He Walked the Americas – Evidence of Jesus by Native Americans

And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”
John 10:16

He Walked the Americas

Legends of the Pale Prophet from the Native Peoples of the Americas.

The legends that follow are the legends of the Healer. These legends were told by the fireside of a “saintly white teacher,” who performed miracles with healing and control over the winds, waters, and other natural items. All describe his eyes as gray-green like the ocean and told stories of the future. His symbol has been woven into blankets, carved on canyon walls, put on pottery and danced in dances. His name has been given to mountains and rivers.

Though the stories are many and spread throughout the Americas, they are broken into bits and pieces, hard to follow and piece together into one tale. His name varied, most names were reflective of his control over the wind and water, as he would request each tribe to name Him as they wished, stating there was no value to a name.

Common to almost all:

*He was a white man with a beard
*He said He came from across the sea
*He would choose twelve “disciples”
*He spoke of His Father’s Kingdom
*He wore a bright white garment with golden sandals
*He made references to the future
*He had control over the wind and all elements
*He had the ability to heal wounds
*His sign was the cross
*He taught love and peace
*He taught that good deeds were important
*He referred them to the Dawn Star

**The Shawnee told the author that this came from the Prophet….”Do not kill or injure your neighbor, for it is not he that you injure; you injure yourself. Do good to him, thus adding to his days of happiness even as you then add to your own. Do not wrong or hate your neighbor; for it not he that you wrong: you wrong yourself. Rather love him, for the Great Spirit loves him, even as He loves you.”

**I have heard the Cherokee story a couple times now about when the Prophet was with them. It was said that there were many tales, but most were as all the other nations. The one that was unique to the Cherokee was one in which the Healer was troubled by the events of the future. His twelve disciples (all tribes say he chose twelve for his special training!) were following him through the woods for fear any danger would come upon Him. At one point, the Healer came across a fawn that was lost in the woods. The Healer asked him where his mother was? The fawn turned his head and looked down a path. Not far away was the mother, the victim of a huge cat. She had given her life to save her young.


The Healer knelt down beside the dead mother and started stroking the body. As His hand passed over the wounds, they healed up, leaving no marks. The deer then started breathing and rose. The disciples were upset at this and asked Him why he was wasting His energy on the animals. The Pale One said, “There cannot be too many good deeds. Such is the manner of compassion. A lost lamb is my Father’s business, as important as saving a nation, if one need not choose between them. More precious in my Father’s eyes is a good deed than the most exquisite jewel.”


**The “Algonquin of the Eastern Seaboard” tell they received their name for the Dawn Light from the Pale One. They wouldn’t name the Prophet as He had asked them to do. They wanted to know what He was called where He grew up and He told them a namethat was strange and hard to say. But they tried hard to say it: Chee-ZoosGod of the Dawn Light, basically the same as the Puants.


**The Chippewa remember very well the “pale Great Master.” They tell He gave them medicine lodges where the signs and emblems are secret and taken from those across the ocean. And according to the author, they keep this secret to this day.


**The Prophet was known to come across a Puant city in the now known area of Oklahoma. It was the Prophet’s custom to always take their established temples and change them. He would chose the twelve to teach them the priesthood and then lectured the people. This was again done here as usual. But here, the people wanted to hear about his childhood. He told them he was born across the ocean where all men had beards. Even in the legends, he told them of his virgin birth and about the bright star that shone over his city of his birth. The heavens opened up and winged beings sang chants of exquisite beauty.

”When the University of Oklahoma was digging the Spiro Mound, they found mush pottery showing winged beings singing, and also the hand with the cross through the palm. To them, He was known as Chee-Zoos, the Dawn God, and they whisper of Him about the campfires when no white man can listen. To quote the book, “The love they bear Him is beyond measurement, for well they know He watches over them, and that when their journey here is over, He will meet them in the Land of Shadows, for such was His sacred promise. 

“They smoke the Sacred Peace Pipe in His memory, and blow the smoke to the four directions (sign of the cross), knowing that to each man comes his retribution, no matter how flows the river of history. Thus in great pride walks the Red Man, even though now dire poverty stalks him and starvation or hunger sits at his table. In the mask like calm of his expression there smiles a secret satisfaction, a something which to puzzled white men is entirely beyond understanding.”


**They tell that He always wore a long white toga, with black crosses embroidered along the bottom, and had golden sandals


*It is said the hot springs of Tacobya mark the passage of the Healer. In a canyon nearby isthe hand with the T cross in it, and near this the Great Cross. It is understood that He traveled to the Havasu, raising one arm in greeting meaning “Peace and Prosperity to you”. He then stopped and tapped a large rock with his staff and water gushed out of it. He drank from this sacred water and today it is called the Spring of Tacobya.


“Have you ever wondered about the cedar…every tribe revere it…high priests mix its shavings with the leaves of our tobacco? And why do we blow smoke across our bodies, when we are returning from the war trail? Is it not to ask His forgiveness, as was once taught by the Pale Prophet? Why do we plant these trees upon the Great Mound-those ancient histories of our cities? Was it not to warn all men that once He walked here; the Sacred One, the Miracle Worker? 

And the color of snow: among all the nations it stands for peace. Why is this so? Because He wore it, as he traveled from nation to nation He taught the people to live in peace and to speak in council, thus settling all their problems. This was His way and the way of His Father.

Why do we raise our hands up in greeting? Because that was His sign, a tradition which we still follow.”

Why do we use the Cross as a sacred symbol? Was it not because He wore it about the hem of His full white garment, and carried the sign on His two hands, those hands so gifted in healing?…In the Wisacoo Lodge and many others there are some who still know His secret language, but those things are being fast forgotten.”

For more:

[link to www.wolflodge.org]

source http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1647098/pg1





8 thoughts on “He Walked the Americas – Evidence of Jesus by Native Americans

  1. So the Freemason/Mormons that sold the black Hebrew slaves to their Freemason/Mormon Brothers also killed the Native Hebrew’s? The woman that wrote this book wasn’t Mormon at the time of finding the truth. Yahweh did come back home to his other flocks. I think the Nephilim crown knows this. Ever wondered why they flew our peace sign to kill our Brothers and Sister’s the Jews. Put the world back together before the Tower of Babel. God protected us in Israel as well. Check the DNA. We are not them they are us. Old World and New World. I believe the Bible was stolen from the Native Americans just like Joseph Smith did to start his own religion for the crown of England. I recently had 2 Mormons/Masons from Pennsylvania that would like me to help them to take the scratching ceremonies out. I know I don’t need to be scratched because of Jesus. I understand to most Natives it takes out the bad blood. I can probably find some long thorns if you don’t know Yahweh/Jesus. Nephilim blood is bad and that evil queen sets on a piece of The Muslim Rock. Nephilim did return in our Bible after the flood and I think the Mayans were the Egyptian slaves for that crown and killed by her Muslim’s. There were 2 stages in Egypt good and evil. The evil part of Egypt is in our Grand Canyon and on our Money. Helios does have a pyramid in the Grand Canyon Arizona, not all pyramid in America are bad. I always wondered why the song Amazing Grace was written by an Employee of England on a slave ship. When the Roman Pagans overthrew the Catholic Church our sabbath went from Saturday to Sunday. The pagan sun god day. Native Traditions are still done on Saturday correct? If They killed the Templars why did Christopher Columbus fly their flags when he arrived? Deception! Who were the Templars? Checkout your First Native American Flags MIKMAQ. Any Christians should check out Justin Peters to free your brainwashed minds. Bird Segle McGuire this is NWO shit going on…Welcome to Revelation’s

  2. Interesting a point had to made, firstly at that, that he was a “white man”… one must first look up the older definitions of white and black. The n reference the first book we know of that mentions the man and his description…… there are thieves in the temple!!!

  3. I’m sorry to you all, but, at least the part of “Chee-zoos” is fake. There is no way it could be real. Even if he walked the americas (and as a mormon i want to prove this more than most), his name during life was Yehoshua. There is no way they could have got the name “Jesus” since this name basically didnt existed until about the 8th century AD due to the “J” pronunciation on European leanguages, and the closer related, “Iesus” and “Iesous” comes from latin and greek respectively

  4. Hi! I’d like to point something out.To your readers here and even too.The person who posted this message.In one of your tales of Christ being among.The indigenous people of that time period.That the Cherokee had called,”The Pale One!”Their story in peticular caught my eye and brought forth a memory or a scene.From the movie,”Starman,”it shows jeff briges character.As a cloned ET he had brought back to life.A deer that was a trophy.To the hunter that shot him.He was lying on the hood and Starman healed him.He went off into the woods.That was my favorite scene in the movie.Its more than just random chance.That the Cherokee story had simlarities to the present day film.I’am glad I was able to make a connection here.

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