Many are asking and trying to understand if there’s a deeper significance to this famous angelic voice & Icon.
Well, there’s a bizarre hidden connection to the death of Whitney Houston that most aren’t fully aware of yet… until nowWas there a warning about a major BLOOD ritual SACRIFICE that was about to occur in the FIRST 13 days of FEBRUARY connected to the 11TH DAY and a special ANNIVERSARY of a famous QUEEN who many believe is a MAJOR ILLUMINATI LEADER?

Well, FACT is sometimes stranger than fiction because on January 28th 2012,
this special esoteric warning was posted to GLP:

here’s an excerpt from the first line:
Today is the 28th day of 1st month in the 12th year of the 3rd millennium and the11th day from the next Sacrificial FULL MOON of the 7th to celebrate theanniversary of HER 60th ascenSION cycle for the 6th.

2/11/12 is the twin god words

You can see the references to the number date 11, the full moon, and aSACRIFICE that would be CONNECTED to a special 60th ANNIVERSARY on 2/6/12 which I clearly explained and repeated in these links:

Thread: New Madrid/Superbowl XLVI <Indianapolis, In Diana>/super Bowl=Potter’s Vessel/Madonna=Harlot of Babylon (Page 7)

Thread: In a few days an anniversary will arrive.

Thread: New Madrid/Superbowl XLVI <Indianapolis, In Diana>/super Bowl=Potter’s Vessel/Madonna=Harlot of Babylon (Page 7)
…and i’m also surprised few realize or know there’s another very specialanniversary this weekend connected to one of the biggest illuminati reptilians on the planet.

I wonder if the full moon this week, is sacrificial red in celebration

Portions of this particular warning are a bit allegorical, but those that have followed the warnings I’ve put out, know there have been both literal and allegorical multi-faceted connections to both unique headline events and Large Quakes and can see the deeper connection or significance of the unique wording that was used which correlates to the death of Whitney Houston.

For those trying to understand and see the connection, you have to first realize what “OTHER” anniversary or celebration just happened on 2/6/12 the eve of the FULL MOON of FEBRUARY 7th that was WARNED about in the FIRST verse above.

so what famous anniversary was on 2/6/12?

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

The Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

What major tragedy just happened a few days later the same week connected to an11th day in FEBRUARY that many are saying was a RITUAL SACRIFICE for the ILLUMINATI?


Coincidence the WEEK of the ANNIVERSARY of the most famous royal QUEEN named ELIZABETH who many believe is the QUEEN MOTHER REPTILIAN, there just happens to be another famous QUEEN in the news that DIES due to what most who know about the Illuminati, say was a Blood SACRIFICE?


[link to www.cbc.ca]

Thread: Whitney Houston died (Page 4)

Thread: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! WTF?? Nicki Minaj at 2012’s Grammy flagging who killed Whitney Houston???

[link to mediaexposed.tumblr.com]

[link to www.chronicle.su]

WHITNEY has and is being described as a QUEEN or GODDESS… what a perfect CHOICE for a SACRIFICE that aligns to so many illuminati codes and numbers.

Even the Grammy show by NICKI MINAJ was said to be a SATANIC RITUAL with the stage looking like a SACRIFICIAL ALTER. Coincidence of course ;))

[link to www.foxnews.com]

and wasn’t PRINCESS DIANA considered a GODDESS of the MOON who many say was also a SACRIFICE for the ROYAL FAMILY of Reptilians?

But WHO ELSE WARNED about a SACRIFICE that was ABOUT TO OCCUR CONNECTED TO 11 and 11th & SOMEONE (female ie HER) WITH AN ANNIVERSARY ON FEBRUARY 6TH which was posted back on 1/28/12?
How PROPHETIC and close was just the allegorical description that was given??

Oh, and for those who still don’t understand or SEE the connection WHITNEY has toQUEEN ELIZABETH II,,,


whitney ELIZABETH houston

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to merovee.wordpress.com]

BOTH are famous QUEENS

BOTH connected to the TWIN(s) and ROMAN Numerals or DOUBLE 1 ie 11 (II)

2/11/12 is the twin god words

Whitney Elizabeth Houston
dies on February 11

Queen Elizabeth I I

As well as another hidden illuminati code 911 thats been explained connects to TRAGIC EVENTS:

Whitney was Born August 9th & died february 11th9 11

She died at 3:55 or if you look closer to the number in REFLECTION or INVERSE, its 3:22 which fits their perfect M/O for occultic numerology/kabbalah.

see it?? 322 ;)

ANOTHER 911 ritual as several are pointing out now which has the illuminati fingerprint ALL OVER this event or blood SACRIFICE for one of the most important anniversaries of QUEEN ELIZABETH II?? Or could this also be a precursor ritual for something even BIGGER about to happen the illuminati are planning? 911 part 2?


Even the LABEL that she was discovered and signed to has connections to the illuminati… Clive Davis & Arista Records ….look at ARISTA records LOGO with a PYRAMID: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

what other historical ancient Greek/ROMAN event happened February 11th in 55 BC that has an uncanny resemblance?

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, heir to the Roman Emperorship, dies under mysterious circumstances in Rome. This clears the way for Nero to become Emperor.

[link to www.cbsnews.com]

funny all the ROMAN connections many have also been talking about that happened during MADONNA’S SUPER BOWL (ROMAN) show and now the Grammy’s with Nicki Minaj with an ancient greek/roman theme.

Or how about the BLOOD and CUTS on WHITNEY’S WRIST apparently just before she died in which many described as a “bloody mess”.

[link to cdn.mediatakeout.com]

an accident? or some type of RITUAL that was performed ON HER to prepare for a sacrifice either with or without her being aware of consciously???

Thread: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! WTF?? Nicki Minaj at 2012’s Grammy flagging who killed Whitney Houston??? (Page 2)

Also, could WHITNEY’s LIFE have any connection as a SIGN to WARN of NUKE TERRORISM about to occur?

well, aside from this being a sacrifice for the WAR they’re preparing to launch that will involve NUKES soon, she was born on the 18th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Perhaps Whitney was yet another ANGEL that agreed before birth to give her life in order to validate a warning about nuke terrorism that would help awaken those who need to know whats about to happen on this planet.

Whatever the deeper significance may be, its a FACT that a warning was given about a SACRIFICE connected to QUEEN ELIZABETH the WEEK of the FULL MOON of FEBRUARY and the 11th DAY!

Whether or not you agree or can explain this bizarre tragedy and connection,
not only do many believe and agree Whitney Elizabeth Houston was somehow chosen to be an ILLUMINATI BLOOD SACRIFICE, but all the uncanny connections above, are undeniable and go far beyond mere coincidence.


Last Edited by MatrixLNIN11 on 02/14/2012 01:13 PM

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  4. @ Loren, donot make this personal.if u cant see whats beyond your nose,then the problem is you.All i can say is that people should embrace Jesus Christ because He alone is this worlds Saviour

  5. Okay you have a vaild point about her alcohol and drug problem, but open your mind and see the connection. All of these BIG stars are dying from drugs. They say the same thing about Micheal Jackson, and now its Whitney Houston. They got involved into something they didn’t know about or had no choice too. Had tried many times to leave and warn people but were threatened, humiliated and eventually silenced. What you see and hear isn’t always what it seems to be.

  6. That’s right: after spending most of her life trying to destroy herself with booze and drugs… she finally succumbed to an occult conspiracy. Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. Because “sometimes bad things happen to people who treat themselves too badly” is just plain crazy, right?

      1. Oh, she certainly inspired the world… I’m not denying that. She also had huge drug and alcohol problems. Is it really easier to believe in a huge multi-planetary conspiracy than to think that, say… her liver finally gave out?

  7. Evil will be transfused to light, in God’s timing for leaders, both good and evil. Back to your Dieter. Keep praying for this transfusion, and non-confusion, for peoples spiritual eye to be opened. In the end of this Earths current rotational cycle, one will not have a choice, every ones eyes, including spiritual one, will see. The confused are the blind leading the blind. Do not give up on the last strand of hope people, do some research, and you will not have a choice but to see. Keep praying for those of whom you call Evil, then you two will see, much owe so much clearer, in your spirit.

    Peace keeper from the lower portion, on the Grid. :)

  8. Whitney Houston did NOT die at 3:55. She was PRONOUNCED dead at that time, and there is every indication that she’d been dead for a while even when she was first pulled out of the tub. All of the above is a HUGE stretch, to say the least. BTW, do you know how many girls born at that time had the middle name Elizabeth? Tons. it was quite popular. And Whitney Houston was considered no “angel.” She had a beautiful voice, without par, but her public persona was far different from who she was behind closed doors, and everyone who’s followed her career has always been very aware of that. No one ever referred to her as an angel. Add to the fact that Whitney was on a fast track to an early death for YEARS. Most fans were surprised that she lived to 48 with the way she drank and drugged. This is craziness.

    1. I am amazed at all you guys with tons of judgements about drug and alcohol abuse. If any of you had given this world one one hundreth of the beauty, emotion and grace that Whitney did, it might make sense. What do you give the world besides you petty, small time moral judgements. In fact, WHO are you guys and what DO you do and give to the world ? Have you ever wondered why so many of our most memorable musicians, singers and artists have used drugs and alcohol as a prop to stand this cesspool that you all have created ? Billie Holiday, Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker, Chet Baker. Jimi Hendrix, Jaco Pastorius, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Wm Butler Yeats, Dylan Thomas etc etc etc. You ALL are NOTHINGS, whiny little light feather weight arm chair moralists without a Teaspoon full of talent, intent, or insights of the heart…..just judgements, as if anything you say should be taken seriously. Shame on your lives.

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