Drums + Love = Orbs: Indian in the machine drumming with orbs at Calgary Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle with 75 drummers


Drums + Love = Orbs:  Indian in the machine drumming with orbs at Calgary Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle with 75 drummers

As bang my drums and lovingly sing my songs and trance out… it’s almost inevitable that the orbs will appear, as they’ve been doing for years whenever “love is in the air”.

How can a person photograph orbs?

It’s easy… first get some loving energy going, then use a digital camera with flash… take note that the more the love is focused, the more orbs will be photographed… smile and say “ORB!”….

Indian in the machine Drumbirth concert 2009 Saskatoon SK… notice the orb near my hand?

If you want to attend a drum circle or ceremony with Indian in the machine….


Indian in the machine… see beyond existing reality… www.indianinthemachine.com



Crop Circles are the work Light Orbs Conclusive EVIDENCE not digitized video


Hi I like orbs.. Do you like orbs?  To photograph orbs… go hang around outside in high vibrations… and then get that camera going…. send any cool results (post as comment by putting url in your comment).  D.


14 thoughts on “Drums + Love = Orbs: Indian in the machine drumming with orbs at Calgary Circles of Rhythm Drum Circle with 75 drummers

  1. Oh shoot I missed you on your last day! I had some issues with my daughter and stayed the night with her…sigh. So sorry to have missed you, but at 7 pm I definately felt the magic happen… waves of Light came over me and I knew someone was thinking of me 🙂
    Sending you Light and Love and happiness on your journey. I don’t have to tell you how jealous I am you are in such a beautiful sunny place right now! Getting yourself some vitamin D, old school, lol.
    Again, I really was looking forward to attending but you know how teenagers are.
    Much Love, Kel.

  2. Good luck with the saturday drums event Kel….that’s today…..
    And thanks Dieter…

    Blessings, Drekx Omega

  3. Oh that looks so awesome 🙂 Can I bring my camera on Saturday? I would love to get some pics, the energy is soooo intense, should be mega orbs with all the crystals around… grounding is imperative or it becomes physically uncomfortable to be around your high vibes, lol… High Power eclipse on the 10th as well as the full moon, hold on, will be intense 🙂

      1. Sounds good, I will be by after work probably by six thirty or so, traffic is heinous, lol.
        Take care 🙂

  4. I Love Orbs! Have plenty of pics, but wanted to share these special ones of tortugas laying their eggs on the beach. Interesting thing is the turtles follow light, i.e. flashlights and camera flashes. It dawned on me that these very Orbs of Light called them in from the surf to the beach like beacons. There were over 10,000, all females, on the protected beach this night. Lots of Love and Light,


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