3 thoughts on “Cosmic Convergence, “Comet” Elenin, Mayan Calendar- Dr Carl Calleman

  1. Have’nt seen your video but like alot of others i do feel a change coming . A major change. I hope its for the better. I hope its time for our lord to return to wipe away our tears and remove the evil that surounds us. Blessed be that day . But only god the father knows the hour and day of his return .

  2. I am in in full agreement with this…and it is already being felt now.
    Things don’t just stop and that start differently on a certain date,
    the transition is happening very strongly, and we are blending now with that which is
    coming…like it is overlapping as it shifts.
    Both of these beautiful people in this video are feeling this and expressing it, and I am in joy to see it being acknowledged far and wide!

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