High Council of Orion message for 20th August: FOOD AND INTERNET SOCIAL NETWORK GAMES

High Council of Orion message for 20th August:  FOOD AND INTERNET SOCIAL NETWORK GAMES


We come to assist ALL at this time and ask YOU to detach from illusion as YOU seek to elevate and then maintain a higher vibration. Many of you are seeking to uncover more and more levels of TRUTH and whilst we guide that this is part of the process of Ascension we guide that many are not allowing the absorption and processing of TRUTH to take place.

Once more we guide that there is no race to the finish line, for Ascension is the process that ALL are moving through at each moment and that is ongoing and will be ongoing. There will never be an “end” to the process for ALL continually grow and expand. Illusion teaches that there is competition, illusion teaches of the race to uncover more and be the first to uncover it. We guide YOU to detach from these teachings for they will not heighten YOUr vibration they will rock it. Many are now going through the process of absorption and anchoring into BEing the new TRUTH and the new level of vibration, we cannot stress enough the need to allow this to be absorbed and processed in due course. The length of time taken to process TRUTH will vary from human to human but all go through the process.

It is not enough to simply uncover TRUTH and reveal it to YOU. The anchoring of the new vibration has to be processed. If this is not processed and absorbed then YOU will fall back into illusion. Many may experience physical symptoms as once more the vibration moves between the level it was to the new level and back again. This serves no one dear ones and seeks to cause high levels of frustration as YOU try to work out TRUTH and illusion. It moves YOU out of heart centred living and pulls in the mind as the human BEing tries to work out why nothing seems to move.

We guide strongly that sleep and rest are required for the absorption of the new energies. Many still struggle and push through the boundaries of sleep and now walk with exhaustion, trying to absorb TRUTH that leaves them feeling anxious and not connected. It is the “not connected” part that will see YOU descend once more into illusion . We are the High Council of Orion and we seek to guide YOU to rest and to relax as YOU move through this process. Many are still seeing this as a game and that must be detached from. There is no “game” in the human life experience, for it is an experience. Illusion teaches strongly about “games” and “winning” and social media and media across the planet reinforces “games”. This is the keep the mind occupied and used. We seek to guide detachment from “games”. This is not a mind centred human life experience dear ones it is a heart centred one, whilst your brain is using up energy to play “games” YOUr heart is not centred.

We guide all now in the consumption of water for the anchoring in of new energy. We watch as many seek to hydrate themselves through the use of fluids that are manmade and we guide you to ask who this really serves. Much is made of the new “technology” in hydrating the human body and we seek to guide you to process this with YOUr heart. Why would anything but natural, pure water be needed to hydrate and cleanse YOUr body. Many realms have guided on nature and we pull YOUr focus back to the nature that YOU are and that surrounds YOU. Mother nature has provided ALL for her children yet many turn their back on her gifts. Many who indulge in “sports” are pulled into the illusion of drinks that work in a “technological” way to provide super hydration and we ask who this serves? Water is what the human body is in need of at this time. We guide you to note how much water is resident in the human body at any one time and ask why this would be if you were not to replenish this water frequently.

Much illusion surrounds health and wellbeing across the planet and we guide YOU to process ALL information with YOUr heart. Many are pulled into the illusion of “healthy” while being contained by illusion. We note the consumption of sugars across the planet and we guide YOU to process this with YOUr heart. Sugar is addictive and we note the high levels of sugar in processed foods. YOU are a BEing of nature dear ones and nature has provided all the nutrients that YOU need to sustain YOUr body, why would over processed foods be able to replicate nature?

We guide YOU to be aware that YOU do not eat just because YOU are hungry. Many mindlessly pour fuel into their body with no thought as to why the body needs fuelled. The human body is your vehicle in this YOUr human life experience yet many do not understand nor take note of this. Mind, body and spirit are as one, one affects the other, many are struggling to move up in vibration during this ascension process as they focus on the mind and spirit but ignore the needs of the body. We guide strongly that it will not be possible to maintain a high vibration when the human consumes over processed “dead” foods. Foods that we deem to call “dead” are those which are not provided by nature. We guide once more that energy is all around and within YOU. When YOU consume foods that are provided by nature YOU consume the energy and life force within that food. If YOU consume foods that are processed they contain NO life energy for they are not energy, they are manmade and they are synthetic. We note the high intake of synthetic foodstuffs and liquids across the planet and guide YOU to detach from the illusion around these.

YOU are the expert at YOU and it is vital that YOU take note of YOUr body and how it reacts to what YOU fuel it with. If you consume a meal and feel “heavy” and “treacly” afterwards know that the foods do not vibrate at the level YOU vibrate, the foodstuff is in conflict with YOUr vibration and YOU will find it difficult to process. Know that when you consume foodstuffs that leave YOU feeling satisfied and YOUr hunger has been abaited without the feeling of “heavy” then YOU have consumed a foodstuff that is at the same vibration as YOU.

We do not guide this to add to the confusion that is illusion. We guide YOU to be aware, if you are triggered by our words then please take them into the silence and process with YOUr heart. If YOU take no note of how foodstuffs make YOU feel when YOU consume them, we ask why? Why would YOU not be in the moment when YOU eat? If you eat blindly whilst watching the latest tv programme, or indeed are pulled into the illusion of “fast food” and eating whilst in the process of doing something else YOU are in illusion. Illusion seeks to lower the human vibration and this can easily be done by distraction. BE mindful when consuming for ALL is energy.

Many are now in deep confusion as foodstuffs they were able to consume now leave them feeling lower than before. We guide strongly that as YOU raise YOUr vibration then YOUr eating patterns will reflect this. Consuming of alcohol will affect YOUr vibration in a huge way, once more we guide YOU to look at the consumption of alcohol across the planet and ask who it really serves? It interferes with the human vibration and pulls the mind back into use, leading away from the heart centre experience. We ask why YOU would need the alcohol to deal with what is experienced in this human life journey. We guide you to the amount of sugar in alcohol and once more guide to the addictive nature of sugar.

We acknowledge that changes to the human life experience may cause fear to be uncovered as humans have been taught that change is something to be feared. We guide YOU to process ALL teachings on the way to live, eat and BE and ask that you re-evaluate ALL as YOU move through the process. What no longer serves must be transmuted back into the LOVE that IS to enable the vibration to heighten. As more and more TRUTH as to who YOU are and why YOU are here is revealed then the process will intensify and speed up. Many get stuck in the opening of TRUTH as illusion whisks in and tries to pull them back down. We guide YOU to be aware of this and to rest and drink plenty of water. Each time YOU feel that chaos is in operation in YOUr human life experience go within, rest and process. Allow the absorption of TRUTH into YOUr very BEing.

We are the High Council of Orion and we guide ALL at this time for ALL ARE ONE. Be mindful in this YOUr human life journey for as YOU uncover levels of TRUTH then YOUr power of creating YOUr life experience heightens , it is then more and more vital that YOU are aware of and guide YOUr thoughts from the heart. Connect to us at will dear ones for we are YOU and YOU are we. ALL ARE ONE.

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One thought on “High Council of Orion message for 20th August: FOOD AND INTERNET SOCIAL NETWORK GAMES

  1. The ego will probably say,”I will only become a vegetarian on one condition.”If vegetable matter isn’t made to taste like meat.I will not become a vegetarian.However if vegetarian food tastes like meat.I will be through eating meat forever!

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