GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT PETITION To:  To Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress   

Worldwide Mass Petition for a life in PEACE and WEALTH.

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama
Dear Sirs and Representatives of the American Nation,

The Demand:

We the undersigned call upon you to fullfill your responsibility as representatives of the American Nation and as well for the well being of the American people and the entire world to act as follows:

– to inform the people about the Powerplay of the dark Ones

– to stop the secret-mongering about the contact with extraterritorial beings

– to release all the concealed and suppressed technologies that can help to
increase the lifeconditions for the people and protect Mother Earth.

– and to articulate immediately an official invitation to the
Galactic Federation and garanty a peacefull welcome and cooperation
to support Mother Earth in her re-organization.

The Reason:

As we have noticed in our friends the majority of people on earth wish to have permanent peace for all nations and beings. It is obvious that the massconsciousness has changed in a positive direction and that humans are aware that “Mother Earth” has been damaged massively through predatory exploitation of the soil specially oil and the misuse of power.

Most of the humans have recognised, that we did not want to have these results and that we want to make a change now and immediately. They wish a change of the actual economic sweating system and an active support in the reorganization process of the planet through implementing alternative energies and technologies as well as a better healthsystem.

These people that belong to the dark side are now in minority, but still these dark Ones are able to suppress most of the humans through clever manipulation of their mind and free will. It is important that the “parity of power” will be re-structured, to terminate the force of the dark Ones which is executed through their technologies and power of economy.

The Galactic Federation which is, a community of many star nations that protect our Milky Way Galaxy, has offered many times their help to different governments, but they have refused it. The Galactic Federation are more than ready to help us directly to remove the oilspill in the gulf of Mexico, to master the worldwide economic crisis and the environmental damage and to develop alternative tecnologies that bring benefits to all human beings.

“A mandated authority” from a mass of the earth population will be needed and required to intervene in respect to the free will.
In that sense the Galactic Federation expects a cosmical mass Petition, which would ensure that they can come to us in peace. They are awaiting this moment for a long time, this moment, that they call the “Magic Moment” in which a mass of people would welcome them.

Every single person that reads this petition has now the chance to show responsibility and as well the opportunity to create a positive change for the whole world.


The Undersigned

20 thoughts on “GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT PETITION To: To Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress

  1. I have been praying for this for over 70 years! Our time has come, at last all of the prophecies are being fulfilled. The time of greed is coming to an end!

  2. I am trying to sign but the link seems to be broken or at least it does not work tonight..?
    Shoot i really really wanted to sign it..


  3. we wrote one just like that . wanna see?….TO PRESIDENT OBAMA
    Please once and for all end the secrecy surrounding the U.F.O. subject and work with nations to quickly coordinate an official Disclosure.

    MR. President, please stand down any covert offensive targeting of E.T. spacecraft.

    Please open peaceful contact with these Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

    Please move swiftly to release the earth saving new energy technologies contained within these illegal covert Majestic programs so that we may be free from the death grip that oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy have on the planet.

    Congress hold open, secrecy free hearings on these matters immediately.

    Sincerely Robert D. Mott
    Ill 62441
    Thank you

  4. The TIME has come to surrender to Divine Will- for the good of each and every individual being, including the Dark Ones themselves, and for the good of all sentient beings…Unconditional love to all sentient be-ings…

  5. Only with collective energy and the desire for PEACE on this planet can we achieve the SHIFT in conciousness required to live in harmony ….. Love, Light, PEACE .. HARMONY for each & every inhabitant on this shared rock of OURS!

  6. It is past time to be united with the cosmic scene in peace and enlightenment! I donot care to expereince what wil occur if this doe snot occur.

    There is a time for learning but now it is over!

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