JUDY JANZEN: Online Video Interview with me and Host Indian-in-the-machine, re: Illuminati

 JUDY JANZEN: Online Video Interview with me and Host Indian-in-the-machine, re: Illuminati

APRIL 23, 2011   J.G.JANZEN


A week before Easter Thursday, 2011, I met with Dieter Braun, popularly known online asIndian-in-the-machine, at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada and he interviewed me about the theme of my blog and that is exposing the Illuminati/New World Order/high-degreed freemasonry global elite and their plan to soon establish an anti-human rights, dictatorial one world gov’t and even more important to them is their one world religion which is esoteric masonry, or the worship of the fallen angel Lucifer (Satanism).

Here is this interview broken up into a 7-part video series, in the hyperlink below.


Dieter Braun & I first met online in the fall of 2010, based on him finding my blog which was regularly documenting the geo-engineering the Illuminati were doing globally and right here in my own home province of Saskatchewan Canada.

Since the fall of 2010 into early 2011, I averaged posting a blog a week , which included photos of the CHEMTRAIL spraying they were doing here in north-east central Saskatchewan and the obvious Illuminati signature in the skies of their electro-magnetic field changing tool, their HAARP god-wand, changing the aerosolized chemtrails into unique, HAARP-induced cloud patterns.

Enjoy this hyperlink about geo-engineering in N.A. and who the real SKY PIRATES are, in this Cadillac website, posted by Dieter Braun.


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