Saskatoon Mayor Goes Off During Council Meeting, Suggests Media Conspiracy (STUNNING display of hypocracy… after all…he’s a M-A-S-O-N)

Saskatoon Mayor Goes Off During Council Meeting, Suggests Media Conspiracy (STUNNING display of hypocracy… after all…he’s a M-A-S-O-N)

In a bizarre scene at last night’s City Council Meeting, Mayor Don Atchison went on an extended and angry rant against the local newspaper of record The Star Phoenix for a supposed bias against the City and City Council.

Responding to a series of letters written by former Mayor Henry Dayday and published by the Star Phoenix over the past few months on the topic of the City’s capital project spending, Atchison suggested that the Star Phoenix had a duty and obligation to report both sides of the story and demanded that their letter of response (presented in the Council Agenda last night) be published in full (all 5 pages) by the paper. He went further to suggest that if the paper would not meet their demands that Council approve public money to take out ad space in the paper to ensure their response was printed.


I think it’s fair to mention that Don Atchison is a member of the Freemasons. This is relevant because of the widely documented agenda of the Freemasons which influences the decisions of politicians who are members of that fraternity. I know that he’s a Freemason because when I was seventeen a friend of mine tried to initiate me into a club called DeMolay which is a Masonic youth group that feeds its senior members into the Freemasons. When my friend tried to initiate me, he took me to Don Atchison’s suit store where Don Atchison gave me a speech about the benefits of joining DeMolay, and then he talked about some of the benefits of possibly becoming a Mason, and he mentioned some famous Masons through history. This woke me up to the fact that elitist businessmen use this fraternity as a forum to scratch each-other’s backs, and I realized that the trait which made my friend want me to be a member was my self-servingness, my ego, and my willingness to step on other people for personal benefit … those were all traits which I had when I was that age, and they are traits which I now despise, but I’ve learned that Masons recruit and reward people who have those traits, and they cultishly brainwash their members to believe that those negative traits are “virtue”. And their members often get placed into positions of political power in order to do the Masonic agenda called the “Great Work of Ages” which is a plan to create a global government that’s ruled by the European Aristocracy. While studying this topic, I’ve heard many anecdotes about members of city counsels gathering in Masonic lodges to predetermine the outcomes of votes. Long story short: These people are elected to represent the people, but they’re voting in accordance with an agenda that comes directly from the Queen of England. We need to elect people who will vote in accordance with the wants and needs of the people in their constituencies; and for that reason, we must not elect politicians who are members of any secretive “elite rich white guy” fraternity such as the Freemasons. And I know with 100% accuracy that Don Atchison is a member of that club — him and other city counselmembers meet every second monday at the Masonic lodge on the east side of town where they predetermine the outcomes of debates and votes.


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7 thoughts on “Saskatoon Mayor Goes Off During Council Meeting, Suggests Media Conspiracy (STUNNING display of hypocracy… after all…he’s a M-A-S-O-N)

  1. There might be stuff at the very top hidden, but I doubt it. I am very much a Freemason, I still laugh when people think we are a secrete society. As for rituals, could I tell you what goes on sure but if you ever were to become one it would really ruin the experience. The conspiracy theorists are laughable at best. 99% of them are jokes. As for when you see these conspiracy shows it’s all about ratings. Do you think people would watch a show about a bunch of guys sitting around and talking. As for successful, you know why people in Freemasonary become successful… Its not because power is given. Its because it teaches us to focus on things in life. Before joining I was mulling about going into trades for years… since joining it aloud me to focus on things and if all goes well will be going into trades in the fall… People really are sheep when it comes to the media…If someone posted on the news Rolling Stones was in town and Keith Richards shot someone, at first people wouldn’t believe it but play it enough times and the masses now believe it. At one time was Freemasons a super secrete society sure. Now if you wanted to know every ritual performed just go online its not secrete. As for Freemason voting for one of their own sure why not, its no different then someone from the Lion’s club runing or a beloved teacher. In elections its never about who the best canidate for the job is its always a popularity contest. After all why else would people like Harper still be in power, or Brad Wall. Neither are Freemasons. Don won not because he was the best man for the job it was because we had what 35% or so of the people in Saskatoon that actually voted, and the other option for Mayor wasn’t worth voting for.

  2. I won’t lie I laughed at this post, you don’t even have the slightest clue what you are even talking about. Now if you meant rich white guy fraternities then skull and bones is what you basically described. Not much is secrete about Freemasons, if we really wanted to be secrete you wouldn’t see the massive amounts of literatre online. It’s media and people like you that make the organization look bad when it’s not.

    1. Ok I am guessing you are not a Freemason either GreenRider. Or you would know how to spell. My father was a freemason for many many years with Don and his father. Don is a hypocritical ASS! His father is a very nice man. Seriously, Don is supposed to be a Shriner and only showed up before elections. He didn’t even have a fez that fit him. He had to borrow one when he would come and try and snow the newbies. Of course they are all going to vote for him, he’s Frank’s son. That’s the way the brotherhood works. They don’t care if he’s an arrogant asshole. They don’t care if he would be the best person for the job. They will blindly do what they are supposed to. For that reason, I have very little respect for the Freemasons. That being said, I have also witnessed amazing medical miracles that the Shriners have helped children receive. When all other medical professional have given up, The Shriner hospitals stepped up. There is so much that is still hidden from the public. They take an oath not to reveal any of it. My own father (who generally shared everything with me) would not tell me anything about any of their rituals. Had I been a guy, I would have been all knowing as I would have been expected to follow in his footsteps. My dad was very successful in business BUT not until after he became a freemason. Coincidence? I doubt it.

      1. Thanks Jamie… we are all learning that the world does not run well, when we ALLOW a bunch of secret brothers, to serve us to satan… as we choose unlimited unification, that is the best we can do. 🙂

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