DancingSioux Chronicles V1.6 ~ Mid Summer’s Rant and Warnings – Common Sense 8/19/2011


Uploaded by  on Aug 19, 2011

Talks about Obama, the economy, the threat of WW3, the police state, Obama lies, warning for a terrorist attack or “natural disaster”. This is a follow up to a Chronicle done in March after Obama invaded Libya. DancingSioux has been dead accurate and it would be worth a listen. Also explains the planned alien attack.

2 thoughts on “DancingSioux Chronicles V1.6 ~ Mid Summer’s Rant and Warnings – Common Sense 8/19/2011

  1. $50,000 for every married couple
    Where is this Place???

    Imagine living in a country where every married couple gets $50,000 to buy their own home, FREE use of land and farming equipment & livestock if you chose to be a farmer, FREE high quality healthcare, FREE high quality education where literacy is 83%, 0% Interest-Free LOANS, if you buy a car 50% is PAID.

    So something had to be “done”.


  2. Is OB on vacation or is he being briefed again by the Light?
    I think it is very likely that stronger briefings, with details are going on.
    Connect everyone, and let him feel us…let him feel that he can be out from under fearful control and with our Allies he can accept the changes by the Light here and now. I know he wants to, and he wants this for his family and loved ones. This is the time to work with him energetically in love. Let go of resentment and anger while you connect to him and those around him, and do what you know you can do…SHINE.
    From your center, through that thread that reaches from you to All, let it flow to him and connect. This is no time for being angry, we are at a turning point, and I am there everyday now. It is real.
    This is why we are here.
    Let him see and feel our Light. Work with him in his dreams at night too.
    Trust me, dear brothers and sisters, this has been working with other leaders.
    I know they are all briefed, and OB may be right on the line right now, desiring to be with all that we are manifesting but in fear of those with their own war agendas behind him. We must work in alignment with our Light Family. Surround him. Fill him with it.
    This is why we are here.
    Let’s do this.
    I desire that he feels and accepts the Light.
    So it is.

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