Tulum Mexico could be very good for your healing as it has been for me

photo:  Beth at Wholistix

Tulum Mexico could be very good for your healing as it has been for me… the air of Tulum is an exilir itself, let alone the water which is amazing…. you could pay anywhere from $7 a night camping near the park entrance at the end of the road Si’iam Park or something like that…. to hundreds of dollars a night…. the area isn’t totally geared for the price ranges in between… even a tiny private cabin at $55 the cheapest rate per day, is over $1500 a month… craziness… $100 a night would pay for a very comfortable INSPIRING room… there are many here… If you tented it you’d be fairly comfortable, the air is warm and fresh even at night with the constant breeze of the water coming to land.  If you’re on a budget, the fresh fruit and veggies are very affordable and much of it feels non-GMO, restaurant food is comparably priced to north america, with many more affordable options… fresh sandwiches for $2 as one example… one litre of fresh orange juice for $2.40….. What about all that electromagnetic smog we’re stuck in, in city living?….even better Tulum Mexico, is one of those rarer places where it is basically off grid with generators, and wind power…. if you ever wanted to get away from the high electromagnetic magnetic radiation and have a comfortable tropical experience with comforts, Tulum Mexico is a divine gift not to be overlooked for an inspiring place to rejuvenate, if you’re like me you’ll be giggling in the crystal turquoise water…warm and clear… why use suntan lotion, sunglasses, a hat, pants and a book…. when you can cover yourself in mango juices and locally sold mayan clay…  Tulum beach area is also near a mayan ruin site for those who desire to bring some much needed spirit energy to the site… and also the area is home to several cenotes, which are underground water caves you can swim in…  Many from all over the world and Mexico have heard the call of Tulum and yet it’s been very quiet thus far in 2012…there is the beginnings of people being spiritually drawn into the area…   blessings on your travels back to oneness, Dieter (Indian in the machine)

4 thoughts on “Tulum Mexico could be very good for your healing as it has been for me

    1. I agree, Dieter – Tulum is a special place !!! I spent time there in November, and the air was clean and pure, there were no chemtrails. We visited the holy mayan places and brought crystal healing enegies there, and received also healing energies. We were greeted and told special things at several sites with much love by the caretakers/wisemen when they saw our love and felt our energy. We were even blessed to be allowed into one cenote after closing, so we could swim naked and do our crystal work! I hope I can return some day. I felt at home with the Mayan people, the healing waters. much love, elizabeth

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