SOCIAL INFLUENCE OF THE ILLUMINATI: It is estimated that by the time a person is 10 years old, he has seen 1800 murders, 200 rapes, 10,000 criminal acts, andcountless sexual perversions on television.

SOCIAL INFLUENCE OF THE ILLUMINATI: It is estimated that by the time a person is 10 years old, he  has seen 1800 murders, 200 rapes, 10,000 criminal acts, andcountless sexual perversions on television.

influence of the IlluminatiTV, movies, and rock music.Because the heads of those corporations are CFR members and

Jews, it should be easily seen that their puppets would also be of

like-mindIt is estimated that by the time a person is 10 years old, he

has seen 1800 murders, 200 rapes, 10,000 criminal acts, andcountless sexual perversions on television. From Saturdaymorning programs to late night adult shows, TV is foreverpouring on its occult teachings. There are more occult shows onABC (the Antichrist Broadcasting Company) than on all theother networks combined.Saturday morning occult shows include SENTINEL, ISIS/SHAZAM, and SPACE ACADEMY, which all teach astralprojection, seances, levitation, demon possession, casting spells,high councils, etc.Cindy Williams (LaVerne and Shirley) is the head of one of the largest homosexual covens in California. She is married tosinger Carole King.David Soul (Starsky and Hutch), Linda Carter (WonderWoman), Erik Estrada (Chips) Bill Bixby (Incredible Hulk) and

Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched ) are all witches.All the cast of “The Waltons” on TV endorse TM andpractice it, as does Merv Griffin, Mary Tyler Moore, and Clint

Eastwood.Even the News program, whose newscasters are CFR mem-

bers and witches, influence Americans by means of flashes onTV, too fast to be seen with the normal vision and yet is caughtby the subconscious. These flashes, aided by the chlorine andfluoride in the city water (which dulls the thinking process of themind), teach pacifists suggestions or even militant-typethoughts.Next to TV, more and more people are watching moviesmore now than ever before. And more movies are about theoccult than ever before. For example..

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5 thoughts on “SOCIAL INFLUENCE OF THE ILLUMINATI: It is estimated that by the time a person is 10 years old, he has seen 1800 murders, 200 rapes, 10,000 criminal acts, andcountless sexual perversions on television.

  1. Ok Occult means “Hidden Knowledge” It is not necessarily bad, it depends on the Intent of the person using it… And i for one am not apart of these crazy religions out here, i am a free thinker and mostly Gnostic, the Gnostics of whom were mostly Indigo’s … I am sure you know who the Indigo’s are? And Jew’s were originally Black / Peaceful people, the Jews of today are mostly Caucasian converts, the same as the Ancient Pharaohs who conquered and controlled Egypt and gave Egypt the “Bad Rap” it has had/has, especially in Ancient times, and actually Masonry was not originally “Bad” either, It was infiltrated and taken over by the Invading Caucasians also.. it was of Peace and Love along with the Original Jews, and Egypt… ‘Real” History will show this…. the Fake propaganda History Lessons will try and prove otherwise… you have to know how to discern “Real” from “Fake”.

  2. Dear Lightbearers,

    TV & Internet techology is remotely directed by intelligence community and corporate entities based in western countries, such as America….

    The Plejaren do not like to refer to the secret Earth elites as a “dark cabal,” and instead prefer not to furnish these mischief-makers with a name…The Sirians, in contrast, choose to provide definitions…connecting them with banking, finance, commerse, politics and church authorities..

    Note that in the report below, mention is made of someone named “Zafenatpaneach.” This individual is a Plejare from planet Erra, who is an expert in ultra-nano and subatomic electronics, and specialises in earth computing technolgy, which he has great mastery of…He has a private interest in collecting various earth devices from the current era’s computing and telecommunications gagets…so he collects IPods, IPads and an great assortment of laptop and desktop PCs and apple macs.

    He was debriefed by fellow Plejaren, Ptaah, about the control methods used by the unnamed (by them) NWO intelligence community, to monitor and remotely disrupt (I know from first hand experience) the PCs and home and office located devices of individual users…Also he speaks of directed commercial impulse upon the subconscious mind of consumers around the world, who are prone to this type of control, by TVs, etc…

    Note the Plejaren consider the biggest threat to Humanity’s wellbeing as state religion and so place special emphasis on this “disease,” as they call it.

    It is true that TV equipment does have secret and invasive monitoring equipment, so I suggest that you place an opaque sticker over the camera located near the on-off switch with red light…if you seek privacy from corporate/intelligence people monitoring you as you view…
    They do not use it all the time, but can when they want to…

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Ω

    Ptaah said the following recently (on 1st Jan 2011:)

    “Then I can talk openly thus: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on the Earth a religious-sectarian organisation works together with a certain secret service to manipulate the people via television, computers and the Internet according to your sense. Not only are television equipment and many monitors manipulated so that the organisation can see directly into the room and observe and listen to everything, where the respective device is located, but the computers can also be manipulated at will. However regarding the computers it means that these can be controlled from outside and impaired, if the requirement arises for the organisation concerned. This has been the case for many years whereby you also have been affected by your computer which managed to disturb your work in that with certain writings, articles and books, that deal with religious and sectarian delusion, serious mistakes have been inserted or important facts deleted. Even pure computer disturbances are practiced with you, whereby defects can occur. The whole thing, however, goes even further, because the mentioned secret service and religious-sectarian organisation also intervenes in the lives of all users of televisions, monitors and Internet users and manipulates them. This secret service organisation which is protected using all the rules of the art has achieved worldwide reach by it’s countless number of manipulated devices that has granted it admittance into the consciousness of the people and steers their behaviour in many areas.

    As, for example, before in cinema and video films, etc. individual pictures of food and consumer goods were inserted that were registered into the subconsciousness of the spectator audience that resulted in the food and items being purchased commercially, this is done today in a similar manner by the said organisation. The technology is, in such a manner, so far developed with the assistance of the secret service concerned and their technicians and electronics engineers, programmers etc. that television sets, certain types of monitors as well as the entire Internet can be abused for their own purposes. The whole thing reaches not only into the religions and sects, but also in the politics and economy, namely in the manner that vibration impulses are emitted by the manipulated devices and apparatuses which are taken up by the people subconsciously and are influenced by these. These impulses steer people subconsciously so that they turn to religions and religious sects, become religious-sectarian fanatics, suicide bombers and terrorists. Also politics are steered in large measure by this manner; at elections, the voters, who are being influenced by vibration impulses, then consequently choose the next government as directed by the emitted impulses. Even concerning food, commodities and luxury goods etc., the same methods of influencing the subconsciousness and controlling the person continue to be effective, but also in terms of “enthusiastic contributions” at begging organisations and the like. Also disharmonious as well as religious-sectarian music is steered in this manner and through vibration impulses leads to mass hysteria etc. Today there is hardly anything that will not be used to influence people subconsciously and to drive matters, actions and behaviors that are not self-determined, but criminally-determined by the thoughts and aspirations of those who desire to win some profit from it. Many people are no longer so powerful in their own decision-making,
    which they do not notice however, therefore they do things and maintain thoughts that are given to them subconsciously by vibration impulses.”

  3. There is a ton of occult things in movies. Take for instance Star Wars the original when Luke and Obie-one leave Luke’s home planet they leave out of bay # 94 (9+4=13) 13 would be Luke’s # as Luke is the one who is supposed to take the force to the next level. As well 13 is the # for Jesus there were 12 disciples and Jesus would of been the 13th but he was not a disciple so thats the importance of that #. When they are in the space ship and they enter the Death Star the #’s add up to 12 a political #. I liked Star Wars when i was a kid i liked a lot of movies that had occult things in them but there were a lot of important things that were in those movies that i was not trained to see nore know what i was seeing. Its sad that the things that entertain us as human beings has so been corrupted that we now have to look at art and our past with such discerning eyes. Its like George Carlin said “theres a big club and you and me we are not in it”. Looking at our past who were in those clubs what was put out for our innocent pleasure and what was put out for the people in the “big club”? Walking through the art museum i find it very hard to see the innocent beauty i once did watching a movie at the movie theater brings me no pleasure with all the occult symbology and occult words. Its hard to think of a day when we will move away from all of this occult nonsense, then again bad habits are hard to break.

  4. Do the Illuminati spend a lot of effort trying to get us to become interested in sex….??

    Well I don’t believe most people start because of them, rather because of role models, peers, natural desire, as well as the teenage emulation of some cult movies….
    Although, such cult movies that cover sexual topics are simply products of avant guard film producers and eccentric actors, rather than “occult teachings.”

    I remember being influenced by the famous Marlon Brando movie, yet also studied other factors inherent, such as the music, camera work, directing, as well as the skill of the actors…
    I don’t really believe such movies are intended to teach us the dark side of the occult, but simply to entertain…..

    Maybe this is my last tango on IITM, as I’ve possibly offended the puritans here….?? 😉

    The End….

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