HERE IS A SIMPLIFIED LIST OF MONSANTO OWNED COMPANIES TO AVOID. Only 1 page to print and carry while shopping.


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Bill Gates: One of the World’s Most Destructive Do-Gooders?

by Beyond The Curtain

Dr. Mercola

COMMENTDr. Mercola has been the latest among many credible voices to sound an important note of alarm at the pace and scope of the Gates Foundation and Monsanto-led effort to push genetically modified crops on the developing worldunder the cover of philanthropy, enabling a hostile Corporate takeover to monopolize global and regional industries all while posing as a savior with false solutions that endanger our world. To stress the importance and depth of this issue, we have added numerous other vital links on this topic. We know our efforts can put pressure on the market to make organic foods and products available, when we vote with our dollars. Perhaps with enough education and support, we can win on the labeling issue and even outright bans to stop this madness.

Gates’ latest plan is to try to end world hunger by growing more genetically modified (GM) crops.

He’s already invested $27 million into Monsanto Company—leading some countries to reject his charity due to the high risks, such as:

  • New disease vectors
  • Mutated pesticide-resistant insects
  • Resistant “superweeds”
  • Contamination of surrounding non-GM crops

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We already know how deeply entrenched the U.S. government has become with Monsanto.

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45 thoughts on “HERE IS A SIMPLIFIED LIST OF MONSANTO OWNED COMPANIES TO AVOID. Only 1 page to print and carry while shopping.

  1. ” Transatlantic trade deal secretly pushed amidst the NSA scandal

    A major threat to global sovereignty is being pursued in near silence, as the NSA-Snowden story dominates the headlines. The Transatlantic trade partnership between the E.U. and U.S. is edging closer to completion, as a new regulatory regime is being developed to control trade deals throughout the world. ……..
    “While the idea of a Transatlantic Common Market can be seen as far back as 1948 in the global security integration of NATO, it first gained major momentum in April 2007 when President George W. Bush approved the Transatlantic Economic Council.”
    Robinson continues stating: “This council is a permanent international body… (it) seeks to harmonize a large number of complex U.S. and EU regulations in preparation for a free trade zone by 2015.”……….
    The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership or (TTIP) “seeks to expand U.S.-EU trade flows by eliminating tariffs, reducing U.S.-EU differences in product standards and regulations and increasing investment across the Atlantic.With the European Union and the United States representing 47 percent of global GDP and 33 percent of world trade flows, the potential benefits and risks of this trade agreement are significant.”……….
    In addition to being a trade deal, the TTIP, places heavy regulations on climate and food industries, proving this agreement has more to it than meets the eye. The language that was written for the TTIP could open doors for companies like Monsanto, allowing them to push their genetically engineered food production overseas as well as in the United States.
    Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has been a very outspoken critic of the TTIP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, had this to say about the Transatlantic deal:
    “US seed companies that for a decade have been struggling to break the deadlock over the authorization for the cultivation of their [GM] seeds now will be presented with the ultimate opportunity to change the entire process to suit their needs.”
    The TTIP , is also imposing immovable policies on climate and environmental issues. Here is an excerpt from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue report explaining how a ‘carbon tax’ scheme could be introduced with this new trade deal:
    “The agreement must facilitate a transition to more sustainable consumption and production patterns, and not water down or impose barriers to measures for promoting them. To advance sustainability and avert catastrophic climate change, the agreement must ensure that trading partners can adopt tax policies, mandatory performance standards, carbon and pollution regulations, schemes for self-generation or “feed-in” electricity tariffs and renewable energy standards without being subject to challenge under the agreement.”
    The picture is becoming clearer as we see the consolidation of sovereignty under both the Transatlantic and Trans-pacific trade deals. The excessive push by global industries to seduce the public into thinking this is in our best interest, quietly forcing us to comply with a new regulatory regime.
    These deals always happen in secret, in dark halls, with a devil’s hand shake.

  2. Monsanto wants to feed the nations with “food” that hold no nutrients, sure our bellies will be full, but we will be malnourished and sicken and die – those people who believe Monsanto does a good thing should ask yourselves- “why do they wear hazmat gear while spraying their crops full of toxins that you cannot wash off?” or “Why do those countries that grow Monsanto’s crops get mysterious illnesses, sicken and die.” I HAVE any education, and I don’t smoke pot (I’m allergic or I would) maybe you should open your mind a little bit to the possibilities that all is not as it seems! “A closed mind is like a closed parachute – useless” – author unknown.

  3. Thanks for the research! Do you happen to have a list of alternative companies to use in place of such big names as proctor & gamble?

  4. Do your research on the chem trails they are littering our water and soil with aluminum oxide due to the fact that they patented a new GMO aluminum resistant foods in 2009 at cornell university.
    How do you control people, poison there water and food and then you wil have to rely on the government for everything

    1. No, let’s just move our obese american butt back to the woods or rather to KFC and McDonalds after we get the munchies from too much “nature”.

      Let’s just make a drum circle and pray to god to grow crops all over Africa and while at it maybe even cure AIDS.

      Because we(and by we I really mean you, the author and whoever reads this heap of misinformed junk and spreads it) don’t have a clue about biotechnology, nor the education to get it ’cause smoking pot sure is easier than getting an education.

      How about moving your fat activist butt into a third world country and “passively observe” the way you get sick and starve because crops don’t grow on sand.
      Is fluoride water your problem? How about bacteria and viruses infested water, salt water or NO water?

      It would be a true wonder if any of the 1k facebook followers would actually go out there and try helping a fellow human being who is really in need. Instead you’re just 0-education egomaniacs worried about a nature in which you wouldn’t be able to last for a week.

      Want nature, join the red cross and grow your own crops in Somalia or Congo where the capitalist machine will no longer oppress your free spirit. Let me see you without iMacs and Facebook you f*** hypocrites!

      1. Maybe you’re the one who suffers from ignorance. You are kidding yourself if you believe that Monsanto and other agribusiness giants are interested in ending starvation. They are interested in making big money and nothing else.
        There are many, many peer reviewed articles documenting serious problems with GMOs. Go ahead, google it. Read one or two. While you are at it, check out the history of Monsanto and how it has treated farmers who do not want to use its products, and how they have bought off decision-makers in the FDA.
        If GMOs were as harmless as you seem to be suggesting, why is Monsanto so determined to avoid any legislation that would require the labeling of GMO products?
        Also, you seem to be very angry…. Maybe you should check your diet.

      2. I am a University educated person, with a degree in Social Work and Nursing. I am not ignorant, nor deluded – I forgot to mention that I am a retired soldier – 35 years – and served in Vietnam.
        I have done my part for this country, and continue to serve people. And I can tell you that what these agrochemical conglomerates are doing to the food supply of this country is horrendous. They are trying to drive out all the independent farmers, the organic farmers, and control the supply of food availability by controlling seed production.
        Forgot to mention that my son-in-law, who is neither ignorant nor uneducated – is an attorney, but is also an organic farmer.
        You sound really angry. Maybe you have been eating too much toxic food.

      3. Yeah right??? And the problem is solved three generations forward ok?? When humans no longer are fertile because of GMO!!
        Laboratory tests have shown that mice fed with GMO is sterile in third generation. That´s what you want …I get that.

      4. Can anyone seriously believe it’s coincidence that Monsanto owns numerous pharmaceutical companies? Monsanto makes Americans sick, and then we buy drugs developed by Monsanto to make us well again. If we just avoid their bio-engineered products to begin with, there is less chance we will require drugs (more bio-engineering) in our old age (which is getting younger and younger). Used to be primarily the elderly that had heart disease, strokes and diabetes and such. Now more and more people under 50 are affected by these types of disorders. And another thing, if Monsanto controls the food supply, they control everything. They are already in the driver’s seat in the regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect the citizens. Look at Monsanto’s connections in the FDA and EPA. Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself. Evaluate for yourself. This is a problem in this country, we are so willing to be spoon-fed our opinions that we are losing the ability to think for ourselves.

      5. I am educated, try taking environmental science…we don’t have enough farm land to grow natural crops because we keep selling prime land to build houses and new businesses, the land we have has not been farmed in a sustainable way. And if I had the money I would be more than happy to help people of the third world. Try watching Food Inc. How long do you think we can continue to eat this hormone filled, pesticide laden food before we all end up severly sick.. Our children our going into puberty sooner which could account for their aggression, this was the case with some african elephants that had no adults around, the adolescents went into puberty too early and became aggressive and began to kill other animals in a preserve. Their brains lacked the maturity to handle the hormones at that early age. I do not eat at McDonalds, I try to eat as clean and raw as possible, I eat grass fed hormone free meats. Since I began that, my arthritis is gone and feel better than ever, I also don’t have a fat ass either, I am 5’7″ and weigh 135 and I am 54 yrs old, I am on the honor roll at the 2 colleges I attend and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I am currently taking anthropology and psychology and have taken environmental science, I am an avid reader and watch numerous documentaries from both view points. It is common sense people, find an ethical and healthy way to solve the problem, the way we behave in this world the way we treat our land, water and our constant need to sell out to the highest bidder.

      6. I do go out and help people. It’s ignorance that makes this company continue to make money. If do NOT know WHO, What, When, Where and How your food is grown……fo NOT eat it!!! Simple. Why is that so difficult to understand?

      7. Hummm well even the third world countries have banned Monsanto GMO’s –as well as Italy, and several other countries. Your an idiot so go burry your head in the sand and suck up all the poision

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  6. This list a dire misrepresentation. You guys are fucking idiots for believing everything you read on the internet.

      1. You’re awesome Dieter. I have always attested to the my gutt feeling that we will be responsible for our own extinction. I knew it would be a case of the have’s vs the have not’s but like millions, I’m afraid it’s too late for me and mine… Stomach problems and food alergies are in their 3rd generation with my bloodline. The powers that be, really hatched a perfect plan for us didn’t they. The creator will have the last word. God bless us all.

    1. That’s what Monsanto is trying to do, but they are not there yet, there is still time to get farmers to reject GMO crops, by purchasing non GMO products, increase the demand for non GMO foods, and the farmers will deliver what we want, wholesome healthy foods.

      1. Watch Food Inc. the farmers that try to use their own seed are stalked by Monsanto agents and drug through court. They demand you must use their seed.

  7. Awakening to our Celestial Nature

    Thought Rectification Keys

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    1. Celestial Nature
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      Materialistic Attachments Rectification Key

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    2. If we all lived this way, the world would be in a wonderful, peaceful and healthy place. We are driven by greed and the corporations are running the country, and they can, anyone will do anything for the right amount of money whether it harms others or not.

  8. My God, Momsanto owns the grocery industury! I had no idea it was this much. I stopped using their garden fertilizers and thought that would make a difference but what a joke. These people have put this together to the point we really have no way out now. I know God will not be mocked and it will be ok in the long run but for now, manknd is screwed! We will be eating dirst like the children in African nations and no one will care about us either. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! or whatever you have decided to call him now. LOL

    1. No, monsanto doesn’t own the grocery industry. They are big and pretty evil, and are sufficently menacing for just those reasons, but this list of companies ‘owned’ by monsanto is simply nonsense. i owuld say it is very bad research, but it is so obviously simply invented, imaginary ‘information’ that it doesn’t even qualify as ‘bad research.’ if anything, stuff like this gives a bad name to people who are legitimately trying to research and report on how dreadful the monsanto story really is.
      it is bad enough that it does not require exageration or made up stuff like ‘owning’ phillip morris (not even the correct name of the company) or coca cola, or minute maid (which, by the way, is owned by coca cola.
      not claiming any of these companies is a great corporate citizen–i have no idea about many of the names on the list–jjust pointing out that the list is wrong. simply made-up stuff trying to pass as ‘expose.’

      and so on.

  9. and BEWARE the cereals now–they taste like chemicals, which I think comes from the pesticide sprayed on the liner or inside of the cardboard box–so they DON’T HAVE to list it as an ingredient.

    I guess I taste it now because they must be laying on the spraying pretty thick.
    It’s not Rice Krispies anymore, but some awful chemical SMELL AND TASTE.

    General Mills Cereal the same chemical SMELL AND TASTE.

    1. Somebody should bring civil actions in federal court on fluoride in the water and chem trails to get to the bottom of what’s actually happening. Unlike 911, the government can’t use national security to suppress the litigation.

      It sounds like fluoride is pretty cut and dry with the studies already done. With chem trails it shouldn’t be to difficult to get up there with testing equipment to determine what they’re made of and if the rumors are true.

      Just because it’s on Infowars with Alex Jones doesn’t make it true. He’s a big anti peak oil advocate, and maybe he’s right, but when you run down the links that he provides and the “evidence” provided, it’s pretty thread bear in my opinion. Though he’s done a lot of good work on 911, and the case that he and others have made is much stronger.

  10. Basically, the majority of packaged foods found at big chain grocery stores!
    I stopped buying Proctor & Gamble and the big soap companies decades ago due to their animal testing.

    On the flip side, anything with Kosher certification, you are paying the rabbis.

    They get you either way with packaged items.
    So i’m learning to make my own ketchup, mustard, almond milk (easy actually because you’re not using ingredients you can’t pronounce) 🙂

    1. the rider of the black horse with his scales is hear… “a measure of wheat for a penny” that is to say a loaf of bread for a days wage, prepare now…

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