Hatonn, GFL, January 29, 2011 : My name is Hatonn, I am a commander general in the galactic federation of light also known as the great white brotherhood.

Hatonn, GFL, January 29, 2011  : My name is Hatonn, I am a commander general in the galactic federation of light also known as the great white brotherhood. 


There is energy so many can feel it, we are on the brink of a major event.
So much work, so much effort is coming together as we speak.
When we began this path we knew the outcome even if we did not know the timeline.
Things have accelerated, so many have stepped up and joined in.
The light has reached unprecedented levels on the earth.
The light has infiltrated the mass consciousness of the earth.
This has always been the indicator we have been watching and waiting for.
The major celestial events that have been occurring lately have aided in the awakening of many and the anchoring of light into the earth and into the mass consciousness.
Though the dark powers have made clumsy, desperate last attempts their hold has grown weak over the powers that control so many aspects of this planet.
This is the time to be at the edge of your seat now is the time you’ve been working for across many lifetimes and many existences.
We are at the brink of the new world for all those who live and among the light and love, the dawning of the new era of light.
Those who are already aware and hold this light will experience the new dawning first, and will herald it in for the un-awakened.
The end days have passed and the new have arrived.
All those who read these words and feel this message have been pre-contracted for this moment for this task.
We are sending along new frequencies along with this message if you feel them if you are open to them then you may take them in anchor them and emit them into this changing world.
Watch your world closely in the next two days as those who are involved in this next progression assume their positions and those who have completed their tasks and do not wish to be apart of it take their leave.
This is the final shift, the final awakening and at long last the new dawning.

My name is Hatonn, I am a commander general in the galactic federation of light also known as the great white brotherhood.
We are protectors and warriors of the light in all areas of the galaxy with particular interest in this world at this time.
We work with the creator and are bound by higher laws and ordinances put in place by the creator, the higher council of masters and by the mass consciousness of your planet.
Gaia herself is also a governing factor in what may happen and when on your world.
We are bound by all of this in our actions and our disclosure to those on earth.
It is one of our purposes and we are bound, it has been a long process that is coming to fruition at this moment in time.
The signs have all been taken individually instead of as a whole, it is the whole of the signs together that matters that indicates what is happening.
Buckle your seatbelts.

source http://lightworkers.org/channeling/123713/hatonn-gfl-january-29-2010


6 thoughts on “Hatonn, GFL, January 29, 2011 : My name is Hatonn, I am a commander general in the galactic federation of light also known as the great white brotherhood.

  1. Speak your truth from within yourself.Don’t give your power away to those.Who tell you what the truth is even.If they are from outer space.Just because they are from their.Doesn’t mean they are perfect or all-knowing.

  2. “the great white brotherhood”? Finally these GFL disinformation agents disclose their true nature: Wanna-be “positive” freemason or more generally: Secret society members. The hole GFL ist only set up to make the spiritual people of the earth welcome an alien invasion! Really positive visitors would NEVER act and talk like in these “channeled” messages. We need to get careful, disclosure might not be what we’ve imagined, see Montalk’s online book “Discerning Alien Disinformation”:

    Wake up, my dear co-workers, and don’t get abused!

      1. Ok, “Be Free”, I understand that you don’t want to read an online book (Montalk) only because of my comment (even if it is free), so I try to put the main characteristics of positive aliens in short (from my blog article I linked above):
        1. Non-Interventionalism: If the info from the GFL fraction is true, they all the time show up with their UFOs and thus disturb ordinary and unprepared people. Normally, first their must be a request to make contact, then exchange of information, all with the option to back out, then maybe physical/visible contact.
        2. Individualism: All that group-soul nonsense of the channeled messages is only disinformation to prepare us for our slaveship (see hive-consciousness of the gray aliens, planned slave planet by the reptilians and Illuminati)
        3. Self-Responsibility: GFL only TALKS of this, but still (pretend) to work in the background to save our planet, mankind, a.s.o. If they come to solve our problems, it makes absolutely no sense in regard of human self-responsibility
        4. Non-prophetic, non-apocalyptic: The future is not set, still armageddon and/or ascension are a “fact” to them…
        5. No worshipping wanted: GFL members oftenly present themselves as spiritually higher beings and they talk of a spiritual hierarchy. With their “branding” on the web they try to imply angelic attributes. It’s the same thing such visitors did for thousands of years to intrigue our spiritual truths, see “The Gods of Eden” by Wiliam Bramley.

        Its my current perspective, and I may be wrong, but its the opinion of others that are in the field for much longer time and have survived many foretold ends fo the world.

        Namaste, Chaukee

  3. If you feel drawn to anchor the vibrations of this message as it describes feel free to do whatever method you like.

    My specific recommendation would be to deeply tune into and feel the vibes and then send it down through your body and out the bottoms of your feet.



    YAY! 😀 😀

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