Letter from a brave man in court


Hello Readers (said in a pretentious manner)

I just received a fascinating message form a youtube viewer and I wanted to put it out there.

Many of you will have heard about the ‘freeman’ or sovereignty movement around the world. I kn ew about it before my court case but didn’t feel I knew enough and understood enough to be able to withstand the onslaught of the (il)legal system. who aint just going to let a few clever guys ruin their game without a fight.

I think that anyone who is brave enough to take the system on I am sure those who have would agree that you must first and foremost completely know and understand your stuff. The way to test it in my experience si to go to courts as often as you can and test it out on lawyers and barristers and even clercs by just catching them here and there, tell them that you are going to court for something or that a friend is and that you are going to say this and that. You will then experience a taste of what it will be like in court. Finally, if you want to try it our perhaps its best to do it on something like council tax for which the punishment is simply paying the bill ! Its a good way of practicing

Anyway, here is the letter he sent which you can also use. I would be fascinated to hear form any barristers or lawyers who read this. I suspect I know what they will say.

From Rick…

In Georgina Ontario Canada, I was charged with driving without a Valid drivers license, in-valid plates, un-registared vehicle, and “Obstruction of Police” (a criminal charge with a max. 2 year sentence attached to it) I was arrested violently for protesting the removal of my personal property by pointing a camera at these arresting officers and forced to stay in a cold jail cell over-night and into the next day. My prescription sunglasses were stepped on and destroyed as were some other personal affects and my camera damaged. No restitution has been offered by the York Regional Police to date and am not expecting it anytime soon. I had been awaiting the opportunity to challenge this fraudulent de-facto court system and criminal Police organization for 3 years and decided to do just that by defending myself and did. Here is the outcome.

On Oct 19th, while in the court room, and after not rising for “her worship” and submitting to their (the courts) jurisdiction that way, the court clerk yelled at me and called for the police. I calmly walked out of the court and sat just outside on a bench, watching as the police came swarming. 10 officers all together I believe is what there were in total. Once they finally exhausted all of their top notch investigative skills and found that I was the guy who didn’t “Rise” for “her worship”, ( it was comical watching them looking up and down the halls for me) they attempted to intimidate me with threats of arrest to which I replied with ” if you touch me, you will be charged with assault under the common law, I have not consented to your jurisdiction” They didn’t touch me but continued their techniques of intimidation which continued to fail. When the older Police officer, senior member I guess, came to me and informed me that I would be going back into the court room and would rise when my name was called, I replied with ” are you trying to force me to commit perjury?” He replied with “absolutely not” Changing his method of technique, he stated that I would “behave myself” as well as a bunch of other commands, ending his tirade with “do you understand” to which I replied with “No I do not understand” he then proceeded to go through it all again asking at the end again if I ” understood?” I again replied with ” No, I do not stand under your jurisdiction” – game over.
They called the NAME of the trust again while I was being detained and threatened by the policy enforcers. When the NAME didn’t appear in the court room, the judge issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the NAME. When the policy enforcers asked me my name, I replied with ” I go by Dad, son, bro, and Rick among others” and handed the birth certificate to them stating that ” this is what you are looking for” and that they had “No claim of jurisdiction over me the human being”

After all of that, I went back into the court to remain in honor and settle the issue with the TRUST/ the NAME. They had me surrounded by 7 policy enforcers in yet another attempt to intimidate me into submission to their jurisdiction. I should also add that they had by now cleared the courtroom and had my guests, and members of the public, leave the court room. I was left alone to deal with this without the benefit of witnesses. It failed and they remanded the case to another courtroom with another judge. Meanwhile, keeping in mind the whole time, the crown council, a very confident and cocky women for the previous cases, was quite visibly nervous in dealing with me and was fumbling over her words, even referring to the birth cert that I offered into the court, as a “drivers license” from the province of New Brunswick. I corrected her promptly and she stood corrected in front of the court. This woman would not face me directly in either courtroom on either day.

My case was then remanded to another court and another day as the older lady judge didn’t know how or want to deal with me. My case was set for Nov 10th 2010. When the NAME was called, I came into the court room and stood just behind the bar. When told to approach, I stated ” I am fine here, I choose not to cross the bar” They said they needed me to because they “could not hear me” I replied with ” That’s ok, I can speak up, I have a loud voice” That was that. I was then asked if I the NAME (first and last names) and I replied with, ” I am the Agent for the capitalized name and I claim common law jurisdiction” like I had done during the previous court appearance on Oct 19th. They didn’t want to hear that and asked me a couple more times if I was the NAME (first and last names) and I again repeated ” I am the Agent for the capitalized name and I claim common law jurisdiction” The judge reacted as if he was annoyed and asked me to sit down and he would deal with me later. I didn’t sit down and gathered my stuff up and went back outside the court room and sat down on a bench awaiting the NAME to be called once again. I short while later, we see the older police constable that was giving me such a hard time, and by the way, he was taking down notes about me, including what I was wearing and staring at me while doing it before the appearance in court. He along with a few others made a bee-line for a small office outside the court. I watched them as I sat outside the court go into that room and after about 5 mins, they came out of that room, went back into court and very soon after that The NAME was called again.

When it was all said and done, the NAME was called ( I was seated once again outside on a bench) and they attempted one last time to trick me into accepting the TRUST as me, the flesh and blood human being and failed. The legal aid attorney came to me and asked if was going to be hiring a lawyer, I replied with ” No..?” She then asked “will you be applying for legal aid?” ( Begging for legal aid ) and I again said ” No..?” That was it, they gave up and the floor was then handed over to the “other” crown council, one who could deal with what had to be done, where he went on to explain to the court ( or rather, save face) that although the charges were legitimate, they felt that the case should have been held in a lower community court and that even though the criminal charge of ” Obstruction of Police” was a valid charge, after their looking into of the case, they were “withdrawing the charges” Judge says to me, the flesh and blood human being “you are free to go” to which I replied ” while looking at the people seated next to me ” of course I am..thank you”

It is important to note that I did win and that weren’t going to admit to the entire court room of seated pawns that I was right and they were playing a game that I had a full knowledge of and this is why they addressed the court the way they did, by stating “that they felt the charges were legit” etc..

It so important for people to hold their ground. I was so very nervous before going in and leading up to the day, but once I was in the court room and began standing my ground, a calm came over me, both times. I encourage everyone reading this to do your homework, it isn’t hard to do. I am not an academic, I am a musician, but have a tenacity and a spirit that will never let me down and never has. I work hard at it and you can to. If people learn and spread this knowledge everywhere to all they come into contact with, you will be doing more for your future and the future of your children than any and every soldier did in any war, for this is what will bring about freedom and peace for all men on earth.

I wish I could help everybody out there in need and by writing up this transcript of what went down and how I handled it, I hope to do just that. Help.
Do your homework but keep my transcript close at hand. Refer to it. When you have your own success, please do the same. My heart goes out to those who have been accosted and treated awful by this heartless system. I understand your pain and your fear of it. Use your fear and find strength in my words to take on this battle. If you can’t, then don’t and don’t worry about it. There will be other ways to contribute to this battle for human dignity.


SOURCE http://www.dannyshine.blogspot.com/



  1. The system tries to label and marginalize people who use common law to defeat these statutes. It’s not the Freeman movement, it’s the common law movement. What Rick was doing was preventing them from getting jurisdiction over him and he was keeping it in common law. Our power lies in common law.

  2. Don’t try this BS in Alberta! Meads Vs Meads 2012 has destroyed your fantasy and you will be fined and charged court costs for thousands of dollars. BC has also accepted the findings of that case and both provinces are educating the courts and prosecutors on how to deal with FOTL.

    1. ANYONE with possessing the knowledge of critical thinking as well as the knowledge of psycholinguistics the carefully reads Chief Justice Rooke’s diatribe will easily spot the colour of law gibberish Rooke tries to rook knowing individuals with!
      Admiralty law has come ashore and pirated lex mercatoria to suit their disregard of natural law justice.
      And of course there will be the money grabbing “fines” done by the so named “legal” system

      Extralegal* also has a rightful position in law, as does jury nullification!

      [ek-struh-lee-guh l]
      being beyond the province or authority of law:
      There were only extralegal recourses for their grievances.

    2. Meads v Meads Judgement by Rooke and rook he did, it perfect case of the pot calling the kettle black!
      The OPCA heavy emphasis on Commercial, for that is exactly what the Admiralty law come ashore is: the bastardization of lex mercatoria
      Law as it stands to-day has precious little to do with Justice and far to much to do with the exchange of money

  3. I’m about to go to court for a minor driving offence next week – do you need to have a previously recognised status as a ‘Natural Human’ in order to enact these demands? i.e have already cut off ties and ceased to engage with THE NAME/TRUST or do these rights apply as soon as I personally wish to claim them…

    1. The Annunaki – August 4 2014.
      4 August 2014 – 11:53am | Spirit Wind
      Spirit Wind

      The Annunaki – August 4 2014.

      We greet you dear souls of light and love – we are the Annunaki, we see many progressing further on their path to ward the light. But we sense in you dear ones a restlessness, with many now looking to ‘freeman on the land’ for their salvation. This is valid but should not be done in a combative and aggressive manner. Rather you are asked to work with those who would pit themselves against you for solutions that benefit all.

      Many see this as selling out, but this is not so. You will find that you will be disappointed as the elite have many options at their disposal. They are now planning to build domed and under ground high tech cities that showcase all the suppressed technology. With only quote Legal ‘PERSONS’ to be allowed entry. Plus trans-humans ONLY allowed to access the most powerful of the technologies. This makes sense as society would need a way to control those with highly dangerous technologies, so if you would think to turn against them, they could just turn you off. This is naturally expected at a certain lower level of human consciousness you currently reside at today. So do you see now why negotiation and cooler heads will benefit you, otherwise you really will be a freeman on the land, as on some future point you will be living like the Amish live today or (without advanced technology). Save for the real lightworkers who have gone into their Heart and activated their Merkaba, so then won’t need man made technology, but regardless many choices will be available. This is why you are being called to work with the corporations and institutions to hash out a deal you desire.

      Things may get worse before they get better and again they will ‘call out’ that you should be doing something real, don’t be bullied by these negative spirit possessed souls. Many of these loud out spoken freeman are trying to get you to buy into their agenda, decide what you want to do and don’t be pushed and pressed into doing something you don’t feel comfortable with. You do need to act, but real courage is not barking at fellow lightworkers that don’t want to go on a protest march with you, rather true courage is looking within and seeing the man or woman in the mirror and really making the hard changes. When things become unsure look to your death, as it will give you the courage and sobriety to take all necessary action. I say death here because death is coming to all. Whether you Ascend into higher consciousness and leave the earth plane or die a normal death, Great change was always going to be. In the East many Masters after a life of meditating choose to Ascend rather then die only to then reincarnate. The butterfly is not a caterpillar – to say, Ascension is a Great change.

      We have noticed that many ‘freeman on the land’ tactic are to talk like lightworkers and say that we the higher beings are the false light and are trying to steal your energy, and they weave a complex illusion to that effect, but the real motive behind their deceptive enlightenment talk is not to have you ascend or find the light within you, but rather at the end to sell you on freemanism. This is bait and switch. They advertise one thing but instead sell another. Do you want to rebuild a world with these manipulative, deceptive and morally bankrupt people? Do you trust them? Do they love you? The answer is NO. They will just recreate the chaos and confusion present today but further down the line.

      Master Jesus Loved all. He Loved the Roman General who was oppressing his people and healed his servant. When you say a Corporation or Government is beyond forgiveness you are going into an ‘eye for an eye’ thinking, and it is that type of thinking which leads into the current problems in the middle-east, which are causing so much suffering today. Rather Love, Grace, forgiveness and charity are the answer for humanity healing.

      It is too easy to hate and hold a grudge, but if you listen to these loud angry men then you will get led down dark byways into further confusion. To One truly heart centered you need No Law, because you would always live in harmony with all those around you. This talk of ‘Universal law’ or ‘Man’s law’ is like Lego bricks you give to a Child, but when you grow up you don’t need these things. You need to build a more complex society, a limited rule book is just way too simple. Move into infinitely complex relationships based on love and harmony. Don’t fall for their side show for remember true love is not limited.

      You as lightworkers must take some of the blame, as these opportunist have filled the holes you left. In that many try to hold on to the maya illusion too tight. And live their lives like nothing will ever change, when everything will. Embracing change will set you free and free up your stagnant energy – to then be used to really enjoy your life to it’s fullest.

      This concept of suppression of the ‘sacred masculine’ is misguided, look around you dear ones the sacred masculine has never had it better, you are digging up tar sand and fracking which does not even make a BTU (energy) profit, and no one can stand against these Men in positions of Great Power. This is ridiculous that the sacred masculine is somehow suppressed. You do need to balance your male and female aspects, but remember dear ones that your scientist tell that your universe was created from nothing in a big bang, so what you can’t see, the spirit, the dark void, or what is not materiel created the materiel. So likewise what you don’t do – is equally important as what you do. Don’t be led around by talking heads on youtube, claim your power, decide what is best for both your’s and collective spiritual growth. These people are the real ones who want to steal your energy. They want you out there protesting every injustice, every environmental attack etc etc. Do you work for them? Do they own you? How can someone else demand you Work for their agenda. When you refuse they energy vampire you by calling you a coward if you don’t comply to their demands. That person is a psychopath and you would do best to part ways with them.

      We are all one soul, the lesson here really is to realize that the Dark ones are really your shadow, how can you fight your shadow? It is foolish as the same behaviours of the elite show up within your truth movement, with manipulation and control agendas running amok. How can one claim to build a world that works for everyone with the same tools and controlling attitudes that keep the current one firmly in place. Looking for salvation by spouting law to anyone who will listen and trying to get others to follow you is deluded, As All is created and destroyed within you, realizing this you can take responsibility for being in such a weird world. And balance the despair with the wonder. When you feel the wonder you start to see it all around you. And then your life can start to become a magical mysterious journey.

      We know that many of you have put much effort into listening and learning freemanism and the Demiurge/false-light disinformation. You are as always free, free to explore and learn, but return to yourself. Step back from fear and yet more fear, and head back to love, trust and innocence. Take a trip to yourself, look into that abyss of forgotten darkness you carry around, of fear, unforgiveness, hatred and coldness etc, and ask yourself do I still need this? Does it still serve me. When is the war over? You can stop fighting and embrace your enemies as friends.

      Put down your shields as no one can help you if you have the walls up. And yes people do want to help you, there is good out there, and it is part of you, it is good because you are good at your core and that good without will find it’s way to you, so believe in the power of the one everywhere present and come out of your shell and stand in the light of your greater self.

      There are no good experiences or bad experiences. All experience imparts information, so all is equal and all is balanced. If someone takes even one atom from you they have to put something back, as all is energy, and energy always finds it’s balance. This is mastery, learning that objects are energy first and matter second. If someone takes your happiness you will be given something of theirs. Energy must go somewhere, This is true but you must experience and see this yourself. But you must learn to go within your heart and generate your own energy, by resolving past emotional hurts so you can become more Loving, Thereby generating your own energy.

      You can move to a place where circumstance doesn’t effect your mood, where you achieve emotional ease and contentment. And just stand in the now, knowing all is well.

      We are the Annunaki.

      Thank You.

      Spirit Wind.


      License: Public Domain Dedication.

      You can Quote, Copy, Translate, ReBlog, Share, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud.


    1. There are rules but not necessarily theirs. If you claim to be Sovereign then you must act like it.

      To be Sovereign is to live on God’s land and to not steel, kill or destroy something that belongs to others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Simple. Powerful.

      We are all equal. Who are they then to believe that they have the power to judge me? Or you as a matter if fact!

      To be a crime you need to have a victim. Canadian bill of rights states that you have
      The right to freely travel. Freely meaning at no cost whatsoever.
      I have no drivers license since I am not a driver. Which is someone driving for a company. It does not apply to you or your family but to the corporation. Laws under the queen are admiralty laws. Water laws.
      The law of the land belongs to God.

      But in all reality, the bill of rights doesn’t apply to you since you didn’t sign it. You weren’t even there. A contract is an understanding between 2 or more participants.

      You have to write your own.

      It’s called a claim of rights. But to claim your rights, you have to first come to knowledge of what is wrong with the rights they have given you. Firstly, they gave you rights. Who do they think they are?

      After you study your sovereign rights you write a notice of understanding. That unveils their system bit by bit through your knowledge.

      Freeman on the land is what we are. Search it to grasp what it means and take back our country. We have been declared number one terrorist threat in Canada. We surely are the terrorists’ number one threat.

      I am free and you are a slave simply because I know.

      Jesus Christ, our king said.. know the truth and the truth shall set you free…

      Shua Shalom

  4. Great work! I am trying to fill everyone i know with empowerment in such matters. I have a question that one could ask. When a police officer or judge announces to anyone that they have a “job” to do that would dictate that they are only fullfilling an employers gain. Where as they have a “duty” to fulfill which is serve and protect and to uphold their oath! The more people that stand up to their “job” and hold them accountable for their “duty” the less they will implicate their “job” and the more they will inforce their duty!

  5. Great Job! I am a Spiritual Being residing in a Human body too! CLAIMING COMMON LAW AS A SOVEREIGN HUMAN while I reside here on Earth. Nice Work Rick and thank-you to all involved in posting this.
    I had recently questioned the Censes form I asked the person on the phone “Who gave you the right to threaten me with fines and inprisonment for not filing out this paper?” the reply “The Canadian people” I said ” I’m Canadian and I gave no such right to anyone for this?’ I also asked everyone around me and they said they never gave athority either . My Sister said “just fill it out they want to know who,and where you are. Honestly it just a form.” Is that the mindset? Glad Rick and others here are awake enough.
    I’m a Sovereign and Free!

  6. [Greetings Rick,

    Great Job!! I too am declaring myself as a
    Human being(As described in USC,Title 15,Sec.
    17) here in North America. I too was falsely
    arrest and after I refused their tacits they
    release me!! So I believe you 100%. I am
    currently declaring a situation and/or condition of “Mixed War” within the State
    of Pennsylvania. I have alerted the proper
    authorities(President of USA,Governor of the
    State of Pennsylvania,US Homeland security(
    they are currently investigating)

    feel free to email me.

    Peace and Love,

    King Joseph Fuce,II]

    1. I’m very intrigued by what you said about declaring a state of war – how do you do that and what does it do for you? I’ll post my email address here if you’re willing to talk about it.

  7. Very good, need more men like you. It is happening here in Australia,and some are using the Currency Act by not offending and cannot pay debts because the Gov does not make Gold and Silver money. Bob

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