The Cow With a Human Head: a Horrific Story of Hybrids, UFO Aliens, and the Dulce Underground Base (listen to videos at end!!!)

The Cow With a Human Head: a Horrific Story of Hybrids, UFO Aliens, and the Dulce Underground Base

Sat Apr 16 2011 13:31

Image by Erathic Eric via Flickr
Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder

UFO hunter Bill Birnes says that his popular TV series was canceled because of what the show uncovered.

In a recent interview on Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold, Birnes recounts the shocking details about what his UFO team uncovered in Dulce, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.

As you may know, Dulce is supposedly the site of an extensive underground base in which there are reports of advanced technology taking place. Some are reporting that much of this research involves a “chimera” type of hybrid genetic manipulation of different species, such as man and cow.

Here is where it gets even stranger.

Bill Birnes says that somebody that identified himself as a former security person, Thomas Castello, reported that this base at Dulce was a type of collaborative effort between humans and ETs.

Well you might not think sounds so bad.

But the upsetting aspect of the Castello story, according to Birnes, is that humans and ETs were performing some horrific experiments involving cross breeding of species and various organs.

Birnes says that the experiments Castello reported on were something out of the movie of “the Island of Doctor Morrow.” He says, “They were horrible, grotesque experiments of body parts floating in vats.”

“It was something out of a Jeffery Dhamer movie,” Birnes says.

According to Birnes, “These experiments were going on to blend humans and extraterrestrials. They were growing a whole new species there”

So what happened to the “whistleblower” Thomas Castello?

He disappeared and many people involved in the story also disappeared, Birnes says.

Even though this story of ET and human collaboration at Dulce is told by a few others, at this point it all seems just like a frighteningly fantastic story.

But there is more to the story.

Birnes says that one episode on UFO Hunters had uncovered evidence that seemed to back up the strange hybrid/chimera technology reportedly going on at Dulce.

A retired New Mexico State Trooper, Gabe Valdez, showed the TV UFO Hunter Team what looked like a human head on a cow (see video below).

After the the broadcast of the “human headed cow” episode, Birnes says they “evidently stepped on the big one. We were told what did you do. You guys are off the air. You guys are bad guys.”

Birnes also says he was told by somebody that claimed to be from an intelligence agency that the show went too far when they aired the human headed cow.

Interestingly, Dulce is right in the middle of an area known for cattle mutilations. As I have previously reported, Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado have been a hot spot for not only UFO activity but for animal mutilations.

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It is also interesting to note that a few researchers and ranchers have concluded that the cattle in the Dulce area of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado are being mutilated not by Aliens but by some secret government black operation.

Perhaps those that conclude the cattle mutilations are a US black op are partially right. But as Bill Birnes suggests, it could be a joint operation involving ETs.

Watch the portion of the episode that, according to Bill Birnes, got the popular UFO Hunters TV Show canceled below. You will see what is claimed to be a human head on a cow.

You can also hear an interview with Whitley Strieber and Bill Birnes for DreamLand on the subject.

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14 thoughts on “The Cow With a Human Head: a Horrific Story of Hybrids, UFO Aliens, and the Dulce Underground Base (listen to videos at end!!!)

  1. Read Genesis 6 and read Mathew 24…ET’s are demonic,misguiding mankind into destruction…there’s a reason God separated the kinds.

    To be saved,you must be born of water+the spirit of God…any hybrid is doomed to destruction…this is satan’s mission to destroy Mankind.

    The Flood of Noah came to wipe out the changes ET’s aka fallen angels had made to the human and animal genome…only Noah and his children were still pure.

    Jesus said his return will come during a time that’s in as the days of Noah.

    Do not fall for false doctrines from fallen angels pretending to be ET’s or some that say they’re future humans.

    If you modify your DNA and lose your heritage to Adam,then you’re something else and can’t be saved.

  2. A couple years ago FORTEAN TIMES published photos of newborn lambs with human faces. These were born on farms in Scotland. The locals were horrified – believing that someone had sex with a female sheep.

  3. If everything like nibiru,elenin,and roswell are true,Then we’ve got more to worry about than who’s keeping secrets..Either a comet is going to hit us or an Alien race is going to kill us for not having their gold ready when they got back after 3600 yrs’.Or aliens are going to put foot-to-rectum on us for experimenting on/harvesting technology from friends who crashed here,INSTEAD of helping them…UHOH!!! lets not forget what humankind did to the son of god and his return.Anyone seeing a patern here.We are violent species,built by whoever as predators.Our eyes are in front ,to judge distance to our prey,our teeth are designed to tear meat and by nature what we find beautiful we envy,what we envy we DESTROY!! (MORAL) There is nothing we can do change the things or decisions we have made and we lack the intelligence to progress past our historically violent nature’s so in any case ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS OUR ON DAMN FAULT AND WE SHOULD JUST EXCEPT IT.BECAUSE REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING ELSE WE WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY OURSELVES BECAUSE WE’RE TO STUPID TO LOOK PAST OUR OWN PETTY BS TO EVEN TRY FOR A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL LIFE ……..


  5. Sad but true, its good that these rather old conspiracy informations are put on top from time to time as it explains a lot why the U.S. black programs are into satanism/worshiping of reptilian aliens. Here is a lot of initial information on dulce, but I suggest not reading it when you are still shocked from the videos that Dieter posted…:

    1. Hi friend chaukeedaar,

      Always good to see your posts here…

      You know, this is a very sad thing, yet ALL evil things should be known by those who’s consciousness is rising…

      But truly, having learned all and mastered detachment and discernment in our dealings with “unpleasent news,” we should then FOCUS upon that which we desire and seek to create into manifest reality…??

      I like to place my attention upon beautiful and empowering things, as we can change the world if we rid it of fear….LOVE is the key, as always.

      The golden age will not be an age of “satan worshipping blood sucking vampires from the Draconian Empire in league with the Illuminati Freemasons…” 🙂 Excuse my mirth, but this current focus on monsters and death, is actually somewhat low vibe….

      However, Dieter is right to show this stuff and he is also right to show the empowerment stuff as well…I would suggest a balance between both subjects is always the best presentation, which our dear Shaman does well..

      I wish you both a very merry Golden Age, as it is coming very soon now… 🙂

      Blessed be…!! Drekx

      1. Absolutely, dear Drekx! From my own experience, the dulce/reptilian/satan information is only shocking in the beginning. With time and wisdom from the positive entities I grew much stronger, especially an almost constant connection to the source of everything. I learned how to handle and diminish such fears and I’m very thankful for that. I transformed this initial fear into compassion for these poor negative entities that chose this sad path of the dark.

        I got to love you for that statement too 😉 :
        “The golden age will not be an age of “satan worshipping blood sucking vampires from the Draconian Empire in league with the Illuminati Freemasons…”

  6. History repeating. this was done many civilisations ago, nothing is realy new, we are just remembering what we did before, but without hind site to not need to do it again. just think how wonderful it will be when we can access our past lives memories, and thus not need to reinvent the wheel again , so to speak.

  7. OMG, this is so sad. What on earth do they think they are going to accomplish by doing these dispicable experiments to GODS perfect creatures. The humans that take part in this are very sick individuals and need mental help Stat!! Thankyou for sharing although i dont usually eat meat, who knows if we are eating our fellow humans, ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’. Disgusted. Lisa..Peace love n light.

  8. I am glad that all this is being exposed to the surface… but excuse me if I feel like retching. I guess this is a normal reaction to horror when it reaches the innocence of the almighty god’s creations.

    1. Are you insane!!!!!? 2012yrs ago would be christians (aka romans) at the request of the jews crucified the so n of their only god because they refused to follow his teachings during his life,Then spent the next 2012yrs killing every race of people who didn’t follow his teachings after his death.AND BEFORE YOU SPEAK the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the first recognized christian church.You must not have children because if you did you would know that if someone beat tortured and crucified one of them or stood by didn’t stop it !!!!! you wouldn’t give a crap about the entire race or what happens to them.GOD turned his back on us ( forgive them father for they know not what they do) maybe one day you and people like you will except the world is the way it is because of the humanrace NOT THE DEVIL OR GOD OR ALIENS because until we ALL!!!!!! do we are never going be anything more than frigin violent stupid talking monkeys

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