8/20/2011 — TWO 7.0 magnitude earthquakes occur in west Pacific !


Uploaded by  on Aug 20, 2011





right now i cannot tell if it was a third quake or if the 7.5 was now revised down to a 7.1… will attempt to get an answer.


update.. TWO 7.0’s … not three… the first was revised down and was reported twice on the feed.

then a 6.0 occurred, and it was revised down to a 5.9.

thats where we stand now @ 148pm CDT 8.20.2011

2 thoughts on “8/20/2011 — TWO 7.0 magnitude earthquakes occur in west Pacific !

  1. the rotten egg smell being reported from san diego to santa barbara ususally a precursor to earth quakes underground gases trying to escape yet with all the sightings of white plumes up and down cali something is brewing for those of you living in these ereas be safe

  2. I saw this on the alert map earlier…
    I looked because of my animals.
    My animals have been acting very nervous and have been picking fights with each other. They are pacing all around the house, restless.
    I thought they must be sensing something bothering them.
    Even the neighborhood cats are fighting all over the place.

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