SOLTEC: As you come out of the darkness and into the Light, you will come into knowing of many things to which you had never even given consideration. You have learned in recent times the powers of many unseen forces–radio waves, electricity, radiation, etc.





SOLTEC: As you come out of the darkness and into the Light, you will come into knowing of many things to which you had never even given consideration.  You have learned in recent times the powers of many unseen forces–radio waves, electricity, radiation, etc.     11/22/92  #1    SOLTEC



Soltec, present with you this day in the Light of the Holy God of Creation.  We, as the Host in service to God, come during these times as a remembrance unto ones of Earth-Shan of your heritage, for you are members of the Universal family of Holy God of Light.  You are in the final days of this present dispensation, which some have called the Age of Grace.  You stand on the threshold of transition to the Age of Knowledge.  No longer will there be belief merely by faith–you will believe in KNOWING.  Yes, my precious one, I realize that it is early and that you barely have the cobwebs from your mind; however, there is work to be accomplished this day.


As we began to load back onto the computer system here a writing that was accomplished on another system on your Tuesday of last week, it was found that the diskette was corrupted and, therefore, unreadable.  Though all is compatible between the two systems, for other files have been transferred in the same manner, this one would not be read by this system. It is a nuisance but not a total loss for what was written that day can still be recreated with a little extra keying.  This is an object lesson for this scribe for it shows to what lengths the Adversary will go to keep the information from issuing from this location.  It will not keep The Word from going forth, however, just as the attacks against our scribe in California will not keep The Word from going forth.  We are not that easily dissuaded.  You will find incredible strength available to you when your back is placed up against the wall.  A cornered animal is most dangerous to the one doing the cornering.  The attacks against our people do not go unnoticed.


This week you have been informed by your scientists that the San Andreas Fault has become so weakened by all the geologic activity of recent that the scheduled event of “The Big One” has been accelerated by ten years.  Chelas, you have literally run out of time with this fault.  It is ready to go now and it will take very little movement to aggravate it to catastrophic level.  Southern California has been shaking continually this week.  Those of you who reside in this place can attest to that.  All the other faults that lead into or lie adjacent to the San Andreas are also in a state of frenzied activity and these act as conduits for the energy to congregate on the San Andreas.  Your world is readying itself for some massive land changes and the San Andreas Fault will act as the trigger mechanism for them.  Seismic events all around your globe are being registered by your scientists daily and they know the activity has sped up 1000-fold in the past several years of your counting.  They simply do not tell you, for they, themselves, do not understand fully what is happening and cannot take the risk of looking foolish by just telling you it is occurring without having ability to tell you the why. Very few of them believe that the majority of these earth shakers are the result of your own playing with beams; others are kept silent about it through threats against their lives and their families.  The rest are in denial that such a thing is possible.


Just this morning, a massive swath of tornadoes have swept through the state of Texas, destroying an incredible amount of homes and cities. Airplanes at airports have literally been ripped to pieces as the unnatural wind swept through that place.  It is nearly December and not a time for such weather occurrences.  Strong winds have been sweeping across your land for much of this week, bringing many unusual weather patterns with it.  Great fun your enemy is having with you.


The Elite Controllers of your world wish to keep you in the dark and in a state of unknowing.  However, you are coming into an age of knowing and understanding and all the dark secrets shall be revealed.  The age of knowing will also be known as the Age of Light, for nothing shall be left in the darkness as it is today.  The Adversary knows that this time is upon you and he is struggling to maintain his control over you ones.  There is full understanding upon his part that his time is short here and that, once the Light is recognized, control over the Lighted Ones shall be an impossibility. So, the battle speeds up on his part to destroy as much as he can in the meantime.


As you come out of the darkness and into the Light, you will come into knowing of many things to which you had never even given consideration.  You have learned in recent times the powers of many unseen forces–radio waves, electricity, radiation, etc.  There are many other energies that will be made known unto you during the time of Light.  Through knowledge comes power–power over fear, which in turn equates into power over control.  The more knowledge you possess, the more you understand.  The more you understand, the less fear you have.  The less fear you have, the less another can control you through fear and you will not exist in a state of confusion and ignorance any longer.  Lack of knowledge is the key to control over another.  When you reach the stage of knowing within your own selves that an earthquake is going to take place, they will not be able to sneak up from behind and surprise you.  You will have had foreknowledge of it and will have acted accordingly.  If the weather is going to change, you will have knowledge of it beforehand and it will not have the same devastating effects upon your lives.  This is what is feared by the Adversary–his own ineffectiveness upon you.


Before you can pass into that age, however, Earth and Earth human must come into a higher state of existence.  This does not mean you shall become any greater than the lower states of being; you shall only have more knowledge.  For, as an energy form moves up the evolutionary ladder, he, by necessity, grows in the understanding of his relationship to all other life in the Universe.  He will understand that usurpation of another’s free will affects not only the other being, but all else as well.  Only a few on Earth will make the transition.  Many more will not take the next evolutionary step during this time for they will be unable to find within themselves the humility required.  Humility is merely that state of mind and heart that recognizes each entity’s place in the greater scheme of the Universal Plan.  Man, in order to step forward, must realize he is not the center of the Universe.  In all of Creation, be it two-leggeds, four-leggeds, the winged, the green people of the rocks, there is a piece of Creation.  No one is any greater than another for each has its place and purpose within Creation and must experience in their form of physical expression.  Any which thinks himself any greater than another is not ready to step up and he shall not.


On the other side, each must know and take his rightful place in Creation.  In other words, you can not be of the thought that you are unworthy.  There is a delicate balance of humility and self-worthiness.  God created only worthy creations.  Each was worthy enough for Creation; therefore, each must know himself to be worthy of existence.  Fear and guilt of any past experience is not of God.  They are influences of the Adversary.  So, if you are in a state of any fear or guilt, you are in essence giving your power over to the Adversary and working in service to same.  With God, there is no fear or guilt.  These are also the lies of most organized religions and through fear and guilt have these kept Earth under their control.  Coming into the knowing of God will release you from these fears and guilts, and will empower the man.  The organizers and controllers of your world know this and it is why you have been lied to for thousands of years.  When man finally comes into knowledge of his Godness, he will be set free from the bondage which has been placed upon him.  He shall become empowered through the knowing and will then take responsibility for himself.  He will come into the knowledge that all things are possible with God.


If you are a part of God, you are a part of the Creative Process that is God, and that power of Creation will allow each of you to express your godness by creating your own experiences, rather than allowing another to create their expression of reality for you.  When you create your own reality, you control your destiny, not another.


This transition involves all things on your Earth; therefore, your planet must necessarily be involved for it is the order of such things.  Your planet is in the stages of preparation for the transition, readying herself for the changes coming.  You are beginning to see the secrets of your governments coming forth into the light a little at a time, but this shall also accelerate as you move forward.  Nothing shall remain in secret or in darkness.


The Earth will go through a time of cleansing.  The environment will become inhabitable again one way or another.  Either man will accommodate Nature, or man will not exist.  There is a saying upon your planet that“No man is big enough to box with God.”  You cannot change the course of God, so why not come into a place of compatibility with God?  It is not God that causes death and destruction.  It is the Adversary which struggles to displace God.


The battle lines are drawn for the final showdown between the Light and the Dark.  As this happens, there will be less and less gray area, and a thing will either be white or black.  The time for fence-sitting is over.  You must make up your minds which side of the fence you are on.  Those who sit upon the fence in indecision shall be among those who shall not take the step forward.


You may be shook to pieces during the earthquakes.  You may float away on the flood waters or be blown away by the winds, but your essence can not be destroyed, for that essence is God.  Fear is your enemy’s only weapon against you.  Our job now is to bring the remnant through the upcoming changes and assist them in their step up into the Age of Light, when our family shall be reunited again.  We are working toward the Age of Light by bringing you the knowledge that is withheld from you, showing you the reality of it so that your fears of the unknown can be washed from you and shall have no effect upon you.  When ignorance vanishes, fear, likewise, vanishes and through this shall you become empowered.


The Native Americans understand this concept, for they have always believed that knowledge is power.  They live at one with their world, not in fear, but in balance.  The cycles of change have not destroyed them because they understand this.  They do not attempt to control Nature as does the White Man; they live in compatibility and at one with Nature.  Relinquishing control is empowerment.


When the earthquakes shake, when volcanoes erupt, when the winds blow strong, have not fear, but understanding that it is your controllers playing the cat and mouse game with you.  Know that the Earth is going to change, for it is necessary that these things take place during the dawning of the Age of Light.  The Adversary’s tricks are being exposed, brought from the darkness into the Light.  Your knowledge of these things will empower you by removing the fears and allow you to take your step up into the Light.


Should your banks shut down tomorrow for a three week period, thank God that you had foreknowledge of it and were given the opportunity to prepare. Those who chose to hide and deny will be caught–you shall not.  When the “Big One” strikes, thank God you were forewarned of it.  Those who have sought God shall be spared the agony, while others who have turned from God will be destroyed.  Many will also turn to God when the devastation comes upon your place as they see the unfolding of events before their eyes.  Many will then scramble to get their hands on past issues of the LIBERATOR and JOURNALS and you will no longer be considered to be the weird ones who followed some extraterrestrial.  At that time they will come running to you for information and help.


Let us close this now.  You have house guests that have awakened and you have a very big week ahead of you.  Face it with joy and love, and not dread and fear.  You have prepared yourselves for the possibilities, so rest in that knowledge.  There shall be many “invisible” guests at the wedding on Saturday next as we share your joy.  Peace, my little one.


Soltec to clear.  Salu.







Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 24, 1992, Volume 21, Number 6.











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