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subject is as important to the human race as any message ever to be brought to your attention. Please remember that Easter holiday was a long-standing holiday time in the ancient days.  To give you a clue as to the choosing of “a” day to “celebrate” and to assure you that it had nothing to do with a “set time and place” of some crucifixion or arising, let it be noted” Easter is celebrated the Sunday immediately after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. It WAS also a celebration of “Eastre”, goddess of Spring.  The facts are, the occasion was staged so that the punishment and public betrayal of this wondrous son of man, the Christed Emmanuel (Jmmanuel, Immanuel) would coincide with this greatly celebrated pagan holiday. It also would be coincidental with the celebration of “Passover”–in those days.

I, Hatonn, do not need repeat the story so beautifully offered by those present, in gospel-like presentation.  The truth has been most deliberately removed from your “bibles” and I am not here, nor is anyone else here, to argue with you and your perceptions. The FACTS, however, much as with John F. Kennedy’s assassination– ARE BURIED AND THE LIES FOISTED OFF ON YOU.  Do the FACTS matter to you if you “believe”, are born-again, deny or just don’t give a damn?  Yes!  Why?  Because you seem to think that nobody would ever dare or could tamper with such a work of presentation.  But already you deny your own belief in the story itself by having a myriad of translations, interpretations and rewritings, updating and more nonsense– ABOUT THOSE “BIBLE BOOKS”.  Why don’t you TRY THE TRUTH?  I suggest that if you desire the TRUTH–getAND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL, A PHOENIX JOURNAL.  You who already have this volume please take time to re-read it.  The presentation of this document is now available from other sources by other translators of whom I have no intent of researching.  Usually, however, in the first offerings of material from first translations, the material will be conceptually similar.


The TEACHER came to tell you, honor you of soul progression, and show you that there is no such thing as “death” of soul.  He did not COME to die for you but instead, to show you how to LIVE.  He did not by his blood-letting offer physical absolution of your responsibilities if you but believed he existed.  YOU WILL STAND RESPONSIBLE IN JUDGMENT FOR ALL ACTIONS AND INTENTS OF SELF!  The Master can plead in your behalf if there be “ignorance” present–but he can do nothing FOR you.


The major thing for which you must watch is the total taking into the physical realm through bunnies, baubles and trinkets of candy and other physically pleasing “things”–the meaning of such a time of serious considerations.  Ascension?  What does “man” know of Ascension?  It was said that a place would be prepared for you that you too might know everlasting expression–and so it has been.  Now comes the time of preparing a place for a return of goodness upon your physical experience as “man” on a “planet”.  Have you earned the worthiness to host GOD of total perfection and beauty?  Have you served God Creator in care of His wondrous creations?  Have you served your fellow man in honor and love?  How about integrity and peace?  HAVE YOU PREPARED A PLACE FOR GOD?  Well, I’m come back around to see to it that there IS A PLACE PREPARED.  Can I do it alone? Yes, but I don’t have to do so.  The vipers are coming up out of their pits to do battle with selves–one faction pitted against another and in the so-doing God’s children will, by circumstance, be sorted away.  Will you be among the frenzied battles or will you be in the shelter of God’s Hosts?  The time of decisions is at hand, readers, as things unimagined are coming forth upon your globe.  These things are not JUST of upheavals and possible spiritual fulfillment of prophecies of God relationships–but the oppressed shall find sustainment to rise up against the Anti-Christ!  A new foundation “can” be brought forth upon your lands– IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO.  Will you?  Man of Earth: WILL YOU?  There will be no place remaining for BLAME or further lack of responsibility.


No, I do not speak of the New World Order–I do not speak of some New Age a’comin’.  I speak here of, at this time, the new shape of, let us say, North America.  There is an outlay of every continent on the globe–but you do not get such from “HERE” for “here” is for the one “here”–nor will I suggest that you go to this place or that place or, or…. If you want maps and gear–go where there is such offered.  I DO suggest that as many of you who can see a map as offered by [Gordon Michael] Scallion, look at it—-CLOSELY!  Then I want to remind you that the Northwestern coastal area of the U.S., for instance, is thrusting upward and northward faster than ever before in history.  I also want you to pay attention to the politicians and what they TELL YOU they are going to do as to divisions of districts and states.

One day, and it may well be prior to the turn of the millennia, California and parts west will be greatly altered into oceans and islands.  Where will you dwellers of these areas be?

If you can grasp the moment of possible change perhaps you shall not be thrust into destruction.  You must understand that you cannot blame Mother Nature for that which MAN HAS BROUGHT FORTH.  The ULTIMATE cleansing, however, will be wrought through the hand of God as HIS enemy is put down.  And, furthermore, I remind you that there will be no wisking away to the fluffies, no absolution of EVIL ongoing–no purchased tickets–except through intent unto God within HIS LAWS–FOR NO EVIL SHALL BE BROUGHT INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN HIS HOLY RADIANCE.  If the goodly only then progress into evilness–naught is gained.

However, man must always grow into Light for he is given choices of presentation.  There are goodly men who are not “holy” men. There are those who will serve in the Light of God in goodly intent who do so because it is the “right” thing to do within the laws of God and Creation.  You must have ones to serve the nations and the human aspect as it again grows into that which it will be–into goodness or into, again, evil dominant.  And, KNOW, there will be pockets of remaining societies built in positive relationship with GOD and Hosts.  God has never left you without teachers and wayshowers.  THE WORD shall be the lamp to guide you and by that which has “gone wrong” can you set your course to “straight” and prevail.  But you must have learned to perceive Truth while the lie swirls all about your senses.

If you believe in false teachings, namely that power and spirit do not dwell within YOU, then you will be without knowledge and live in spiritual poverty.  Though you will receive, now and then, that for which you will ask in your false belief of alienated sanctuaries, idols and gods, you will receive only because of your strong false belief, without knowledge of the real Truth– and that gain will ONLY BE OF THE PHYSICAL WHILE DIMINISHING THE INFINITE YOU (SOUL).  BLESSED ARE ONLY THEY WHO SERVE THE REAL TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE, FOR ONLY THEY ARE TO RECEIVE IN HONESTY.


I remind you of the “false prophets” et al.  Be in KNOWING that the “false prophets” will be the ones to strike out at the truth beyond all reasonable actions.  You can see it all around you–as with our own work.  It is denied, deplored and you are told over and over that it is evil, cast it out and yet– read any portion in context and you will FIND ONLY TRUTH IN GOD’S PERFECTION OF OFFERINGS.  GOD IS ON YOUR PLANET– GOD IS YOUR PLANET– GOD IS WITHIN YOU.  HOWEVER, THE TEACHERS YOU AWAIT AND THE CHRISTED PERFECTION IN THE SON OF MAN– ARE NOT HE WELL MAY “APPEAR” BUT HE IS NOT IN HUMAN MANIFESTATION UPON YOUR PLACE.  HOW DO YOU KNOW? BECAUSE GOD HAS ORDAINED THAT YE SHALL KNOW OF HIS COMING AND EVEN THE SON KNOWS NOT THE MOMENT OF HIS COMING.

Ones say I am but “dharma”.  Well, readers, “dharma” is but the bringing into presence the life Truth.  Doris is NOT ME nor I she! WE are of God, as are YOU.  She is physical–I am etheric with capability of being physical in the choosing.  Ah, but it is also said that I claim a label of Aton!  Indeed I do– and it would behoove all of you to look up the meaning of Aton for I go back a very, very long, long way.  Your Creator would send nothing lesser in your time of peril.

Beware of false prophets and scribes who come in to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are like raving wolves, and preach to you humility to shrines, false deities and gods, and preach to you of humility to idols and false teachings.

Beware of those who forbid you access to wisdom and knowledge and tell you to not go forth to hear what perhaps is truth, for they speak to you only to attain power over you and to seize your goods and belongings.  Always search beneath the coverings to inspect that which they do not tell you and, further, check carefully those things that they extract from you.  Truth and Wisdom, in truth, are given with no price or treasure nor power of force.

You shall recognize these ones by the fruit they bear.  Can a person gather grapes from the thorns, and figs from the thistles? Therefore, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a bad tree brings forth wicked fruit.  A good tree cannot bring forth good fruit.  Therefore, by their fruit shall you know them.  I urge you readers to JUDGE THE FRUIT WE OFFER!

I would like to offer you some words from the Master Teacher as presented in the book above mentioned. It is a bit off the mark of Easter celebration as such but directly related to your plight this day as well as 2,000 years ago.


Esu “Jesus” Immanuel Sananda

Two thousand years ago I told them to go only with those things that are absolutely necessary so that they could eat and sleep on their journey, and so that they could keep clean and have always clean changes of clothing.

Travel was dangerous in those days and I told them not to carry many things with them for they would only be burdened and would become welcome victims for thieves.

I reminded them that “Each good deed is worth its pay, and if you diligently preach and teach knowledge, you shall not be in wanting.”

Now this was meant exactly as laid forth.  These men know their purpose, served those encountered and, further, they were not searching for “self” but serving others.  These ones were not going in “search of self” fulfillment and inner light for the individual SELF, or to meditate in another’s presence that that one’s truth might somehow rub off on them.  These were not flower children drifting without purpose, living the lie of lies that they were off helping mankind.  These “flower children”, as you know them, were the dropouts of society, claiming to search for their “identity” through every loose moral activity available, while wandering and drifting about in groups of booster-uppers and meditation mediums.  This, brethren, is the difference in responsibility and irresponsibility.  This type of proclaimed “love” is the most destructive one activity to plague humanity.  My ones were sent forth knowing full well what was their job and working twenty-four hours a day at it– no time off for afternoon energy meditation while they sneaked in a nap and cried later: “enough overload”.

They went about on foot, remember?  They walked thousands of miles where you can put one hundred fifty envelopes into the mail to cover the same thousands of miles.  So be it.  You cop-out by saying, “Well, you told them to do this and that and thus and so.”  When you do as they had to do, then you come and complain to me.  And watch it, friends, if you do not do your job well now– that is exactly the way you will find yourselves doing it.  And, brothers, you have committed unto the work no matter how you have to do it.

I warned them to check carefully when entering a village; remember, no motels– they had to search out living quarters in private places.  So I urged them to take great care and inquire about if there would be someone there who would be worthy and advised them to remain with same until departure, if possible.

I told them to salute a house when it was entered into.  And, I tell you: honor (salute) the house into which you enter.  It is gracious and imparts love and vibrations of peace and goodness.  If the house is worthy, your peace will come upon it.  But if it is not worthy, your peace will return unto you and you depart.

If someone does not want to take you in or to hear your speeches, leave that house or that town, and shake the dust off your feet.

I told them then; I tell you now, not to stay in a place where you are not welcomed with openness.  Your truth and speeches will not be recognized.  Flee from these places for they are selfish and disloyal to nature; they revere not sacred things; they will be honoring false gods and idols of whatever nature they so choose from worldly manifestation; they are not followers of The Creation nor of the Laws thereof.  Where a man’s thoughts center, therein lies his heart’s desires– and rarely is centered on God or The Creation.

I will now just repeat unto you that which I said unto them that you can see the teachings are as filled with TRUTH for you today as it was two thousand years past.  I did not lay down these edicts, brethren, these were the edicts passed down from God to a people in disobedience of the very Laws of The Creation and knew not any Christ path of Truth.  Herein I speak of Israel, since that was the directed subject material on this morn.  I would have it otherwise; it is not otherwise.  So be it.

[H: Let us always be in the remembering that the term “Israel” is only representative of a group or place which can now be identified by modern day reference.  There was NO “Israel” and there was no term in those days of “Jews”.  However, you have come to recognize both these terms and BOTH ARE INCORRECTLY UTILIZED TO BRING FALSE PERCEPTIONS TO YOU THROUGH MISDEFINITION.  You must realize that translation errors can be most subtle and deceiving.  I will continue to offer this as presented– but YOU must keep the history of happenings and changes fully in mind.]

Flee from those places of false gods and false teachings, for they will seek your life, because they do not want to forsake that which they have and that which they are.  This includes the multitudes of false Christians, brethren.  The false Christian church CLUBS will be first to effort at destruction of this scribe, as a for instance.  The mystics and “new-agers” as such are equally as dangerous– watch of your steps and watch out for my scribes, please, I petition you for most ones entering into your places will not realize they are tools of darkness.

…. keep your light shields about you…

Flee from these incredulous people, for you shall NOT lose your life for the sake of truth and knowledge.  No law demands that of you, nor is there a law which would recognize such foolishness.  We need no physically “dead” workers.  Do not be foolish in your projects–use your God-given intelligence and found [find] good, solid business concerns and you will be accepted.  Truth will follow like sheep to a good shepherd.

Verily I say unto you, however, many will die and shed their blood into the sand, because later my teaching will be made into false teachings, which I never taught, and which originate from the brains of scribes and priests set forth for their own gain, power and purposes.

They will thereby bring masses of mankind under their control and through the belief in their false teachings will rob man of his rightful belongings.  MAN is God’s temple; he needs no graven images nor ornate buildings with another man’s name placed thereon.

In all the world, there will be screaming and chattering of teeth when the blood flows of all those who have made my teachings of wisdom and knowledge into false teachings, and when the blood flows of all those who through false belief and through being led astray believe these false teachings and advocate them, teachings that are NOT mine; consequently, many of these heretics will lose their lives, many of these people of Israel, who will never find their peace until the END OF THE WORLD because they do not believe and deny the power of the spirit and of knowledge.

This I said to my people then and it is holding in truth to this day.  Now prepare yourselves for I am going to lay a hard one onto your backs.  I make no exceptions to belief systems nor do I condemn any man, as such, but the next is directly FROM GOD SOURCE and there is a lot of cleaning up that needs doing.

This has to do with Israel and God.


“Verily I say to you, the people of Israel were never a tribe of their own and have at all times made a living from murder, robbery and fire.  Through ruse and murder did they conquer this land, through their despicable predatory wars, whereby they slaughtered their best friends like wild animals.”  And GOD SAID: “Cursed be the people of Israel until the END OF THE WORLD and it will never find its peace.”  IS TODAY DIFFERENT FROM TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO?  HOW SO?  DID I SAY TO KILL THEM, MUTILATE THEM, HATE THEM OR INJURE THEM?  NAY, NAY, NAY– IN FACT, WE OF THESE OUTER REALMS ARE SENDING MULTITUDES AMONG THEM TO WORK THE WONDROUS TRANSITION.  THE PEOPLES OF THE RACE ARE BEARING OUR VERY OWN CHILDREN UPON YOUR PLACE TO SET THEM FREE OF THEIR BONDAGE.  BUT THE CYCLE WILL COME DOWN AND CLOSE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN! NO MORE; NO LESS.  SO BE IT.

I told them (my twelve) and so it is today: “Behold, I am sending you among the unbelievers and those set in their false teachings, like sheep among wolves.  Therefore, be as clever as the serpents and without deceit as the doves.”  No small task indeed.

“Beware of people, for they shall turn you over to the courts and shall scourge you in their synagogues.  They will ridicule you, deprecate you, denounce you in every aspect of your life being, and then come running unto you to reap a share of the wondrous gifts ye shall bring.”  Further: “You will be led before Kings and so called ‘great men’ because of my teachings as witnesses unto them and light will go forth through thy works and my WORD.”

“Take no care if you cannot flee and they shall turn you over unto the courts, for the power of your spirit will not leave you, and your knowledge will tell you what you shall say and I shall touch those who represent you in truth.  For it is not you who speaks, but the power of your spirit and its knowledge.”

I am telling you, dear ones, try not to deal with Israel in your blind desire to assist for it has naught to do with you; it is between God and Israel.

With Israel, you will get nowhere with those peoples until the ending of the world cycle and so be it.  It does not mean that ye shall not love your Jewish neighbor for we speak now of an entirely different matter and one has very little connection to the other.

I remind you; the disciple is not above the master, nor the servant above his lord.  It suffices that the disciple be like his master, and the servant be like his lord.  If they have called the father of the house, Beelzebub, how much more will they call them who live in the house?

Therefore, protect yourselves from that of Israel for it is like a festering boil.  But be not afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret which will not be made known.  What I tell you in darkness, speak in day-light; and what is whispered into your ears, preach from the roof tops.  Be not afraid of evil slander, but be afraid of those that kill the body and take life, eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth– life for life, for there is no God-ness within them.  Further, they will eat into your flesh until your joints are frozen and you are too crippled to respond.  Beware and sleep not on your watch lest your very lives be lost.


I did not come to bring the world peace at that time, brothers; I did not come forth to bring peace, but rather to bring the sword of Truth and knowledge of the power of the spirit that dwells within man.

I ask that you provoke even your mother, father and thus and so, that eyes be opened and thought be manifest in Truth patterns instead of the continuation of sleep and inertia, walking steadily and deliberately unto your doom.  But it must be done in leadership whereby Truth is visual and man wishes to follow for the way is “simply better”.  Ah yes, your enemies will likely be residing within your very households.

The path of Truth is distant and the wisdom of knowledge will reach it only slowly.  I predicted dark ages would follow, centuries and millennia would pass before the Truth of the spirit could reach unto the people– two thousand years is quite enough, chelas, quite enough, please.

Well, it has all come to pass– so far, exactly as predicted.  I walk with you in constant attendance.  You need not more. I have come that my Father’s kingdom be reclaimed and my ones be put in safety.  I also am prepared to meet my adversary on any front he so chooses.  And, of course, he will choose the place near Armageddon.  So be it.  As you are prepared so shall you receive; therefore, please let us move rapidly at preparation for there will be some most irritating times forthcoming.


This was written on August 2, 1989.  This means that a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, my friends.

I would also like to share one more passage before passing on to other things.  This is called “The Last Lesson” and comes from Chapter 17 of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.



When they had all gathered, he talked with them and said, “Behold, I shall talk to you this one last time; then I will leave and never return to this place.  My path leads me to India where many of this human race live also, because they left this land in order to dwell there.  My mission leads me unto them and to the human race which was born there.  My path to that place will be long, for I must bring my new teachings yet unto many countries, likewise to the shores of the great black waters to the north of this place.

“Before I shall depart, however, I shall give you a last lesson: If man lives according to the Laws of The Creation, he lives rightly in truth, but this is [not] the final goal: Everything human has to die in man, but everything creative has to rise and embrace The Creation.  Consider the Universe as the place where The Creation abides in the infinite.  Everything that man owns has its origin in The Creation; therefore it belongs to The Creation.

“Man shall change his entire spiritual life and perfect it, so that it may become one with The Creation.  And if man does a thing, he must do it with the awareness of the Presence of The Creation.  But man shall never force truth onto another, for it would be worthless.  First man shall watch his own progress in spirit so that he creates in himself creative harmony.  To use “force” is not of The Creation.

“No greater darkness rules in man than does ignorance and lack of wisdom.  The victory of man consists at its height in destroying and removing each power opposing the creative, in order that the creative might prevail.

“Man must develop in himself the power to judge over good and evil and the correct perception in all things, so that he may be wise, fair and just while following the Laws of The Creation.

“Perception is necessary as to that which is real and that which is unreal, what is valuable and that which has no value; also, that which is of The Creation and that which is not.  Man must become a universal unit of oneness, so that he becomes one with The Creation.  However, great the suffering of man, the power of The Creation, in man, is immeasurably greater, to conquer all that is evil.

“If man lives only in his consciousness, as a man, he will remain inaccessibly distant from his spirit and from The Creation, and therefore, from the Laws thereof.  The greater man’s dedication to the Laws of The Creation, the deeper will be the peace he harbors within himself.  Man’s happiness consists in that he seek and find truth, so that he may gather thereof, knowledge and wisdom, and think and act in accord with The Creation.  Because only through the conditions of human life can man develop his creative powers in spirit, and utilize them.

“Man must try daily to unfold his powers and capabilities, for only thereby will he obtain experience in their usage.  As long as man is not one with The Creation, he will never have the ability to laugh about death of the physical body or of the transition which appears to be death.  For fear of the unknown is in man, that which only perfection is able to perceive and that of which the spirit is all-knowing.

“Instead of being guided by instincts and impulses, man must live in total realization of wisdom and also according to the Law. Man shall not lose his way in the forest of limitations, but shall expand his spirit and see, and find, knowledge and wisdom, so that he may come closer to his life’s purpose and goal, and recognize the creative principle in all things.  A thousand lights will help man on his path, if he but watches for them and follows them.

“Man can, and will, attain all knowledge and wisdom, if he seriously and persistently strives for perfection.  The Laws serve all those who are willing to see truth and wisdom in unlimited measure, in as much as they master themselves in all possible facets and develop their spiritual powers ever higher and higher, and perfect themselves thereby.

“Man should not consider his physical misery, but the reality of spirit and the being which is of The Creation.  There is steady unrest in man, because he has an inner knowledge that his fate and destination are to be one within Creation.  Man may be great, wise and good, but that is not sufficient.  He must become ever wiser, greater and better; there may not be any limits to love, peace and joy, for the present has to be unceasingly exceeded.


H: In leaving this writing I think I will continue on just one wee bit further for within it holds so much Truth that I cannot see how you can miss it!



It happened, that when he spoke to them in this manner, it thundered in the heavens and a great light came down from the sky. Not far from where they were seated, the light alighted on the ground.  There was a most beautiful metallic glitter as it reflected in the light of the Sun, for the sky was clear and no clouds were present save the one above the light.

Immanuel ceased his speaking, arose and went to the metallic light and stepped therein.  It came about, that around us rose a fog all about and it thundered again as a singing began and the light lifted into the sky once more and the cloud of fog dissolved.

The disciples quietly returned to Jerusalem and described what had happened….


I also believe this is a good place to have an END OF WRITING.  I sincerely urge each of you to acquire AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL, I AM SANANDA.

Do not be foolish enough to jump to conclusions as to the term “Sananda” versus whatever YOU believe to be a label for the Christed teacher.  “Sananda” is the term for achievement of “God”– as is the final representation of perfection of Christ.  Both terms are relative to spiritual stature– not names by which a “man” is called. It is further promised that when the Son of Man shall return HE SHALL BEAR A NEW NAME. HE SHALL BE CALLED SANANDA.

By the way– you shall know and judge by the works and by the fruit– NOT BY THE “NAME” of ANY man.  Blessings be upon you ones this “season” for is it not time you stop crucifying that which can bear you up in LIFE?  Salu.


Source: CONTACT – THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 5, 1994, Volume 5, Number 2.



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