Hi Gea…  see you after the three days of darkness or Light?  Love and hugs, Indian

Update from Kirael by Fred Sterling
 KIRAEL: When I put this one in on the three days of darkness, I had no idea how thrilled everybody was going to be with it. I know they are thrilled. Everybody asks me-me poor medium gets asked this a little bit more than I do because he is on Earth a lot more than I am: When is the three days of darkness going to happen?
 Well, let me put it to you as best as I can. The three days of dark darkness is something that, by the time it happens, you will all be so ready for it, you won’t be counting the days. You will be counting the love particles, because, you see, the three days of darkness is when the Earth plane enters into this huge belt of light, and the light is so intensified, there are so many particles that your sun star seems to be blotted out. You say, “Well, God help you, Master Kirael, aren’t we going to freeze to death without the sun?” I said, “Seems to be blotted out.”
Your Creator makes no mistakes. It knows how to bring enough particles through. Oh, but I am pretty sure you will be wanting to sleep a lot. In fact, some of you are going to sleep straight through it and not know it happened until it is over.
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Indian in the machine seeking more info on this matter of three days of darkness or Light… comments welcome.


  1. makes me think of optimum online suport
    now thats a horror

    i been here for 68 years and i never heard of the three days of darkness whats more the only place i heard it from is the internet..
    and the only place and time it did happen was in bc at egypt
    nothing in the bible other wise about it
    oh.. im roman catholic

      • 13 Sun
        New Moon Phase
        Last Day of the Mayan Calendar

        Every day for a very, very long time, the Sun has disseminated energetics to foster our development as spiritual beings. Today, 13 Sun, the last day of the cycles, completes the evolution of human consciousness. We have had everything that we have needed to grow and learn in order to return to our true home. The push of external events that drove us into higher awareness has come to an end. Mayan elders teach that three days of “darkness” are required now. In honor of this, The Oracle Report will “go dark” for three days and will return on Tuesday, November 1. Over this time, say thank you to the Sun and what it has given us. Rejoice in the knowledge that the stellar cycle is now complete and the gates are open for a return trip home.

  2. … kept thinking of this subject and decided to ask google ,

    on top came :

    The 3 Days of Darkness | Catholic Prophecy | The Three Days of …
    – [ Vertaal deze pagina ] – In cache – Alle resultaten van blokkeren

    The forthcoming Three Days of Darkness chastisement, which comes from numerous Catholic Prophecies of authority throughout the centuries, predicts that …


    third hit:

    The End Days – Catholic Prophecy and Doctrine: Prophecies from …
    – [ Vertaal deze pagina ] – In cache

    The following is her prophecy on the three days of darkness. “God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall …


    Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh GOOD NEWS ! did I read CATHOLIC ? yup..

    They phrophetize their downfall here ,not ours .. this doctrine is a scare technique .

    when they go through these 3 dark days,all of us will be lifted up during the same 3 days .. this will be a multidimensional experience and therefore 3 days of celebration.

    They are probably gonna play that “I blame you” game and are so busy fighting eachother and blaming eachother that they forget to fight us so we can take this leap very smoothly.

    Because the light rises and the dark falls you can imagine that these two are pulled away from eachother and so is 3d conciousness pulled away from higher conciousness and vice versa and eventually they split … hooray !

    The highpoint of this splitting,or the low point (in case you are a dark lord and reading this lol) will be on the second day of our 3 days of celebration ..welcome to the new earth :>) ( lot of channeled masters taught us that at one point in time all things will come/fall together ..)

    the darks will keep on fighting eachother and this won`t harm us because we are not in their reality anymore and they not in ours.we have other things to do rebuilding the new earth and make all wrong systems right.nesara first contact ect.

    the more they fight the darker they become the more light we each will radiate ..both conciousnesses will drift further apart along the process.

    phrophecie re-written !


  3. I can sleep an extra few hours then mow the lawn in the dark the three days of darkness is just a sign darkness before dawn the golden age I just love it!

  4. Ahhhh.. rainbowman , it`s gonna be 3 days of Light for me.. :>)

    I didn`t forget LOL

    we still have that “porridge for breakfast date ”

    can`t speak for others but i`ts too doomy for me .. and I won`t allow his to happen in my reality .. to me it feels more like a mass-mentally dark night of the soul for 3 days where the masses who are not (enuf) wakey wakey yet, are going inwards for reflection…

    when somewere things go down ,somewere else will things come up ..
    I believe we reach hat point when he Mayan calendar ends .. zeropoint !

    3rd dimension will panic ,the 4th will have less panic,the 5th will barely experience these dark emotions ..

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