David Adair: Area 51 Scentist Speaks Out

David Adair: Area 51 Scentist Speaks Out

2011 JUNE 13
by Steve Beckow
One of the most amazing men I’ve ever come across is David Adair, a boy wonder who took on the men in black and, thanks to some well-wishers in pretty high places (like Curtis LeMay) survived to tell about it.

I encourage you to watch everything you can lay your hands on about his life, because it was full of amazing events. Here is a 38-minute wrap-up of some of them but I’m sure there are many more videos around.


source http://stevebeckow.com/2011/06/david-adair-area-51-scentist-speaks-out/

2 thoughts on “David Adair: Area 51 Scentist Speaks Out

  1. I love this guy!
    He is an amazing Starseed.
    The science was fascinating.
    I swear that I just watched this, and the things I wrote on another thread about the biological
    connections with the ships is something that keeps coming into my head and has for several
    weeks. It seems to make so much sense for so many reasons, that it wouldn’t be any other way.
    I’m not saying this in some bragging way at all, I am just trying to put things in the right order, so
    that others that are waking up can make sense of what is coming into their heads, hopefully…as
    I try to make sense of it all.
    What he is saying about that technology being used in our military is disturbing on too many
    levels. He mentioned how the pilots could be in a “bad mood” and that would effect them and their
    mission on such air crafts. So what comes to mind is that there would be these intelligent, awesome
    people who have always dreamed of being jet pilots…(possibly Starseeds waking up, right?). I have
    wanted to fly in a jet (preferably with a handsome pilot), for YEARS and also dream of doing it, but not
    in a jet in the dreams. And these people go and do all that they have to do to become their desire.
    Much time, school and training. Then, they are made to try piloting
    jets with this kind of technology, maybe even volunteer to try it. But the thing is with that kind of
    technology and expense, the military is not going to just take chances like that. Hells no.
    These people,
    unless they are evolved enough to completely focus and run the equipment right, would have to be
    drugged and/or mind-controlled to be able to focus without ego and without emotions that would
    hinder the applications! That is so creepy! They would be in too deep before they even know
    what happened to them. Do you know what I mean?
    Jeez…see what I mean about this imagination I have going on all of the time?

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