Orgone energy and Orgonite: What is it, and what can it do? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Orgone energy and Orgonite: What is it, and what can it do? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


Orgonite is the fusing of a metal bit with a non-metal (usually polyester resin) into molds of various shapes and sizes to create LIFEFORCE called “orgone” or “chi”.

Orgone energy can be either negative orgone or positive orgone.

An example of technology producing negative orgone is a cell phone tower.

An example of technology producing positive orgone or positive lifeforce, is “orgonite”.

Our planet has it’s own orgone cycle with it’s foundation in the metal ore deposits….remember lifeforce is generated by bringing metal and non-metal together either in naturally in mother nature, or artificially as in the creation of manmade orgonite.

When we mine for metals on our planet, we upset the orgone cycle so we can muse manmade orgonite to correct planetary and environmental lifeforce imbalances.

We can create orgonite to bring more balanced lifeforce to mother earth and our environments.

Manmade orgonite molds strategically placed, can lessen or reverse the effect of dead orgone radiation coming from electrical appliances, computers, fridges, freezers, televisions, cell phone towers etc.

If you take your computer tower for example, and you ground it by attaching a copper wire, to the orgonite, and the other end to your computer tower, you can greatly lessen the radiation coming off the computer tower.

People are making orgonite cloudbusters by taking a big bucket of orgonite that has large copper pipes sticking out of it, and aiming it at the sky with our without a ground wire connected to a bucket of water.

Orgonite cloudbuster was depicted in Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” video.

Saskatoon artist Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) has demonstrated that orgonite will attract sky spirits and extraterrestrials, who want humanity to use orgonite to clean up our environment, and to neutralize the chemtrails.

Orgonite technology is advancing.

All over the world people are making orgonite and are “gifting” the environment.

Orgonite can also be used to make healing chambers, and other applications….. imagine: orgonite saunas, orgonite furniture, orgonite living spaces, orgonite gardens, orgonite jewelry, etc.

Some factors with orgonite strength are:

1. The more surface area between metal and non metal, the stronger the orgone energy.

2. Shapes and size

3. Types of metal, and non-metal used.

4. Crystals are added to program orgonite for specific purpose, and to increase the inherent frequency of the orgonite.

5. Arranging orgonite in sacred geometric configurations is bound to have a positive effect in the strength of orgone energy harnessed.

Humans are also living, breathing, orgone generators.

As you harmonize with sacred sounds, yoga, chanting, drumming and so on, you rearrange the water and cells in your body in sacred geometric configuration, thus maximizing the lifeforce or positive orgone, emitting from your body.

There is a big need for more orgonite gifting to the environment, and for people to understand the basics of generating lifeforce using simple beautiful technologies like orgonite.

Check out

Orgonite thread at RED SHAMAN FORUM Your ideas and networking are welcome here.

Orgone research was pioneered by William Reich.

Remember folks, the more lifeforce, the more Godforce, therefore don’t overlook the simple and beautiful applications of generating more God energy via orgonite.

If you’re underemployed or needing some cash…why not take some of these new technology ideas to the next level? If you believe there is “no work” then consider that we each have imaginations ever expanding which can generate income, employment and a fulfilling way to gift exchange with the universe.


Indian in the machine


Nathalie Rheaume-Liddle March 29 at 1:22pm Report

Hi Dieter,

Great post! Look forward to discuss collaborating on this powerful path.

Obviously, tons of info online. I like to get to the “core” of it, as best as possible, and found these links most helpful in outlining firstly, what is orgone energy (Reich’s work),
and secondly,
a very complete (free) 340pg PDF, all encompassing, collaborated by Don & Carol Croft, the Etheric Warriors.

As with technology, it continues to evolve. What I am finding, however, is there are alot of “unnecessaries” added for “look” which can impede “effect”. Also found a chart COMPLETE (breakdown) of all organic (crystal) & inorganic (metal/resin) properties (and effects) when used in orgonite.

I’ll leave you with “top 3 picks” for now:

What is Orgone Energy – the Creative Process (Reich)


Free 340 pg E-book:


** very interesting discernment **

Is there an honorable place in the work for blind imitation? – Don Croft

13 thoughts on “Orgone energy and Orgonite: What is it, and what can it do? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

  1. Hi Dieter,

    I love your site. I have a sylph picture I wanted someone to look at. BTW I love all your sylph pics. I have a bunch myself but haven’t shared any BC I really dont want a Facebook or I don’t really communicate much on sites except Cobras site. Thanks for your service to mankind.


  2. Dear Brother Indian;

    The thought of healing chambers really is my bag as I have little trust in our regular Doctors, I have met too many bad ones and would appreciate natural healing to come forwar right away.

  3. My friend, Jim, has made two orgone blankets; blankets made with wool and stainless steel batting in between the wool. He puts and blanket on his invalid mother and it she can take it on her all night long! I have it on me for about 15 minutes and that’s all I can take. It’s itchy but if I feel particularly tired the blanket helps to rejuvenate me.

  4. Hi Dieter. Last november I made an orgone dish as an example for a project, a dish about 20 centimeters across. On december 6th it is St Nickolaus day in Holland and for a gift I got two homegrown tomatoes from a friend. They were the last tomatoes for the season and still a bit green. I placed them on my Orgone dish and put them on the table in the livingroom. Then I somehow forot about the tomatoes because all kinds of paperwork were added on the table so I didn’t see them anymore… Then about 3 weeks ago I thought about cleaning the table so I could use it for what it is made for and I then I saw the tomatoes. They looked as they were put there yesterday except now they were nice and red. I ate one which tasted very good and left the other one on the dish to figure out how long it wil stay a tomato. Now it is almost April and still the tomato looks very good!

    1. Hey CC…..thank you for this info… this is incredible. I will share it….. orgonite must have many food applications… didn’t William Reich have some food box experiements?

      I’ll blog this… I’m really into these orgone experiments, so if you have anything keep posting them here or at

      Blessings in the spheres…


  5. This is a really wonderful posting, Dieter! May I have your permission to post it on AC with some links to here?
    I just love orgonite, if you look closely at it and let your eyes unfocus, you will see what looks like dust in a stream coming from the point of the crystal. Fascinating 🙂

    1. OH yeah, someone else is a fan on AC, they posted one of your articles this week 🙂 It’s gotten a good response.

  6. Hi Dieter!

    My husband & I purchased and set up a 5 gallon orgonite chembuster from last week and for the first time in recent memory we are experiencing day after day of blue skies and big fluffy clouds! It’s just awesome and our skies are often filled with such incredible Sylphs! I can’t express the gratitude I feel every moment of every day knowing that the dark, toxic energy that was meant to harm us is now being transmuted into Divine Healing Energy to bless us…My grandchildren will be free to play outdoors as spring and summer arrive.The monetary investment is SO worth it and instructions to make them yourself can be found online. Thank you, Dieter, for spreading the awareness of this gift from God!

    Blessings and Love~ Joanne

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