any way to blow it up is beyond me. However, I recently over heard some guys talking about this in a coffee shop and it seems that the one supposedly built outside of Kansas City is actully the old munitions base housing at Eudora, KS. It has been abandoned since the end of the Viet Nam war. I saw it a few years back and it was a bunch of falling down shacks. I seemed to remember a news paper article about the buildings being demolished. If that is what they are calling a camp, i’d like to see how they think people could exist in it. I mean seriously, the roofs had caved in and walls were bulging out and that was many years ago. If they built something on that site I have not heard about it and I think we would have. I might take a ride over there one weekend soon to see if that i what they are talking about. I’d sooner think they would use the old air base here in Topeka. There are a lot of well maintained buildings there. I really have a problem with the whole idea that these camps are for any thing other than a place to help in a time of need. It sure would have been nice to have had a place to put people in dire need in Katrina. If FEMA learned something from what happened in New Orleans, wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing. Even to have a place to open for help after some of these massive tornadoes would be good. People who work for FEMA are the same kind of people that work for the government here in Topeka. Just your everyday hard working honest Joes and Judys. I would love to think this is a result of what happened during and after Katrina. We all vowed that it would not be as bad again as we were caught with our pants down. I prefet to believe there are a lot of good people doing this.

  8. The Russians, Swiss and others can purportedly put large segments of their population in under ground shelters in an emergency. The British used their subway system for civil defense during the second world war. The Germans had many survivors in underground shelters in Dresden during the fire bombing.

    I haven’t studied FEMA camps that closely, it wouldn’t surprise me if they exist. They could be misused, but there’s little history of that in the U.S.. What happened to some Indians and Japanese where isolated incidents, unless you where an Indian or Japanese caught up in it at the time.

    If they were needed in an emergency, and weren’t available, there would be a lot of finger pointing. So it’s a catch 22, the government will be criticised one way or the other. If they are misused, the people responsible for it would need to be held accountable, and the misuse stopped.

    There are 400 million guns in the U.S., that’s a deterrent to this type of misuse of these types of camps not only in the U.S., but Canada and Mexico as well. I seriously doubt that it would ever get to that.

  9. Addendum: In no way am I saying that the FEMA facilities are not real. I am saying unnecessary fear is counter intuitive.

      1. I have no fear of this. Went through it and let it go months ago… Food for thought: Is this what you were really trying to say? “Folks we are in a full-blown police state complete with Gulags and non-stop construction of yet more places to detain yet more Americans. If you think this is somehow necessary you’ve either been brainwashed or you are incredibly stupid.” Do you want to wake people up BY fear or FROM fear through love? I don’t do a lot of posting. I talk to people, face to face. I see their reactions, feel their reactions rippling from them. I can tell you, from experience, that reciting the quote above would instill fear, anger, betrayal, etc. “You are either brainwashed or stupid?” Does that speak of unconditional love to you? Does that teach someone it is possible to create from a place of peace? Or might it generate anger and fear, unnecessarily, from which one must recover? The experience and resonance from the experience and emotions held from the experience DO matter and provide the basis for the wisdom gained.

      2. Who brought up the fear? You did, because it’s within you.

        If someone is brainwashed and someone else points it out, is that fear? No.

        If someone points out that someone else has been brainwashed or incredibly stupid, could it be unconditional love? Yes.

        If the house you are in, is burning, and your neighbour tells you, are they bringing fear?

        If someone blames someone else for their fear, is that fear? Yes.

  10. The Maine FEMA camp does not exist. I live outside of Bangor and my ex-husband lives in Houlton, Maine (where the “FEMA facility is rumored to be) and our 3 children live with him part-time. This facility in question, which was is in ruins and has no work done on it to update, whatsoever. My point? There is a tremendous amount of fear being spread, for a specific purpose. Fear is food for these whatever-you-want-to call-them. Let’s not feed them any more than they take on a daily basis. If we are Creators of our reality, which I know to be true, this post could be counter-intuitive to Golden Age Creation.


    1. What do you know about Golden Age Creation anyway… we haven’t as a Country even begun to understand what concentration camp really means. American Indians were murdered and put in Concentration camps not that long ago. This has never truthfully been addresesd because we still have reservations, and why not continure the trend since no one cares at least not the ones who go to the stil functiong boys club the cremation of care. And there are over 6 million homeless poeple in America right now what are you doing to help others. Our media doesn’t give a sh…. or does our celebrates… we are still to self oriented to think that the Earth might just loose it one day. The Earth must be tired of cleaning up after our greedy lust for power. How about the Navy given freedom to experiment on you and I until 2015, man come on, or our new plasma experiments in our skys…How about DNA maniputlation and a dead Pineal glands in your brain because of being brain washed forever. No that isn’t really happening. what I am saying is Americans can’t handle the truth of poverty or any thing.. this is my awareness and the golden age will not be realized by those who cannot see that we need to bring awareness to reservation, concentration camps, poverty and such. Create new jobs….

      1. The Indians in the U.S. are the second largest land owner behind the the U.S. Government. The ones west of the Mississippi retained a lot more land than the ones east of the Mississippi.

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