Earth became a prison planet some eons ago.  The head of the dark energies was sent there, for goodness sake, as punishment for those things perpetrated elsewhere in the cosmos.  What do you ones expect–he pulled all his thugs along with him and he most certainly will not fold his tent easily and fly into the bright morning skies–for one very good reason–he cannot for he has nowhere to go and be accepted.  The Grey Conspiracy has been trying to locate an achievable placement to “escape ” unto.  In exchange for technology they promised much to several races of space dwellers.  These ones, however, came in good intent and honestly felt there could be a working relationship with man of Earth who is in terrible circumstance.  Ah yes, the Grey Men of the Conspiracy can get off your planet but they don’t have a desirable place, totally self-sustaining, when they get there.

There is an objective in point in this coalition–at onset–but as usual, the Adversary Plan ripped-off these visitors also.  Some of the travelers came in hopes of bringing some insight and assistance to Earth brothers only to be utilized and actually technology taken to advance a whole army of robotoid replicas utilizing DNA reproduction methodology.  The only thing the Adversary (your own “Grey Men”) had to offer the ETs is control, money and worldly goods–but these things are not of value to anyone in the cosmos who has achieved Truth and the ability to travel intergalacticly.

Remember that you, as a civilization of thoughtforms of the Creator source, were given this place on which to EXPERIENCE.  We of the higher brotherhood work firstly within the Laws of Creation, the Laws of God secondly and we are bound by constraints beyond that which you in your awakening cannot yet remember.  We do not intervene.  When we do come, even to your surface to get you or our own brothers, we will have special dispensation.  We are bound by cosmic law to keep out of your business–those who break those laws shall pay most dearly.  They have already done so–they forfeited their right to return to the universal skyways–they are bound to your dying planet.  Those who came in peace and as a portion of the cosmic plan, do their work in research through prior agreements with the entities involved.  They do not harm, they do not mutilate animals or humans and they do wondrous good for your species.

There is no way that you can “drift up to some cloud of fluffy vapor and somehow just fly around with a Master Christos”.  You will be picked up by space craft and beamed through a high frequency light beam–if you qualify and request same.  God went to prepare a place for you at the end of Earth journey and HE did so–we are prepared to receive you of God who await His coming and do so in intent of justice and effort of living within the Laws as given. You are experiencing in a manifested form of physical coalition and density–that is not something that can be “both” ways.  You either must give up the flesh or you must learn to manage it properly–there is no magic.  God provides for alternatives in sequence to cover your needs of transition and would not leave you stranded on a fluff-bit within range of radioactive blasts from Hell.  We have untold eons of experience in the mode of transition in security and with as little detrimental impact as can be given–but you ones are going to have to come into understanding of the connection in brotherhood so that we can work together.

We know that you who struggle and wait are lonely and often feel deserted–you are not.  We are here and some of us are working right among you in full operation.  We can only work in this manner.  So be it with the dark energies, also–they work exactly like we, except they had a great head-start and all of you helped them get in control for they deal with the “physical” senses and we must deal with that which they have caused to become “invisible” and thus “doubted”.


  1. I read a e-book describing Earth as a prison planet too.In some ways I would agree.As I’am sure most wouldn’t in any case.I appreicate the added posted voice too.This most sensitive topic in regards to Earth living.I hope the Earth ascends and becomes a place of unconditional love again! The people that ascend with her.Should have the free will to break free and chose unconditional love.As their new way of life upon Earth/Gaia!

  2. mankind has it’s lessons to learn any interfering will at it’s best going against freewil
    a guru cannot cross the line if crossed control rears it’s ugly head do we really need more control besides the citizens who are in denial and yet not awakened are going to need light workers help there is still many good people on this earth perhaps they could use alittle direction to source not preaching but teaching i am not impressed about leaving this planet if i do so it will be astral projection/acsention

  3. Thank you for this post. I am now beginning to look for more of your wisdom on a conscious level. I will check for your posts on a frequent basis.

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